Thursday, October 24, 2013

Can’t blame the Gun, as 14 Year Old Philip Chism kills Teacher, What about Antidepressants?

News reports indicate 14 year old Philip Chism admitted to police that he followed math teacher Colleen Ritzer who was only 24, into a second floor bathroom at Mass.Danvers High School where he allegedly confessed to slashing her throat with a box cutter in a school bathroom before dumping her body in a nearby patch of woods.
He attacked her repeatedly by punching her and slashing her according to a news reports. The teen used a recycling bin to dispose of the body of this young 24 year old teacher. Now what can drive a teen to do this horrific senseless offense of a math teacher? Philip Chism was not a small boy as he was reported to be 6 feet tall and a member of the school soccer team.
At this point all that is known is he has confessed to the murder. He was only fourteen so he can’t have a real history of violence. It is not known and likely will not be broadcast if he was on psychotropic drugs, as the news media, government and BigPharma do not want the public to be aware of the end effects of pharmaceutical drugs. But it fits the pattern of how these drugs alter the mind of the user. Foxnews reported that classmates described him as "antisocial" and someone who appeared "really tired and out of it". This fits an effect of psychotropic drugs use. If a gun was used then there would be uproar and Congressional Debate, stump speeches by President Obama and CNN and the alphabet channels would beat the anti-gun drums for at least a week. It is also not likely a bully incident, which the media would trumpet and parade talking heads to comment.
So there was no gun in this case and this horrific murder of a young innocent teacher will fall from the headlines within days. If Philip Chism was taking psychotropic drugs like so many other children then he would be a victim as well of Bigpharma and the prolonged silence of the effects of these drugs.
If we had a true independent investigative media network then we could know more and the public could become more aware of the role psychotropic drugs play in all these school and mall killings. Investigative journalism has died long ago, or is only used against conservatives. If we had a Health Care government that actually cared about youths and what is really the cause of all these school killings then we could get somewhere, and correct it. But it is all about money and control. The money that Bigpharma pays for advertising to the media and influence to the government rules the system. These drugs control people to an extent and the government loves control. Until the public wakes up we will have school and mall killings practically monthly. Maybe if it was daily then there would be an uproar. But you will have to stop listening to the media and government and take matters in your own hands. It is up to the parents

Sunday, October 13, 2013

"MasterChef" Runner-Up Joshua Marks Found Dead of a Gunshot to his Head

Media reports indicate that this happened late this past Friday in an alley on Chicago's south side Friday night, police said.
Investigators have not yet ruled whether Marks, who has publicly acknowledged suffering from bipolar disorder, committed suicide.
Marks, 26, was runner-up in the final round of the Fox reality cooking show. The young aspiring chef had a scuffle with police three months ago according to a CNN article.
Marks told police at that time he had been possessed by "MasterChef" judge Gordon Ramsay, who turned him into God.
Marks spoke openly about his mental illness for a suicide awareness program.
A determination of suicide would not be made until an autopsy is completed. Police need to complete their investigation by viewing video tapes and talking to witnesses, before and if they can rule out foul play.
If this tragedy of a young chef is ruled a suicide then you can target psychotropic drugs as a culprit in terminating this young mans life. Unfortunately, the doctor, psychiatrist and pharmaceutical company will not be held to account or blame. Psychiatry has no shame, responsibility or accountability for their actions. They can hide behind their license, media and government. I mean if your patient died by suicide after seeking your services then wouldn’t you feel guilt and responsibility? You would have to have a heart and a mind though. Psychiatry is a dead science and the “doctors” are just zombies. If patients asked their psychiatrist before they accepted their advice by asking “How many of your patients have committed suicide or taken others lives” If they had the guts to answer truthfully then you can fired them before you hire them. You can ask the same of the other head of the two headed monster, BigPharma.
Maybe a psychiatrist can adorn their wall with images of their deceased patients at their hands instead of their worthless credentials and school accreditation. You as consumer can fire your psychiatrist and refuse psychotropic drugs before you or your loved ones go down this path. It is really up to you, you have a say and a choice in this matter.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Washington D.C. Driver Miriam Carey May have been Suffering the Side Effects of Psychotropic Drugs.

News reports indicate and officials said the vehicle was registered to a 34-year-old mother named Miriam Carey, a dental hygienist from Stamford, Conn. Barricades were overrun and there was a car chase through the capital. The driver wouldn’t stop and they were unsuccessful in stopping the car, so the mother of one was shot and killed yesterday. We believe this could have been handled much better. Can you not ram the car with the bevy of police vehicles chaser her car.
She was not a terrorist, or someone with a history of crime. Granted the police can't know that by looking through tinted windows, but why over the top evaluation? The last two D.C. incidents were American's likely on psychotropic drugs. Hello wake up to reality D.C. Her mother indicated she was diagnosed with post partum depression. To us this means she was given psychotropic drugs to cope with this depression. Side effects of psychotropic drugs can produce these effects. We don’t think her depression caused her to be paranoid, or evade police thinking the police were out to get here. We believe the drugs (PharmaDrugs) she most likely was taking cause her to elevate her reaction in this matter. After an encounter with Connecticut Police last December she told them that she was a prophet, that President Obama would place the city of Stamford under a "lockdown" and that he had her and her residence under electronic surveillance. This disclosure is not Post-partum depression that the media wishes to blame. If you have a tendency to paranoia then D.C. is the last place to be as the Capital is supper paranoid. Eye witnessed say that the White House Secret Serviceman was acting erratically and emotionally to her running the barricade. This reaction may have frighten Ms. Carey more so, and caused her to react erratically, and not sensibly. Or she was under her own and psychotropic illusions. This tragic result all because of the effects of psychotropic drugs, and a mental health industry that has no function or concept of how the mind works. A baby will not have its mother anymore. The baby will unfortunately will never know its true mother. Thanks BigPharma, but don’t worry BigPharma will never have to take responsibility. They never do.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Promising Tampa Bay Buccaneer Quarterback Prescribed Psychotropic Drugs is now Benched, Is it the Drugs Effects?

Here's NFL Quarterback’s Josh Freeman's statement:

“I have ADHD and I have been prescribed and permitted to take medication to treat this condition for the entirety of my NFL career. Well over a year ago, I took a different medication for the same condition (Ritalin rather than Adderall), and to assure everyone that the error was a one-time mistake, I agreed to be voluntarily tested” end statement

In our opinion the use of psychotropic drugs was the mistake. ADHD is fraud science as there is no science to diagnose someone ADHD. It is simply made up as the prescribing doctor has no other solution for an individuals problems other than to prescribe a drug. This is the American Health Care system today. Please read the book ADHD Fraud by Dr. Baughman Jr or the

Drugs, drugs, and more drugs is psychiatry’s solution and medical doctors call. Your best idea is never to agree to take these psychotropic drugs. Other non mind altering solutions are available. Your doctor simply will not tell you.