Wednesday, March 20, 2013

BS Headline of the Week: CDC Say 1 in 50 Kids Has Autism

An associated press distributed article indicates that a government survey of parents says 1 in 50 U.S. schoolchildren has autism. This is a big BS headline. Firstly, according to ABCnews it is a survey of parents. So the government is surveying parents? The survey comes from a national phone survey of 95,000 parents.
The prior estimate was 1 in 88 and before that it was 1 in 110, and before that it was 1 in approximately 300. As you see these estimates seem to change yearly. The other part which is the most sinister is not that there is more autism, but that doctors are diagnosing autism more. Why because they expanded autism to include milder problems.
They also indicate it is controversial for one main reason. There isn’t any blood or biologic tests for autism, so diagnosis is not an exact science. Truthfully, it is not a science at all. It's identified by making judgments about a child's behavior. Doctors are making judgments or children. The reason for the increase in our opinion is so they can sell pharmaceutical drugs. Typically, doctors subscribe antidepressants for autism. It’s the wonder drug, and since that can label a kid autistic then they can prescribe the drugs for a lifetime. Do you see the medical scam here? 1. Survey of parents 2. Judgment call by doctors? 3. Bigpharma is the big winner and children are the losers.