Monday, October 1, 2018

Why Psychology is not a Science- Dr. Blasey-Ford Testimony

Dr. Blasey-Ford is a psychology professor and she gives her reason for hazy memory of the Brett Kavanaugh incident some 36 years ago
“How are you so sure that it was he (Kavanaugh)?” Senator Feinstein asked.
“The same way that I’m sure I’m talking to you right now,” Ford said. “Basic memory functions, and, also just the level of norepinephrine and epinephrine in the brain, that sort of, as you know, encodes-- that neurotransmitter—encodes memories into the hippocampus, so the trauma-related experience is kind of locked there, whereas other details kind of drift.”
Well another psychologist Timothy Wilson a professor at the University of Virginia indicated psychology is not a science like physics or chemistry said to the LA Times in 2012. Psychologists can’t measure happiness or depression with a ruler or known facts and mathematical equations that work out in reality. Scientists refute psychology as a science.

Why do you think psychiatrist or psychologist work with both sides of a court case? One says the defendant is sane and the other says he is insane. Psych is not a science but an opinion, or interpretation. Science needs evidence to support its theory. Psychology has conflicting evidence. Blasey-Ford has a hazy memory of her attack, but blames Kavanaugh because perhaps politics. She didn’t think it was Brett Kavanaugh until 2012. Many other women who experience rape “a real crime” against women will tell you every detail of the incident. They can reiterate the sounds, smells, and every occurance. Dr. Blasey-Ford can’t and she has her reason we state earlier. Both other male witnesses (Kavanaugh and Mark Judge) she indicates were there said “it never ever happened”. A women Mrs. Leland Ingham Keyser says she has no recollection of being at the party that Blasey-Ford claims she was at. Blasey-Ford claimed Patrick (PJ) J. Smyth was also there. Mr. Smyth said he was never at the party Mrs. Ford says he was at and that he vouches for Brett Kavanaugh as a person of integrity. Additionally, the Republican Party indicated they have testimony from two men who admit they were the ones at the party and were the ones Blasey-Ford says were Mark Judge and Kavanaugh.

So something appears to have happened to Dr. Blasey-Ford, but her psych science fails her and everyone else. If all witnesses say they were not there, and two men recall the incident and they were the one’s. Blasey_Ford also uses PTSD as a defense of you vague memory, but PTSD causes you to relive the event over and over. Here is a Dr. who doesn’t understand her own subject.
Well science is based on facts, and evidence. The facts say she identified the wrong men at the party who molested her,
Psychology is not a science but an opinion without any facts to back up the analysis.

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