Thursday, March 26, 2015

GermanWings Flight 9525Pilot Andreas Lubitz Committed Aircraft Assisted Mass Murder Suicide and Killed 150 Passengers? And Anti-depressants Psychotropic Drugs are Involved

It is not the first time this has happened as Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah of MH370 may be a suspected of purposely downing that plane

Carsten Spohr, CEO of Lufthansa, which owns Germanwings, said, “We have to accept that the plane was crashed on purpose.” He added, “It seems to be true that the co-pilot denied the pilot access to the cockpit.” Although there are no indications Andreas Lubitz had mental health issues Lufthansa indicated.. Yet a friend said Andreas Lubitz was battling depression since 2009. Investigators said his breath was normal and was not of somebody who was struggling. He never said a single word.. Nothing-end quote. That is the sign of a cold blooded killer of 150 innocent men women and children, descending in a Jet thousands of feet per second and he didn’t make a sound, nothing? We suspect psychotropic drugs and a psychiatrist or doctor subscribe him psychotropic drugs. It has all the hallmarks or psych drugs, and there effect on a person to commit mass murder.

There was a study by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) which indicates flying is safe, but there have been suicides by pilot. News Australia reports of a 10 year study ending in 2012, just eight of 2,758 fatal aviation accidents in the US were caused by pilot suicide, a rate of 0.3 per cent. The report found that all eight suicides were men, with four of them testing positive for alcohol and two for antidepressants.

“Aircraft-assisted suicides are tragic, intentional events that are hard to predict and difficult to prevent,’’ the FAA’s report found, adding that such suicides “are most likely underreported and under recognized.’’ further reports: In at least one case, a major international airline allowed a pilot who had expressed suicidal thoughts to continue flying. He flew nearly three more years, without incident, before he resigned in 1982 with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety and depression.
The missing Malaysian plane with Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah is still under investigation. Police are investigating both pilots and a flight simulator Captain Shah had in his home. Some experts feel that suicide on MH370 is the most likely cause as pilots are more likely to able to disable transponder and communication equipment.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Family Says Voice heard by Baby Lily's Rescuers Came from her Mother's Love

Baby Lily is the survivor of a car crash about 50 miles from Salt Lake City. The first responder's who found the SUV overturned on March 7 have since met with the Groesbeck family, telling them about the mysterious voice they all heard crying for help inside the car, spurring them to a rapid and astounding rescue. "The voice said help us please help us".

ABC News via Desert News quotes "What it should show all of us is an acknowledgement of how much Jenny loved her little girl," the woman's brother, Garrett Groesbeck, "I don't think there can be any stronger example of loving someone so much, even after (death). The fact that we have these men not just one person but all these men that had the same experience really hit home with us."

Link to ABCnews Video

We bring this up on our blog to demonstrate that there is spirit in every human. Not an imaginary spirit but a real living spirit that lives within the body and lives on after death of the body. Most religions around the world recognise the spirit. Three religions recognize past lives on earth (Budists, Hindu's and Scientologist's). Most major religions treat the spirit as the living entity which is you, and not your body.

Psychiatry and pharmaceutical companies attempt to treat the body with drugs. They are treating the wrong entity. Your body is not suffering with issue of depression, or even the made up ailments like ADHD. Your spirit issues manifest itself on the body. This is why psychiatry and pharmaceutical companies will always be wrong. They are treating the wrong entity, and treating the effects of the spirit on the body. They are wrong and will always be wrong. They are grabbing at straws or grabbing for money. This is why nobody will get better from psychiatry or the use of pharmaceutical drugs. Their entire premise is wrong.

The spirit of Baby Lily mother was calling out for help for her child, after her body no longer functioned. The spirit is the one that needs the help long term. Sure the body needs repair from sunburns, broken limbs and joints, but the spirit needs to be treated for mental illness. The only technology that we have found that addresses the ailments of the spirit is Dianetic's and Scientology. They have have the only real technology to address mental illness.

So Spiritual religions have been correct all along and Lily's mother proves that on video.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Iris Chang Author of Rape of Nanking, Death at the hands of Psychiatry and Pharmaceutical Drugs

Iris Chang was an author of several books including the “Rape of Nanking” and “The Chinese in America”. She was also researching for a future book on the Bataan Death March. She had a instance of depression in Louisville Kentucky, while doing research. She was taken to Norton Psychiatric Hospital. In due course they diagnosed her with reactive psychosis. A definition of brief reactive psychosis is a psychotic episode that last hours or a week due to stress. Further psychosis is defined a as state where a person can’t recognize reality or communicate. The psychiatric hospital did what they only know how to do is provide massive dosages of medication. According to reports this may have been the first time that she had taken anti psychotic medication. She apparently was at the hospital (if you can call it a hospital) for three days under medication. This was in August of 2004, and by November she took her own life in Northern California. According to reports she had been taking Depakote and Risperdal at the time of her death.

This tragedy was over ten years ago, but we bring it up because it shows the continued deadly effects of psychiatry and psychotropic drugs. Psychiatry’s only solution is drugs, drugs and oh we can give them more drugs to combat the side effects. This is a pseudo science that does not care about you. If you sedate someone you don’t have to deal with them, and better still you can bill them.

If you think for one second that psychiatry and the pharmaceutical companies care about the effects of these drugs on people, or the outcome to society then you are grossly mistaken. Their history tells their tale.

It is very unfortunate that the BigPharma psychiatry monster took Iris Chang’s life, but what is more unfortunate is they do it all the time. They are never held to account and they have not been paraded before Congress or vilified in the media. We don’t know the number of people deceased due to psychiatry or pharmaceutical drugs, but we can safely say it is more than the number of soldiers that died in Iraq. Iraq received plenty or press and after the fact oversight.

If this doesn't end soon it will end badly.