Monday, June 11, 2018

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands Sister Committed Suicide at the Hands of Psychiatry

It doesn’t matter your connections or your influence. Psychiatry and pharmaceutical drugs will find you and kill you.
News reports indicate that Ines Zorreguieta died of a suicide in her home country of Argentina. She had been suffering for some time with depression. So this young women was seeing a psychiatrist and taking anti-depressant medication, and the psychiatrist could not cure her, but the drugs inevitably killed. Psychiatry is clearly to blame
This is a perfect example of the disaster that is psychiatry. They can't cure or help anyone. People die in their care all of the time. Their science is no science but evil quackery that is so serious it will kill you. The one who commits suicide blames themselves, their family takes the blame, but psychiatry will never accept responsibility for continual deaths.
Ms. Zorreguieta must have had many opportunities to seek a real solution for her situation as her sister was the Queen of the Netherlands and her father was a member of the government in Argentina.
Psychiatry and pharmaceutical firms solutions do not work they never have and they never will. Take heed to the continual daily and weekly chronicle of the disaster that is pharmacology.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Kate Spade Suicide and Psychotropic Drugs

According to news reports Kate Spade hung herself with one of her own scarfs. She was found hanging from a doorknob in her Park Avenue Manhattan apartment. She was suffering from clinical depression, for which she was taking medication. Her designer brand was sold for $125 million to Neiman Marcus and later to Coach for $2.5 Billion.
Here is a successful women in business who lives on one of the most expensive streets in the US, and she struggled with depression. The further news is psychiatry can't cure depression, or anything. Psychiatry only treats mental illness with drugs and more drugs. They have zero track record in extending peoples lives. Psychiatry and pharmaceutical companies end lives. Mrs. Spade had more than enough funds to seek the best treatment, but we think her greatest mistake was to let psychiatry and pharmaceutical firms into her medicine cabinet. The end result of psychiatry is you either take your own life or get a gun and take other lives too.
Psychiatry and pharma drugs are the problem!