Thursday, December 12, 2013

Is it Possible to Think Yourself well? Yes it is

This is part of an article from By Dr. Lissa Rankin,
Dr. Rankin is a doctor and she ask a simple question and she found an astonishingly good solution from her own patients.
She had healthy patients who made healthy nutrition choices and exercised often. They should be healthy, right. On the flipside she had other patients who ate junk, forgot to take their supplements, rarely exercised and enjoyed seemingly perfect health. Their responses revealed that their lives were filled with love, fun, meaningful work, creative expression, spiritual connection and other traits that differentiated them from the sick health enthusiasts.

What's really making you sick?
Dr. Rankin narrowed it down to two questions. In her words: I would ask patients at their appointments: "What do you think might lie at the root of your illness?" and "What does your body need in order to heal?"
Occasionally, they answered with conventional health-related insights, saying, "I need an antidepressant" or "I need to lose 20 pounds." But more often than not, they said introspective things, like "I hate my job," "I need more 'me' time," "I must divorce my spouse," "I have to finish my novel," "I need to hire a nanny," "I need to make more friends," "I need to forgive myself," "I need to love myself" or "I need to stop being such a pessimist." Whoa.
While many patients weren't ready to do what their intuition told them their bodies needed, my bravest patients made radical changes. Some quit their jobs. Others left their marriages. Some moved to new cities or towns. Others pursued long-suppressed dreams.
The results these patients achieved were astonishing. Sometimes, a list of illnesses would disappear, often quickly. Even smaller steps, like talking to a boss about workplace problems or seeing a marriage counselor, helped. I was in awe.
But I shouldn't have been surprised: I had healed myself in much the same way. By the time I was in my 20s, I had been diagnosed with multiple health conditions, including high blood pressure and precancerous changes on my cervix. End of article

This is a perfect example we have been trying to convey at There are alternative solutions, non-drug solutions to one ailment. You are not sick, but your environment is making you sick psychologically. Your sickness is in your mind and that transfers to your body. This is also what Dianetics refers to in the book by L.Ron Hubbard. Your psychological illness manifests itself through your body. This illness can go away by changing your environment and or the people in your immediate environment. Changing your job, boyfriend or girlfriend. Changing your daily habits, seeing a marriage counselor. These are simple changes that can and have made big changes in peoples live. It is far too often that people seek a pharmaceutical drug as a solution. We have shown it is not has not and will not be a solution. It is part of the problem.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Newtown, Conn. Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza Tracked Mass Murders

"The obvious question that remains is: 'Why did the shooter murder twenty-seven people, including twenty children?' " said the report prepared by Stephen Swasedensky III, state's attorney for the Judicial District of Danbury, Conn. "Unfortunately, that question may never be answered conclusively, despite the collection of extensive background information on the shooter through a multitude of interviews and other sources."

This is what the DA came up with, that he doesn’t have a why. Now we have not been able to read the full report, but why do we, when “the why” is there right before your eyes and ears”. Psychotropic Drugs!! Adam Lanza had a psychiatrist who clearly will never ever take responsibility. The psychiatrist and medical facility has not been mentioned in any news reports, nor the amount and type of psychotropic drugs Adam Lanza was taking. Here is your first clue: CNN reports that mental health professionals “professionals” did not see anything that would have predicted this behavior? Why because psychiatry is a clueless pseudo-science. They never ever ever take responsibility for the actions of their patients. It is always they went off their meds. He/she was “normal”, or we didn’t get the meds in time. Always pathetic answers, or no answer. Psychiatry has not and will not take responsibility for their actions. It is not part of psychiatry. Blame is part of their pseudo science.

Anyone who would consider for one second seeking the advice and counsel from a psychiatrist needs to take a good look at themselves. If a medical professional can’t see, predict or figure out that their patient could have violent behavior with the side effects of the drugs they prescribed is lying or truly is not a professional, or worse on the take. It is all about money with these prescribing doctors and psych’s.

You only need one conscientious one amongst them could have saved 27 people with 20 of them being children. But they don’t have the honesty or integrity to take responsibility. And they will get away with it, unless the parents who lost their child take action. The world is asleep while these psychotropic drugs lurk and work in the night to show up again and kill.

Hello is anyone awake?

Saturday, November 9, 2013

3-Drug-Free Ways to Kick Depression Out The Door

November 7th, 2013 | Posted by theservicefoundation in Uncategorized
I have lost good friends to this situation and felt the need to write this.
We all get stressed and depressed from time to time. This is not unusual. We are not alone. You are not alone.
When we feel that way we certainly deserve better care than this …

“Johnson & Johnson has agreed to pay more than $2.2 billion to settle criminal and civil claims that it marketed the antipsychotic drug Risperdal and other medications for off-label uses and paid kickbacks to a large pharmacy”, the Justice Department said Monday.
Depression should not be treated lightly. It is a serious issue. But it happens with the mind/soul – not the organic brain.
When there is organic damage to the brain, it is best to call a neurosurgeon. When there is anxiety in the mind/soul (very different from the physical brain) it is best to do one of these 3 things:
1. Find a Talking & Listening-type psychiatrist/psychologist – one who has as his top priority to help his clients, not his income. There are many good and caring psychiatrists & psychologists out there … like Dr. Peter Breggin, Dr. Irwin Savodnik, Dr. Fred Baughman, Dr. Eric Hollander and many others. They exist in every city. They aren’t as wealthy as the drug-pushing psychiatrists and psychologists because “talking & listening” takes a lot longer than writing a prescription.
2. Visit with a capable priest, rabbi, or minister that you trust.
3. Have lunch with a caring friend. Someone who knows you and will listen to you.
Whichever route you take these good people may also end up helping you change some of your current eating habits, sleeping habits, exercise habits, work habits, and social habits. They may suggest you get a physical exam to ensure there aren’t any underlying physical problems. After speaking with them you may decide to take up painting, writing, or some other long-lost passion. You may even decide to change some of your “friends”. Like that old High School friend who always seems so “pleasant”, but leaves you feeling a little uncertain about yourself: … ”I don’t care what ‘everyone’ else says, I don’t think you look that horrible.”
From the USA Today article above …
“This agreement, one of the largest health care fraud settlements in history, largely centered on Risperdal, an antipsychotic drug that Johnson & Johnson marketed to treat elderly dementia patients, and children.” Why focus on elderly dementia patients and children? Because they seldom know enough to complain when it isn’t working. Making billions by harming defenseless people can become a problem, when Karma comes calling.
What do “lobotomies, electric shock and brain-altering drugs” all have in common? They are all based on the incorrect belief that “mental illness” is somehow caused by “a malfunction of the physical brain”. This incorrect supposition is made by people who readily admit that they have no way to accurately measure “if” or “how” this occurs. Nor can they measure “if” or “how” their physical treatments for a non-physical problem actually work.
What sometimes has some workability isn’t their expensive placebos – it’s the demonstration that someone Cares, and would like to see you doing better. A smile perhaps, a pat on the back maybe. To the degree they talk to you, listen to you, and make you feel they care about you – they can actually have some positive effect. Until they mess it up by letting you walk away with a prescription for a physical solution to a non-physical problem.
Drug companies and medical professionals help people every day – when they use medications and procedures that are based on blood tests, tissue samples, x-rays and other proven scientific diagnostic procedures. These good people know the causes and remedies for some things. If they don’t know for sure they will tell you that.
The cause and remedy for “mental ailments” can never be confirmed by any of these standard medical tests. Because standard medical tests measure physically observable phenomena for “physical ailments”. Depression and other forms of “mental ailments” can’t be measured by physical tests, because these are not physical things. So they can’t be measured – or treated – with physical solutions.
When we lose a loved one are we “mentally ill” for feeling depressed? Of course not. We should feel upset. I lost a brother this year and I feel sad that I was never of enough use to him. Drugs won’t change my mind about that. I think I just need to try to do better for those around me now.
People who are feeling depressed deserve better answers. Depression is real, but it isn’t caused by a malfunction of the organic brain. It is more often caused by our higher nature. For example: if we weren’t basically good and immortal spiritual beings – then why would we get upset with ourselves when we do something that is “not so good”? (As we all do from time to time.) Go to someone who understands that. Someone who cares about you and will listen to you.
Side note: The underlying cause for these disastrous failures in treating non-physical problems with unworkable physical solutions (lobotomies, electric-shock, brain-altering drugs) is found in the writings of Wilhelm Wundt. Considered the Father of Modern Psychology, Wundt mis-extrapolated on Darwin’s useful work to assume that Men & Women don’t have souls.
To Wundt, and those who followed in his turbulent wake, we are simply evolving, soul-less animals. This is an animal world where “Survival of the fittest” is the rule. The strong survive, the weak succumb, and the species flourishes. That justifies all sorts of experiments against us, especially the weakest among us … like those deemed to be “mentally ill”.
The word “psychology” originally meant “the study of the soul”. It has now become a subject that denies the existence of the Soul. In addition to denying the soul completely, some psychologists also think the “mind” must be a physical thing that is related to, or part of, the organic brain. According to that view, “mental ailments” should respond to physical treatments.
Modern day psychiatrists & psychologists long to be as highly regarded as Medical Doctors who have treated physical ailments of the physical body with increasing success for centuries. This leads psychiatrists & psychologists to assume/hope that all spiritual and mental issues must also be physical in nature. And so, they should respond to physical treatments. It is true that the body, mind and soul are all inter-related and can impact one another. But, because our spiritual and mental issues aren’t primarily based on physical phenomena, the physical solutions of psychiatry and psychology have always been doomed to fail.
In the meantime, we can better assist ourselves and our depressed friends by helping them to find a Talking & Listening-type psychiatrist or psychologist. One who doesn’t just make people drug-dependent, but one who works hard and smart to put them back in control of their own lives. Or find a capable priest/minister/rabbi who can help you accomplish the same thing. Or have lunch with a caring friend. Don’t try to wrestle with depression or confusion by yourself. You are important. You are loved. You deserve better.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Can’t blame the Gun, as 14 Year Old Philip Chism kills Teacher, What about Antidepressants?

News reports indicate 14 year old Philip Chism admitted to police that he followed math teacher Colleen Ritzer who was only 24, into a second floor bathroom at Mass.Danvers High School where he allegedly confessed to slashing her throat with a box cutter in a school bathroom before dumping her body in a nearby patch of woods.
He attacked her repeatedly by punching her and slashing her according to a news reports. The teen used a recycling bin to dispose of the body of this young 24 year old teacher. Now what can drive a teen to do this horrific senseless offense of a math teacher? Philip Chism was not a small boy as he was reported to be 6 feet tall and a member of the school soccer team.
At this point all that is known is he has confessed to the murder. He was only fourteen so he can’t have a real history of violence. It is not known and likely will not be broadcast if he was on psychotropic drugs, as the news media, government and BigPharma do not want the public to be aware of the end effects of pharmaceutical drugs. But it fits the pattern of how these drugs alter the mind of the user. Foxnews reported that classmates described him as "antisocial" and someone who appeared "really tired and out of it". This fits an effect of psychotropic drugs use. If a gun was used then there would be uproar and Congressional Debate, stump speeches by President Obama and CNN and the alphabet channels would beat the anti-gun drums for at least a week. It is also not likely a bully incident, which the media would trumpet and parade talking heads to comment.
So there was no gun in this case and this horrific murder of a young innocent teacher will fall from the headlines within days. If Philip Chism was taking psychotropic drugs like so many other children then he would be a victim as well of Bigpharma and the prolonged silence of the effects of these drugs.
If we had a true independent investigative media network then we could know more and the public could become more aware of the role psychotropic drugs play in all these school and mall killings. Investigative journalism has died long ago, or is only used against conservatives. If we had a Health Care government that actually cared about youths and what is really the cause of all these school killings then we could get somewhere, and correct it. But it is all about money and control. The money that Bigpharma pays for advertising to the media and influence to the government rules the system. These drugs control people to an extent and the government loves control. Until the public wakes up we will have school and mall killings practically monthly. Maybe if it was daily then there would be an uproar. But you will have to stop listening to the media and government and take matters in your own hands. It is up to the parents

Sunday, October 13, 2013

"MasterChef" Runner-Up Joshua Marks Found Dead of a Gunshot to his Head

Media reports indicate that this happened late this past Friday in an alley on Chicago's south side Friday night, police said.
Investigators have not yet ruled whether Marks, who has publicly acknowledged suffering from bipolar disorder, committed suicide.
Marks, 26, was runner-up in the final round of the Fox reality cooking show. The young aspiring chef had a scuffle with police three months ago according to a CNN article.
Marks told police at that time he had been possessed by "MasterChef" judge Gordon Ramsay, who turned him into God.
Marks spoke openly about his mental illness for a suicide awareness program.
A determination of suicide would not be made until an autopsy is completed. Police need to complete their investigation by viewing video tapes and talking to witnesses, before and if they can rule out foul play.
If this tragedy of a young chef is ruled a suicide then you can target psychotropic drugs as a culprit in terminating this young mans life. Unfortunately, the doctor, psychiatrist and pharmaceutical company will not be held to account or blame. Psychiatry has no shame, responsibility or accountability for their actions. They can hide behind their license, media and government. I mean if your patient died by suicide after seeking your services then wouldn’t you feel guilt and responsibility? You would have to have a heart and a mind though. Psychiatry is a dead science and the “doctors” are just zombies. If patients asked their psychiatrist before they accepted their advice by asking “How many of your patients have committed suicide or taken others lives” If they had the guts to answer truthfully then you can fired them before you hire them. You can ask the same of the other head of the two headed monster, BigPharma.
Maybe a psychiatrist can adorn their wall with images of their deceased patients at their hands instead of their worthless credentials and school accreditation. You as consumer can fire your psychiatrist and refuse psychotropic drugs before you or your loved ones go down this path. It is really up to you, you have a say and a choice in this matter.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Washington D.C. Driver Miriam Carey May have been Suffering the Side Effects of Psychotropic Drugs.

News reports indicate and officials said the vehicle was registered to a 34-year-old mother named Miriam Carey, a dental hygienist from Stamford, Conn. Barricades were overrun and there was a car chase through the capital. The driver wouldn’t stop and they were unsuccessful in stopping the car, so the mother of one was shot and killed yesterday. We believe this could have been handled much better. Can you not ram the car with the bevy of police vehicles chaser her car.
She was not a terrorist, or someone with a history of crime. Granted the police can't know that by looking through tinted windows, but why over the top evaluation? The last two D.C. incidents were American's likely on psychotropic drugs. Hello wake up to reality D.C. Her mother indicated she was diagnosed with post partum depression. To us this means she was given psychotropic drugs to cope with this depression. Side effects of psychotropic drugs can produce these effects. We don’t think her depression caused her to be paranoid, or evade police thinking the police were out to get here. We believe the drugs (PharmaDrugs) she most likely was taking cause her to elevate her reaction in this matter. After an encounter with Connecticut Police last December she told them that she was a prophet, that President Obama would place the city of Stamford under a "lockdown" and that he had her and her residence under electronic surveillance. This disclosure is not Post-partum depression that the media wishes to blame. If you have a tendency to paranoia then D.C. is the last place to be as the Capital is supper paranoid. Eye witnessed say that the White House Secret Serviceman was acting erratically and emotionally to her running the barricade. This reaction may have frighten Ms. Carey more so, and caused her to react erratically, and not sensibly. Or she was under her own and psychotropic illusions. This tragic result all because of the effects of psychotropic drugs, and a mental health industry that has no function or concept of how the mind works. A baby will not have its mother anymore. The baby will unfortunately will never know its true mother. Thanks BigPharma, but don’t worry BigPharma will never have to take responsibility. They never do.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Promising Tampa Bay Buccaneer Quarterback Prescribed Psychotropic Drugs is now Benched, Is it the Drugs Effects?

Here's NFL Quarterback’s Josh Freeman's statement:

“I have ADHD and I have been prescribed and permitted to take medication to treat this condition for the entirety of my NFL career. Well over a year ago, I took a different medication for the same condition (Ritalin rather than Adderall), and to assure everyone that the error was a one-time mistake, I agreed to be voluntarily tested” end statement

In our opinion the use of psychotropic drugs was the mistake. ADHD is fraud science as there is no science to diagnose someone ADHD. It is simply made up as the prescribing doctor has no other solution for an individuals problems other than to prescribe a drug. This is the American Health Care system today. Please read the book ADHD Fraud by Dr. Baughman Jr or the

Drugs, drugs, and more drugs is psychiatry’s solution and medical doctors call. Your best idea is never to agree to take these psychotropic drugs. Other non mind altering solutions are available. Your doctor simply will not tell you.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Navy Shipyard Killer Aaron Alexis Most Likely on Psychotropic Drugs

A headline recently by CNN was: Why did the suspected shooter Aaron Alexis shoot 12 people indiscriminately. Well what CNN and other news agencies and the government will not tell you is that psychotropic drugs kill and they are the elixir to mania and the main cause of these never ending mass killings. Even President Obama was quoted by news sources that the shooter(s) were cowards. Maybe he was alluding to a potential terrorist attack on a military base?

According to some news sources Aaron Alexis was suffering from mental issues including paranoia, and hearing voices in his head. He had sought treatment from the Veteran Administration for these problems. His family members also confirmed that Aaron was treated for mental issues. Treatment for mental issues equals psychotropic drugs. Psychotropic drugs are psychiatry’s only solution. They have not come far from the lobotomy. Nidal Hasan (Fort Hood shooter) who was convicted of killing 13 people was considered a work place violence incident. The Fort Hood shooter was a military psychiatrist who prescribed himself psychotropic drugs. But that was hardly mentioned in news reports and the trial.

So to answer CNN’s blatantly obvious question why did Aaron Alexis kill 12 innocent people. Looks to the psychotropic drugs and no further. The fact that this was so close to Washington D.C. do you think Congress and the President will look to investigate the effects of psychotropic drugs as the cause to all the mass shootings? No unlikely they will look to the obvious. They looked at the guns after Sandy Hook, they looked to work place violence at Ft. Hood, and they didn’t even look at Michael Brandon Hill.

There is a cozy relationship between Bigpharma the government and the media. The only person that will do the looking is you.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pfizer Paying $450 Million Fine to US Government

This $450 million Pfizer fine is to resolve allegations that its subsidiary, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, unlawfully marketed the immunosuppressant drug, Rapamune. This came about from two whistleblowers to push the case forward. Wyeth marketed Rapamune for unapproved purposes, which is a violation of the Federal False Claims Act. They also paid kickbacks to doctors to increase their sales.
This is similar to GlaxoSmithKlines same False Claims Act violation where GSK paid $3 Billion for misbranding, and kickbacks to doctors. Recently, Abbott Labs paid $1.6 billion in fines and even criminal dereliction of their drug Depakote. It has been reported that almost every pharmaceutical manufacturer has been sanctioned civilly, criminally or possibly both the last ten years.
There are many, many kickbacks as doctors are the main distributors of these drugs. Many children doctors are on BigPharma’s payrolls or are influence to be an opinion leader and write about the so called positive effects of these drugs. Dr. Drew Pinsky is a paid opinion leader to pharmaceutical manufacturer(s) as widely reported.
There is a wide amount of alternative solutions to BigPharma drugs, but doctors don’t get paid to ill advice parents and patients. They get paid big bonuses by BigPharma. Many non-invasive non drug alternatives are far better solutions for parents and children. But this is the US and money, money, money is the route psychiatrists and doctors take as appose to a homeopathic solution, which costs much less and is much more effectives as no long term effects take over the patient.
These Bigpharma firms have mountains of money to pay these fines. If your physician had committed the same misrepresentation, and paid proportional fines to resolve civil and criminal penalties, it is a safe to say that your doctor would be out of business. Unfortunately this type problem such as Rapamune case, and the litany of similar cases is not just the unlawful marketing that shows how pharmaceutical marketing operates. It shows the dereliction of duty false hipocratic oath that moves from Bigpharma to their representatives to the doctor to the parent. There are so many links in the chain that could change this criminal pharma pattern. Take a Stand!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Shocking News! Michael Brandon Hill Potential Child Killer Was on Psychotropic Drugs

Michael Brandon Hill entered an Atlanta Suburb school Aug. 20th of 800 or so students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade with an AK-47 and other weapons. Just like the Sandy Hook killer did.
The suspect Michael Brandon Hill, held one or two staff members in the front office and demanded a TV to film him. If it wasn’t for a school staff member hero Antoinette Tuff, an unimposing, unarmed bookkeeper who steadfastly refused to allow him to go anywhere near the young children of her school and then convinced him to drop his weapons, empty his pockets and give himself
The suspects brother Timothy Hill told ABC news: 'I honestly can tell you he has got a long history of medical disorders, including bipolar, and that could make you snap on a dime. 'My mom's almost looked like a drugstore at one point. There was so many different medications he was on.'
He did not reveal exactly what his mental health issue but said he was taking drugs for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder since he was six-years-old.
'I had a feeling he was going to eventually, one day, do something stupid, but not of this magnitude,' he said, adding that he once threatened to kill him.
How much more information do you need to know that psychotropic drugs kill? Who was the doctor and or psychiatrist who prescribed these medications?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

ADHD Fraud Continues as White Kids Most Likely to be Diagnosed, Watch Out Minorities

A new study recently published in the journal Pediatrics by author Paul Morgan an associate professor of education at Pennsylvania State . This was a study of 17000 kindergarten children from 1998 to 1999 and continued to 8th grade.
Paul Morgan claims that parents of seven percent of white children reported an ADHD diagnosis. In comparison, only three percent of black children and four percent of Hispanic children had been diagnosed.
Our view and many others view is that ADHD is an absolute fraud. It is just a means of Bigpharma drug pushing and an attempt to validate invoices by Psychiatrists and uncaring Doctors. Why is it a fraud? Well it is the number one diagnosed mental health “disorder” for children in the U.S. That is a red flag because even the author admits.
There is no single test to diagnose ADHD and many of the symptoms may be associated with other causes. Hearing and visions test may be used to rule out other problems. Doctors may talk with parents, teachers and sometimes the child himself to make a diagnosis. So what happens is you have a fidgety child in a doctors office and the doctor says oh your child might have ADHD. End result the child in on an antidepressant, and labeled and screwed for life.
Here is another watch out mom: Boys are more likely to be diagnosed than girls. Being raised by an older mother and growing up in an English speaking home raised the likelihood of a diagnosis as did certain types of problem behaviors. So if you speak English to your boy, well then that child has ADHD??
The good news for minority children is that the study also found that minority children were less likely than white children to receive medication to treat ADHD. The bad news is that minority homes will be target number one from here on out. And more bad news for your child, according to the CDC: Once diagnosed, the treatments may include taking medication and behavioral therapy. They also indicate an early diagnosis can help a child reach his or her full potential.
The CDC (Center for Disease Control) is in on the fraud. All we need is an arbitrary diagnosis, and your child is on psychotropic drugs from cradle to grave?.
Could it maybe diet? Too much sugar? Lack of parental control and discipline of your child. Naw, Drugs are the answer? Right???

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

GlaxoSmithKline used a network of more than 700 Chinese travel agencies and other firms to channel bribes to health officials, state media reported Monday.

The Xinhua news agency, citing Chinese police, said four senior Chinese executives working for the U.K. pharmaceuticals group had been detained and would be charged once preliminary investigations are complete.
Since 2007, GlaxoSmithKline used the network to channel hundreds of millions of dollars to government officials, medical associations, hospitals and doctors with the aim of raising drug sales and prices, media reported.
The state news agency said the transfers totaled nearly $5 billion while other media said the figure was a tenth of that.
GlaxoSmithKline declined to comment on the number of employees held by Chinese police but said it was deeply concerned by the "shameful" allegations. It is reviewing its ties with all third-party agencies and will cooperate with the investigation.
"We have put an immediate stop on the use of travel agencies that have been identified so far in this investigation and we are conducting a thorough review of all historic transactions related to travel agency use," a spokesperson said.
China's Minister of Public Security first accused GlaxoSmithKline last week of orchestrating a campaign of bribery and corruption in some of the country's biggest cities.
International companies operating in China often have a valuable edge over local competitors in terms of public trust, but a recent spate of allegations relating to price fixing, quality control and consumer rights has forced some of them to defend their reputations. .
China claims that wrongdoing by GlaxoSmithKline executives included the falsification of tax forms in order to facilitate the payment of bribes. In addition, executives are also suspected of taking bribes and kickbacks from business partners. The security ministry said last week that the suspects had admitted to the crimes.
The GlaxoSmithKline spokesperson said the company's head of China -- Mark Reilly -- remained in his post, but declined comment on his whereabouts. Some reports say he left China last week and has not returned.
Corruption is thought to be endemic in wide swaths of Chinese industry and is perceived by many as a cost of doing business in the country.
The ruling Communist Party is sensitive to allegations of bribery after several high-profile members were caught in scandals in recent years. Former President Hu Jintao warned that failure to tackle corruption could be fatal for China.
It's not yet clear whether the GlaxoSmithKline allegations are tied to a probe of price setting practices at 60 Pharma firms announced last month by authorities.
The National Development and Reform Commission is investigating 33 drug companies over pricing and a further 27 over input costs. GlaxoSmithKline is among the companies targeted, along with Astellas and Sandoz.
Drugmakers are under pressure to reduce costs in China as the country's population grows older, a trend that is straining the country's medical system and care facilities

Friday, July 12, 2013

Quincy Mass. Woman is Acquitted of Murder By Reason of Insanity, Nobody is held Responsible

Norfolk Superior Court records and media reports indicate Li Rong Zhang didn’t willfully kill her 8 year old son by lighting a barbeque inside her apartment and sealing the doors and windows. We guess that if you know that smoke inhalation will kill you it is not enough to convict you of premeditated murder. The reason is you have a psychiatrist who can attest that you were insane. Looks like in the State of Mass. mass knowledge of how to commit suicide doesn’t make you sane.
Invariably this woman must have been in the care of a psychiatrist and also prescribed antidepressants or something stronger. The psychiatrist is off the hook and is not responsible if their patient attempt to kill themselves or others. Psychiatry is the cloak of non-responsibility. Psychiatry’s instrument of death is their drugs that are manufactured by BigPharma.
She is free of criminal negligence because numerous “medical experts” testified that Li Rong Zhang lacked criminal responsibility at the time of the crime and she exhibited psychotic depression with paranoid delusions and was suicidal.
The end result is an innocent 8 year old boy is dead, and psychiatry and Bigpharma are never even scrutinized. No fine, no loss of license, no responsibility, just business as usual.
Maybe psychiatry and BigPharma can have a new marketing slogan. Look at the happy faces in our antidepressant ads, but don’t look at the deadly results. Your Government doesn’t.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Adderall Pharma’s Dream Drug: Its ADHD for Youths and Speed and Energy for the Middle Aged.

Looks like America can’t cope with life without BigPharma. Got to have those drugs. Diet and exercise must be too much work. Adderall, That psycho stimulant, typically prescribed to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)is also being prescribed and used by middle aged Americans 20 to 39 by the tune of 14 million a month. According to Sandy Hingston a Philadelphia magazine editor. Middle aged adults are getting prescriptions to boost their energy and sharpness on the job. Sharpness? Adderall acts the same as speed for adults, so we guess those energy drinks are not cutting it for some and they need drugs to work? What is wrong with this picture and Country?

Sandy Hingston gave “mothers little helper” a try for herself, and said it was hell on wheels for house cleaning.

There you have it, it is a sad day in the US where you need a drug to clean the house and mow the lawn. The same laziness a teenager uses “I don’t have the energy” We don’t have to worry about foreign antagonist attacking America. We are killing ourselves and BigPharma has no problem obliging.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Nurture genius by bucking the system - Autistic boy with higher IQ than Einstein discovers his gift after removal from state-run therapy

From Carolanne Wright(Natural News)
In yet another example of how an out of control goliath state system can cause more harm than good, a teenage boy who was diagnosed with autism at a young age has risen to stellar heights after quitting the special ed system with the help of his concerned mother. State therapy specialists claimed Jacob Barnett would never tie his shoes, read or function normally in society. But the boy's mother realized when Jacob was not in therapy, he was doing "spectacular things" completely on his own. She decided to trust her instinct and disregard the advice of the professionals. Instead of following a standardized special needs educational protocol, she surrounded Jacob with all the things that inspired passion for him - and was astonished at the transformation that took place.
Don't fix what's not broken
Following a diagnosis of autism at age two, Jacob was subjected to a cookie cutter special education system that focused on correcting what he couldn't do compared to normal children. For years, teachers attempted to convince Kristine Barnett that her son would only be able to learn the most basic of life skills. When exposed to the state system of educational therapy, Kristine noticed Jacob would withdraw deeply and refuse to speak with anyone. Even though she found it "terrifying to fly against the advise of the professionals," she knew in her heart "that if Jake stayed in special ed, he would slip away," Kristine relates in her memoir, The Spark: A Mother's Story of Nurturing Genius. So began a journey for Jacob that would lead to such unexpected achievement that the whole premise of standardized therapy for this 'special needs' child would be blown to bits.
A path of passion and discovery
After years of frustration and little progress, Kristine made a radical decision in the eyes of the special ed system -- she took Jacob out of school and prepared him for kindergarten herself. As described in the New York Daily Times:

She let him explore the things he wanted to explore. He studied patterns and shadows and stars. At the same time, she made sure that he enjoyed "normal" childhood pleasures - softball, picnics - along with other kids his age. "I operate under a concept called 'muchness'," Kristine said. "Which is surrounding children with the things they love - be it music, or art, whatever they're drawn to and love."

By the time Jacob reached the age of 11, he entered college and is currently studying condensed matter physics at Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis. According to an email Professor Scott Tremaine wrote to Jacob's family, "The theory that he's working on involves several of the toughest problems in astrophysics and theoretical physics ... Anyone who solves these will be in line for a Nobel Prize."

Jacob also has an IQ of 170 - higher than that of Einstein. He is history's youngest astrophysics researcher, has spoken at a New York TED conference and appeared on a variety of news interviews, including 60 Minutes and the Time magazine website. Not bad for someone who was classified by state experts as so severely disabled that he would never tie his own shoes or learn to read. If Jacob had stayed within the system, the prediction may very well have come true.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Serial Psychiatrist Child Molester was Stripped of Lifetime Achievement Award

William Ayres, 81, pleaded no contest in May to eight counts of molestation connected to five male former patients between the ages of 9 and 13 under the guise of medical exams. He faces between eight and 22 years in prison when sentenced in August and, shortly after his plea change, Supervisor Dave Pine requested his county honor be reversed. His span of child molestation spread out over decades, but due to statute of limitations he eventually plead no contest in the more recent offenses 1988 to 1996. Victims went as far back as the early 70’s.
According to the San Mateo Journal, Ayres was well known as president of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and for hosting the sex education series “Time of Your Life.” Ayres also received juvenile court referrals, all of which contributed to the Board of Supervisors in January 2002 adopting the resolution honoring his “efforts to improve the lives of children and adolescents. The Board of Directors has egg on their face for that award.
Ayres has been skirting the law for years and years, as the county never looked or saw or did follow-up with referred juveniles. Recently he attempted to evade prosecution by claiming dementia. There was a hung jury in 2009, and Napa State Hospital had William Ayres under evaluation, and they concluded he had been exaggerating dementia to avoid a second trial. He went on that second trial and eventually plead no contest.
For decades Dr. William Ayres treated young children under the approval of San Mateo County Juvenile probation programs. For decades he used his license and influence in the community to continually molest the most vulnerable.
If you hear that a psychiatrist can evaluate you based on your behavior and actions, well none of Ayres colleagues could make a simple evaluation that could have saved a youth. At the age of 81 Ayres may get 22 years, but his victims have a lifetime of pain, confusion, and deplorable memories. Like many victims of the failed science call psychiatry they go onto other psychiatrists, who have only one solution. “I have this drug”.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Novartis Again Accused of health care fraud In New York Lawsuit

The Justice Department has accused a Novartis a Swiss based pharmaceutical Company of providing kickbacks to pharmacies to switch patients to a Novartis drug used to prevent rejection of kidney transplants.
This is a health care lawsuit filed in Manhattan against Novartis and they are seeking monetary damages. According to news reports, the lawsuit alleges that since 2005, Novartis has offered "performance" rebates and discounts to at least 20 U.S. pharmacies in exchange for the pharmacies' efforts to switch patients to the Novartis transplant drug Myfortic from competing drugs. In one case they allege that a LA pharmacist was given rebates of 5% of the pharmacist’s annual sales. This action by Novartis is against the federal kick-back law.
Novartis has a history or illegal marketing practices like many other major Bigpharma firms. Just in 2010 Novartis was fined over $400 million for illegally marketing a drug. They pleaded guilty which settle criminal charges.
In the past pharmaceutical companies use their Pharma sales representatives to promote their drugs via kick-backs like travel junkets, entertainment offers, and monetary discounts. This continual Parma fraud is pushed by the drug maker and accepted as practice by their sales representatives and by the pharmacist. The unethical behavior runs down the line to all involved. So the pharma drug the consumer receives may not be the best drug for the consumer, but it is the best for your pharmacists and their agent and Bigpharma. Irresponsible behavior and out ethics and out right fraud is rampant in the pharmaceutical system. Nobody is taking a stand as all involved are looking out for their best interest.
News reports quoted U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said that the company used the "lure of kickbacks disguised as rebates" to turn certain pharmacists into salespeople for one of its drugs. He says the company's actions caused the public to pay tens of millions of dollars for kickback-tainted drugs dispensed by pharmacists who had buddied up to it.
Novartis says it disputes the claims and will defend itself.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Lifelong Depressed Man Shoots 5 month Old Son

When a person is diagnosed as depressed they are prescribe anti-depressants. It is the norm in today's society. Anti-depressants have violent side effects and when they are exercised then devastating effects take place. The government and media will not connect the dots...

From The Associated Press April 15, 2013

A man accused of fatally shooting his 5-month-old son is "devastated" about it, the man's lawyer said Monday at an initial court appearance.

Joshua Petersen, 21, of American Fork is accused of placing his son, Ryker, on a sofa and shooting him in the head with a rifle on April 5. Petersen then tried to kill himself before a family member intervened, police said.

The shooting occurred in American Fork, a suburb of Provo located about 30 miles south of Salt Lake City.

Fourth District Court Judge Claudia Laycock laid out the seriousness of his charge, aggravated murder, during Monday's hearing. Petersen wore a green jail jumpsuit and was unshaven with his hair disheveled.

Prosecutors will decide whether to seek the death penalty after Petersen is arraigned and enters a plea to the charge, Deputy Utah County Attorney Craig Johnson told The Salt Lake Tribune. He also could face life in prison if convicted.

Petersen is being held without bond.

Investigators said Petersen was upset when his girlfriend broke up with him and plotted for a month to shoot his son. Petersen's family members said he also suffered from lifelong depression.

Petersen's attorney, Dusty Kawai, said he's trying to evaluate the man's mental state. Petersen is absolutely devastated, evidenced by his somber and distant demeanor in court, he said.

"What I think you are seeing is just the physical evidence of how devastated he is," Kawai told the Deseret News. "He calls me and he is just bawling. He is weeping. I've seen a lot of very sad people in my career and his is at the top of this list."

Kawai said he has not yet asked Petersen specifically about the shooting, saying that would be too difficult for Petersen at this point. Family members cried as they left Monday's hearing.

"They loved Josh's son, and Josh loved his son, and this is just a tragic, tragic situation," Kawai told the Deseret News.

Petersen is expected back in court on April 29.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Look Out Brazil and South America, U.S. Drug Pushers are Coming After your Children

According to Rueters and news sources, here are at least three Bigpharma suitors (Pfizer, Novartis, and Abbott Labs looking to buy Brazil's Ache Laboratorios Farmaceuticos. Ache is a private firm, but there is a private auction for the firm apparently valued at $4 to $5 Billion. GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) was interested but dropped out of the running according to news sources. Others sources say the company is not for sale.

If any of these three are successful in bidding for Brazil Ache then you can be assured their will be an increase in diagnosis of psychiatric disorders in South America. We are sure you will see an increase in ADHD, depression, and autism. When the drug pushers need to cover their costs then they need an increase in “diagnosis” from doctors. Pharma sales reps commonly offer incentives (vacations, kickbacks etc) to get doctors to make the diagnosis to sell the drugs. A number of BigPharma firm and recently Abbott Labs were fined $1.6 Billion by the U.S. Dept. of Justice for marketing drugs for which the drugs was not approved to be marketed for. GSK(GlaxoSmithKline) was criminally indicted last year and fined $3Billion last year for selling drugs for off label purposes.

They obviously need to increase their footprint in South America to offset those fines.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

BS Headline of the Week: CDC Say 1 in 50 Kids Has Autism

An associated press distributed article indicates that a government survey of parents says 1 in 50 U.S. schoolchildren has autism. This is a big BS headline. Firstly, according to ABCnews it is a survey of parents. So the government is surveying parents? The survey comes from a national phone survey of 95,000 parents.
The prior estimate was 1 in 88 and before that it was 1 in 110, and before that it was 1 in approximately 300. As you see these estimates seem to change yearly. The other part which is the most sinister is not that there is more autism, but that doctors are diagnosing autism more. Why because they expanded autism to include milder problems.
They also indicate it is controversial for one main reason. There isn’t any blood or biologic tests for autism, so diagnosis is not an exact science. Truthfully, it is not a science at all. It's identified by making judgments about a child's behavior. Doctors are making judgments or children. The reason for the increase in our opinion is so they can sell pharmaceutical drugs. Typically, doctors subscribe antidepressants for autism. It’s the wonder drug, and since that can label a kid autistic then they can prescribe the drugs for a lifetime. Do you see the medical scam here? 1. Survey of parents 2. Judgment call by doctors? 3. Bigpharma is the big winner and children are the losers.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tragic Suicide of a Talented Country Singer Mindy McCready

Back in September of 2005 country singer Mindy McCready was hospitalized after overdosing on antidepressants after an argument with a family member.
According to a Nashville police report, McCready became angry and took about 30 antidepressant pills. Now it has been reported she committed suicide from a gunshot. The USAtoday reporter Liz Szabo has highlighted her death and the role of guns in suicide. Reporters love to talk about guns and violence but they never ever refer to the connection of antidepressants and suicide. Although, thoughts of suicide is on the label and part of the Bigpharma’s diclosure that their drugs can increase suicide. The truth is Psychiatry kills and their weapon has been psychotropic drugs. Their cover has been the media.

Mindy McCready’s death is a total tragedy as has the overuse of psychotropic drugs in the US and the world. In virtually all the mass school and mall shootings the gunman has been on some kind of psychotropic drug, but the government and media always says it is the gun that did the killing. It is never the pharmaceutical chemical that was the elixir that depressed the person so much to commit suicide.

Mindy McCready should be remembered for her fantastic talent and contribution the country music. It is unfortunate she was unable to control her depression. She left some uplifting music for others.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Was Ex-LAPD Cop Christopher Dorner On Antidepressants?

The EX-LAPD suspect who is suspected in killing four people the past two weeks including two police officers indicated that he was very depressed. He broadcast this in his manifesto to Law Enforcement which has been widely distributed in the media. If he was depressed and saw a medical doctor or psychiatrist then it is odds on he was given an SSRI antidepressant like Prozac, Paxil, Effexor or some similar psychotropic drug.

It is widely known that antidepressant can and will cause further depression and if a patient withdraws quickly off these drugs then the withdrawal alone can cause violent behavior. You can read the book Prozac Backlash by Joseph Glenmullen. These violent withdrawal effects and side effects are well known. You can also read books by Dr. David Healy or Dr. Peter Breggin. It has been noted that the Columbine School massacre killers were on Luvox, and a side effect is grandiose ideas of destruction, which those killers had. Not sure if Christopher Dorner was on an antidepressant or not, but he certainly indicated he was depressed. Unfortunately, the medical profession and especially the psychiatric profession adores antidepressants and ignores their side effects. It seems very likely he was on some kind of pharmaceutical drug.

We may never know if he was on any of these antidepressants, as there will likely not be a trial if he is indeed deceased. They may never do a toxicology report and may not be able to, but his medical history should be known. It certainly helps the public's protection to know if antidepressants may have been a cause for this mans violent outburst. We are sure they will talk about the guns, and guns are topic one in the US currently.

How many have to die before the side effects of antidepressants are topic one?

Friday, February 8, 2013

ADHD Diagnoses Up 25% the Past Decade. Our Opinion is ADHD is Fraud Science

The rates of childhood attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) diagnosis has increased by nearly 25% over the past decade, researchers found. White and Black patients were more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD and with income of $70,000/year or more.
Note these points above the affluent are diagnosed with ADHD, because they can afford to pay for the BigPharma Drugs?

The study was done by Kaiser Permanente in Southern California and it entailed diagnosis from 2001 to 2010. Whites were the most likely to be diagnosed. These doctors say it is the most common and has reached epidemic proportions? Can you believe these doctors say ADHD is epidemic? Of course they are the hospital doing the diagnosis. There is a book from Dr. Fred Baughman called ADHD Fraud which any parent given this “epidemic” diagnosis should read if their child is given this disorder.
If you’re a parent look out they indicate the medium age is 8 to 9 and most likely male getting diagnosed, or if they are African American then over 10 years they are getting the ADHD tag.
Our Opinion is this is Fraud Science and there is no measure for ADHD. Here is an excerpt from AMA council on Scientific affairs: With no proof that ADHD is a disease with a confirmatory, physical abnormality, the ADHD “epidemic,” has grown from 150,000 in 1970, to five million in 1997. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, Ritalin production, in the US, rose 700%, between 1990 and 1997 and, the AMA, Council on Scientific Affairs has seen fit to conclude: “…there is little evidence of widespread over diagnosis or misdiagnosis of ADHD or of widespread over prescription of methylphenidate”(Goldman, et al. 1998). So a 700% increase in Ritalin prescriptions is not a sign of over diagnosis? Are you kidding? It is clear to us and needs to be clear to parents that this epidemic is a BigPharms scam.

Friday, February 1, 2013


Sun News
Teen who blames Prozac for his fatal stabbing of friend suing doctors
January 13th, 2013
WINNIPEG — A Manitoba teen who blames the antidepressant Prozac for causing him to fatally stab his friend is suing three doctors who treated him in the months before the killing, claiming they should pay up if his victim’s kin win a lawsuit against him and members of his family.
In what appears to be a Manitoba first, the now-19-year-old has launched a third-party claim for financial damages against two psychiatrists and a physician who he says treated him at various points between June-September 2009.
“The killing would not have happened if: Dr. David Miller had not prescribed Prozac; Dr. Robert Steinberg had cancelled the Prozac prescription (and if) Dr. Keith Jenkins had not increased the Prozac prescription,” the killer alleges in recently filed court documents.
The claim effectively asks the Court of Queen’s Bench to transfer any financial liability for Seth Ottenbreit’s death the killer may be found to have onto the three doctors.
Ottenbreit’s mother, Donna Noble, is in the midst of suing the killer, his parents and a grandparent.
The killer also seeks unspecified “special damages” from the physicians to foot the bill for his legal fees stemming from his high-profile criminal case.
The man pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced as a youth to seven years of custody and conditional supervision in November 2001 for the fatal knifing of Ottenbreit, 15, in West St. Paul on Sept. 20, 2009.
Court heard Ottenbreit was stabbed after he damaged a piece of hardwood floor at the killer’s parents’ home. The two were sitting in the garage talking when the accused reached under a blanket, pulled out a knife, and stabbed Ottenbreit in the abdomen.
A U.S. psychiatrist hired by the defence to offer expert evidence told court giving the then-teen Prozac and ignoring the signs it was only worsening his situation was “a prescription for violence” which drove him into a “state of severe agitation.”
Some studies have linked the drug to emotional and behavioural disturbances in children. Health Canada does not recommend prescribing the drug to children or youths under age 18.
Provincial Court Judge Robert Heinrichs ruled the drug “clearly affected (the youth) in an alarming way.” While in custody, he stopped taking Prozac and was deemed not to be a public danger any longer, the judge said.
The killer’s claim against his doctors outlines how he started taking Prozac by prescription on June 24, 2009, and describes warning signs the medical system allegedly missed or ignored prior to the killing.
All three doctors named in the lawsuit are accused of negligence. They have not filed statements of defence and the allegations against them have not been proven. The killer’s civil lawyer, Gene Zazelenchuk, could not be reached Friday for comment.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Like All School and Mall Shooters The Batman Shooter James Holmes has been Reported taking Pharma Drugs.

Will the Government or Media ever make the connection? Not likely there is too much money in making Pharma drugs

The ‘Batman shooter’ James Holmes was using prescription painkiller Vicodin. Holmes even took heavy dosages of a pharmaceutical cocktail just before the shooting.
Side effects of Vicodin use, even at ‘recommended’ levels which Holmes likely far exceeded, include‘altered mental states’ and ‘unusual thoughts or behavior’.

The most deadly elementin the mass murder of 12 people and the wounding of 58 others was not all the weapons including an AR-15 type weapon but the pharmaceutical cocktail he was on. He was also seeing a psychiatrist, who will be blameless as usually.

The Denver Post reported Jan. 7 that, according to newly released court papers, police removed a four prescription medication bottles.

"The disclosures come in a back-and-forth between prosecutors and defense attorneys over whether those items should be subject to doctor-patient confidentiality. The judge ultimately ruled in October that prosecutors could keep the items," the paper said, adding that the names of the medications had been redacted from court documents.

Reports confirm he was seeing a psychiatrist and that always means he was prescribed psychotropic drugs. Seeing a psychiatrist equals being prescribed psychotropic drugs and add a gun and you have the mass murder that is so well known in the US and Europe.

The debate is always about guns in these shootings, but rarely a mention of psychotropic drugs involvement. If a drunk kills someone with their car, the car is not to blame but alcohol is. Why always blame the gun, and not the precursor “psychotropic drugs”.

Guns are an easy target for the government and the main stream media hates guns. The media gets lots of advertising from BigPharma and they are a huge lobby in D.C. It is easy to blame a gun but hard to pinpoint pharma drugs, so nobody wants to do the hard work.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Erika Menendez NY Subway Pusher Off Her Meds?

Psychotropic Drugs can manifest aggressive behavior when on them or abruptly taken off them. The following is a report from AP

NEW YORK (AP) — The family of a woman accused of shoving a man to his death in front of a subway train called police several times in the past five years because she had not been taking prescribed medication and was difficult to deal with, authorities said Monday.

Erika Menendez, 31, was being held without bail on a murder charge in the death of Sunando Sen. She told police she pushed the 46-year-old India native because she thought he was Muslim, and she hates them, according to prosecutors.

They had never met before she suddenly shoved him off the subway platform because she "thought it would be cool," prosecutors said. The victim was Hindu, not Muslim.

It wasn't clear whether Menendez had a diagnosed mental condition. But her previous arrests and legal troubles paint a portrait of a troubled woman.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly would not say what medication she was taking or whether she had a psychiatric history. Authorities were called to her home five times since 2005 on reports of an emotionally disturbed person.

In one instance, police said, she threw a radio at the responding officers.

Menendez had been arrested several times, starting when she was young. In 2003, she was arrested on charges she punched a 28-year-old man in the face inside her Queens home, but the case was later dropped. She pleaded guilty later that year to assaulting a stranger on the street near her home. The victim, retired Fire Department official Daniel Conlisk, said the attack was violent and relentless.

He said he was sorting recyclables outside his home one night when Menendez approached him and punched him in the face, screaming that he was having sex with her mother.

"It was such a shot," Conlisk said. "And I was surprised she hit so hard, because she was just a girl."

He said he tried to fend her off as she clawed at his skin. He eventually broke free and went inside his home, where he called police. When they arrived, he said, she was still outside screaming about him having sex with her mother, and saying he had stolen jewelry from her in high school.

"That's when everyone realized there's really something wrong with her," he said. Conlisk, 65, said he took out two restraining orders against her but never saw her after he was attacked.

He said that he felt bad that he pressed charges, but that she seemed dangerous.

"I really believe if she had a knife, she would have killed me," he said.

In December 2003, Menendez was arrested for cocaine possession. She was given a conditional discharge after pleading guilty.

Last Thursday, witnesses said a woman pacing and mumbling to herself suddenly shoved Sen off the elevated platform of a No. 7 train that travels between Manhattan and Queens. She fled.

Menendez was spotted by a passer-by who called 911 and said she resembled the wanted suspect. When she was arrested, she told police she shoved Sen because she blamed Muslims and Hindus for the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and had been "beating them up" ever since, according to authorities. She said she thought Sen was Muslim.

Sen, a Kolkata native, owned a print shop and had lived in Queens for decades.

She laughed and snickered so much during her court hearing last weekend that the judge admonished her. The attorney who represented her only for her arraignment said she acted the same way with him when he tried to speak with her. He had no further comment.

Calls to Menendez's home on Monday were unanswered. Angel Luis Santiago, who used to work at the Queens building where Menendez's mother and stepfather live, said he was shocked by her arrest on the murder charge.

"It surprised me what she did," he said. "She never acted that way."