Monday, August 8, 2016

Munich and London Summer 2016 Terror Attacks Attributed to Mental Illness

In late July 2016 a gunman identified as 18-year-old Ali Sonboly killed nine people at a mall. The victims were 13 to 20 years old. Ali Sonboly was of Iranian decent with German citizenship. He also injured ten people. German authorities indicated he was bullied at school and had mental health issues. The mental health issue is the code word for psychotropic drug use and psychiatry. The killer also researched school mass shootings, which most are in the US. The German authorities are exonerating him as a political terrorist.

In early August in Russel Square London. The killer killed an American woman in her 60s. He repeatedly stabbed her in the back. According to Scotland Yard there is no evidence found of radicalization that would suggest the man in custody was "in any way motivated by terrorism". The Norwegian national of Somali origin also injured several other tourists. The British authorities came to the non-terrorist conclusion very rapidly.

What is tricky thing about these killings is that once political terrorism is eliminated then nothing concrete will be done to combat future killings. If political terror was involved then police, military and politicians would address the issue and look to contain it. In the Munich shooting the major issue by the German police is how he got the weapon. In the Russel Square London attacked the man used a knife, so absolutely nothing more will be said about that attack by the media or authorities.

When mental health and psychotropic drugs are responsible with the aid of psychiatry then it is just a normal day in the world. Nobody not the government, police, politicians, or media will address psych drugs. The pharmaceutical companies never go on trial. The psychiatrists never lose their jobs or licenses. Nobody but the victims care if mental health issues and the drugs that cause them are responsible for normal people going to a mall or visiting a tourist site then getting killed.

Why isn’t psychiatry and pharmaceutical companies taken to trial for non-political terror. These groups with drug pushing medical doctors are responsible for terror literally and even more deaths. They kill more than ISIS terrorists worldwide. They cause the same anxiety and fear as a radicalized Islamist. The difference seems to be money. Media organizations and political elections are run on pharma money. Thus it is not terror when a boy kills 10 in a mall. It’s just a bad day. Will someone ever do anything about pharmaceutical terror and psychiatric and American Medical Association terror groups?

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

When you Know Psychotropic Drugs are Involved in a Killing or Mass Killing

Most of the time if not all of the time. Police and the government will not disclose if a killer mostly with guns, but not always was on anti-depressants or psychotropic drugs. We simply have to read the tea leaves.
In most mass killings the killer is a male
The killer has no previous history of violence. Many cases the killer is a teen, so their person crime or conflict history is minimal.
The shooter kills themselves or attempts to in the act of mass killing. There is no win or exit for the shooter. The killer is virtually in a trance and shoots shoots shoots or stabs with no plan or strategy to flee. The killing is not killing in the act of a robbery or kidnapping with demands. It is just kill everyone
Family, co-workers and friends say the killer was normal. Sometimes others will say they were loners, but the killer is generally “normal”.
This is the key. The killer has a history of psychiatric care. This doesn’t mean just psychiatrist care since a medical doctors will prescribe psychiatric drugs most often. It is also safe to say psychiatry and the medical profession are drug pushers. There is lots of money in psych drugs
If the killer has a history of seeing a psychiatrist even once then you can pretty much guarantee he has had exposure to some psychotropic drugs.