Saturday, December 27, 2014

Ismaaiyl Brinsley who Assasinated Two NYPD Police Officers was on Antidepessants

News reports indicated that Ismaaiyl Brinsley had been seeing a psychiatrist and he had been institutionalized.

His mother told the NY Daily News he'd had psychological problems all his life but his family never had any indication he would attack police. He had made suicide attempts starting when he was 13, and had been on and off antidepressants for years.

This assassination could have been prevented long before Ismaaiyl Brinsley ever conceptualized killing anyone. This shows again and again. Psychiatry cures nobody. It is without question the catalyst and cause for killing in many cases. Will the Institution that administered "help" to Brinsley lose funding? Will psychiatry's failures be presented to the public as fraud science? Will there be any change? The answer is no. These occurrences happen on school campuses, malls, and work places. Nobody in authority ever connects the dots. Why? There is too much money in pharma drugs to stop it. Politicians get campaign donations, the media gets advertising, and society doesn't really want to solve the problem. Will the NYPD look closer at this with a toxicology report? Most likely they will turn their backs on the reality. Only the victims want to solve it. Apparently there are not enough victims.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Big Pharma executive Kills Son with Xanax and Ambien and Only Gets Manslaughter

A millionaire prior Big Pharma executive was recently found guilty of manslaughter in a NY Court. Gigi Jordan fatally drugged her developmentally disabled son in a luxury New York Hotel. Recently CNN reported the court proceedings on how Gigi Jordan carried out the killing. “Little Jude Mirra's vocabulary was limited. He typed on a BlackBerry to communicate with her.
"We were typing throughout some period of time. We were saying goodbye to each other," Jordan told the Manhattan jury on Thursday during her second-degree murder trial. She began to cry.
"At some point, I put the pills together," she recalled. "I gave him the pills."
"Which drugs did you give him more of?" defense lawyer Allan Brenner asked.
"A lot more of the Ambien," she said. "I gave him more Xanax, but the Ambien is the one I gave him the most of. I gave him Hydrocodone which were large. I was drinking a vodka orange and there was a little left. I broke up the pill and put it into the juice mixed with vodka." end CNN article.
Mrs. Jordan was charged with murder but got manslaughter and the jury accepted the defense argument that Gigi Jordan acted out of fear for her life. She felt one of her ex-husbands would kill her and that would leave her son alone and susceptible to abuse.
Yet we find out that she is reportedly worth $100 million. With that amount of money can’t you arrange for a guardian to assist you? One can easily protect a child with $100 million in the bank. Additionally, This act was premeditated as she wrote a suicide note and had thousands of pills throughout the hotel room. Pharmaceutical executives are used to death, as they constantly prescribe drugs that don’t work or who side effects will cause suicide. Our opinion is that they don’t value human life. They simply don’t care if you or your child dies because of their drugs. They just market happy people on their drugs. It is a profession of fraud and crime.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Study Reveals Childhood depression can be treated by Music Therapies, boosts self-esteem

From The West Side Story Posted on Oct 26 2014 - 2:10pm by Dana Lindahl
Children and adolescents suffering from childhood depression can be well treated by music therapy, a new study found. It can be very unpleasant for children to grow with behavioral disorders and tensions, but a new study conducted by researchers from the Northern Ireland, along with the Queens University at Belfast; has provided an apposite way out to treat these depressions.
The researchers observed and analyzed record of 251 subjects, accused of emotional predicaments. The study occurred between March 2011 and May 2014 and was funded by the Big Lottery Fund. The research was conducted by Sam Porter, of the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Queen’s University who divided children into two groups. He said, “This study is hugely significant in terms of determining effective treatments for children and young people with behavioral problems and mental health needs”.

The first set received only traditional method of medication involving some natural therapies while the other set was assigned with an additional musical therapy along with conventional methods.
After the trial, surprising consequences were noted. The duster of children, who acquired musical therapy in conjunction with customary therapies, showed up an astounded self-esteem and confidence with decreased depression. While, on the contrary, the other group showed comparatively less significant results. Besides this, the children aided by musical therapies were better in communicating and interacting skills.
“This is the largest study ever to be carried out looking at music therapy’s ability to help this very vulnerable group, and is further evidence of how Queen’s University is advancing knowledge and changing lives”, said Dr. Valerie Holmes, Centre for Public Health, School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences, co-researcher of the study.
Music is an engrossing remedy for treatment of emotional, behavioral and developmental disorder. Till now, only theoretical proofs were available of working of musical therapies and now researchers have a pragmatic approach to the treatment. The study was presented at a conference in Riddle Hall at Queens University.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A New Study Confirms that a Good Diet and Exercise are Solutions to Depression

There were two recent studies by the University of Warwick and the University of Michigan and published in the Ecopsycology Journal. The University of Warwick study found that eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day aids a person’s feeling of wellbeing, as low mental well being is associated with depression. So it is good for your physical health and mental health. This is something that many have been talking about, but at least now there is a study that affirms that in a new unit of time. Specifically the study found 33% of the respondents had a high mental wellbeing after eating at least five servings of fruit and or vegetables. Five serving seems a lot, but if you add a serving to three meals a day and snack on fruits or vegetables instead of chips, or carbohydrates. You don’t have to be a vegetarian to accomplish this effect.

These two solutions are easy to add to your daily life and it eliminates any need for drugs which doctors seem to love to prescribe. These two solutions seem simple and maybe something that healthy active people do every day. They also don’t add any extra costs to your daily life, so get out there and walk in the forest and eat an apple.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

If Only They Never Met a Psychiatrist

We found this story from CNN about Will Bruce who killed his mother violently, but was “treated” by psychiatry and was incarcerated in a mental health prison. He is now released as this is a fifty year program set up in the State of Maine.
According to the CNN report Will Bruce was incarcerated before and then released. According to the reports he refused “treatment”. After this initial release he subsequently killed his mother within two month, so he is now on his second release. His current release is subject to him checking in often and staying medicated. Hmm, I guess the State of Maine think psych meds work.
This is all a special state program in Maine which allows violently mentally ill people to get treatment after crimes in lieu of going to prison. Riverview Psychiatric Center in Maine has many more patients who have killed, and have a potential for release.
Now this report is pro-mental health and it pushes to politicians to provide funds and allow programs like this to be implemented in many States.
What this report doesn’t talk about is that psychotropic drugs have been and continue to be part of violent crimes in America. Many, many campus and offices killings have murderers taking psychotropic drugs. The government, and media seem to immunize pharma drugs as the catalyst for violent killings. The doctors and psych’s are also immune to responsibility. What programs like this in Maine now show many violent criminals now on release compelled to take medication as part of that release.
These are violent criminal on the street with drugs in their system. In our view that is a powder keg. Psychiatry has no solution to mental illness. Again, as we have said many times before. Psychiatry is the father of strait-jackets, electric shock “treatment”, lobotomies, and psychotropic drugs use.
Psychiatry has a history of death.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pharmaceutical Company Merck Pays No Taxes

Merck is not the only company paying no taxes in the US, but they are by far the largest benefactor that is listed on the S&P 500 Stock. According to an article in the USA today the biggest example of no taxes is Merck. They actually had a negative tax rate of 7.5 % according to Matt Krantz of USA Today. Yet they had an increase in profits of 52% or 1.9 billion in the most recent qtr. So they made almost 2 billion and paid no taxes.
Their gains appear to be because they profit in countries with lower tax rates. The USA Today article said: Merck got a tax benefit in the quarter from an option exercise connected with rival AstraZeneca buying Merck's interest in a partnership. Financial moves connected to the deal resulted in Merck getting a one time tax benefit.
The way we see it is that companies like Merck raise prices on their drugs because they complain about their R&D (research and development) costs, and also complain about competition, or lower priced generic drugs. Yet they don’t suffer when one of their drugs kills someone unless there is a class action suit. If someone commits suicide while using Celexa, or Remeron Merck doesn’t suffer.
People die from their drugs, and Merck doesn’t get a tax bill on $1.9 billion in income in only one quarter. The pharmaceutical ogre keeps getting bigger and bigger, yet there isn’t any penalty when a person commits mass murder or suicide when on their drugs. I am sure the $1.9 billion tax break can cover any lawsuit if there are any. So the beat goes on.

Monday, September 1, 2014

If Only They Never Met a Psychiatrist

We found this story from CNN about Will Bruce who killed his mother violently, but was “treated” by psychiatry and was incarcerated in a mental health prison. He is now released as this is a fifty year program set up in the State of Maine.
According to the CNN report Will Bruce was incarcerated before and then released. According to the reports he refused “treatment”. After this initial release he subsequently killed his mother within two months, so he is now on his second release. His current release is subject to him checking in often and staying medicated. Hmm, I guess the State of Maine thinks psych meds work.
This is all a special state program in Maine which allows violently mentally ill people to get treatment after crimes in lieu of going to prison. Riverview Psychiatric Center in Maine has many more patients who have killed, and have a potential for release.
Now this report is pro-mental health and it pushes to politicians to provide funds and allow programs like this to be implemented in many States.
What this report doesn’t talk about is that psychotropic drugs have been and continue to be part of violent crimes in America. Many, many campus and offices killings have murderers taking psychotropic drugs. The government, and media seem to immunize pharma drugs as the catalyst for violent killings. The doctors and psych’s are also immune to responsibility. What programs like this in Maine now show many violent criminals are now on release compelled to take medication as part of that release.
These are violent convicted criminals on the streets with drugs in their system. In our view that is a powder keg. Psychiatry has no solution to mental illness. Again, as we have said many times before. Psychiatry is the father of strait-jackets, electric shock “treatment”, lobotomies, and psychotropic drugs use.
Psychiatry has a history of death.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams: A Great Loss of a Great Talent

The press representative for Robin Williams indicated he died Aug 11th and "has been battling severe depression of late."
Robin Williams was a very talented actor, and comedian. He played to Sold Out shows, was awarded, honored cheered and brought a smile and laughter to millions throughout his long career.

He was suffering from severe depression, which unfortunately means he has used or was using antidepressant drugs. A side of effect of antidepressants, and psychotropic drugs is suicide. Unfortunately, the subscribing doctor, or psychiatrist and pharmaceutical firm will go on with subscribing with impunity.

The world has lost a great talent, and the world will continue to lose talented people young and old due to pharmaceutical drugs, yet nothing will be done about it.

So long Robin Williams, you will be missed.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Democratic Senator John Walsh cites PTSD in Apparent Thesis Plagiarism

A Montana senator who is running for re-election suggested Wednesday that medication he took for post-traumatic stress disorder after service in Iraq may have been responsible for apparently plagiarized passages in his thesis.
Montana Sen. John Walsh's thesis, which was written to earn a master's degree from the U.S. Army War College, contains unattributed passages taken word-for-word from previously published papers.
The Democrat also said he was dealing with the stress of a fellow veteran's recent suicide.
Walsh said he made an unintentional mistake and did not intend to plagiarize.
"I don't want to blame my mistake on PTSD, but I do want to say it may have been a factor," Walsh told The Associated Press. "My head was not in a place very conducive to a classroom and an academic environment."
A spokesperson for Walsh's campaign said the apparent plagiarism was "unintentional."

Saturday, July 12, 2014

It’s the Psychotropic Drugs Stupid, Murders Confirmed on Pharma Drugs

‘Batman’ Shooter James Holmes Was On Psychotropic Drugs
Court documents confirm that ‘Batman’ shooter James Holmes was taking the anti-depressant drug Zoloft before he conducted his massacre in an Aurora theater in Colorado, underscoring yet again the prevalent yet under reported connection between psychotropic drugs and mass shootings.

Elliot Rodger, the UC Santa Barbara Killer who killed half a dozen people, was on Xanax at the time of the bloody rampage.

These are only a couple of the recent mass murderers who have killed on psychotropic drugs. The list goes on and on. The Columbine Killers and we have a list of campus killers on our website or

Thursday, July 3, 2014

John LaDue Planned a Copy Cat Killing like Columbine

John LaDue, 17, plotted to murder his parents and sister, then go on a rampage through schools, setting off pressure cooker bombs, throwing Molotov cocktails and gunning down students. He indicated he wanted to kill as many as possible in commemoration of Columbine CO. The Colombine killers were on antidepressants. LaDue has indicated to police that he thinks he is mentally ill and nobody noticed. We can’t confirm if he was seeing a psychiatrist or taking antidepressants or pharma drugs. He just wanted to kill, and they is a side effect of pharma drugs.
He was busted in May after police were called to a self-storage unit he was seen walking into. His activity was suspicious enough for a bystander to call police. Police didn’t indicate who rents the storage locker, or how he was able to get guns and ingredients for bombs.
LaDue has admitted to setting off several bombs around the small town about 80 miles south of Minneapolis as a few of his bombs were uncovered at an elementary school playground by melting snow.
He faces four charges of premeditated murder for planning to kill his family prior to going on the rampage and other charges. Police have not indicated how he obtained the guns or who the guns were registered to. Police will not confirm or deny if the teen suffered from any mental illness.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Tragic Death of Erica Blasberg and Civil Suit

The parents of professional golfer Erica Blasberg have to file a civil lawsuit against a doctor as prosecutors can’t seem to find enough criminal evidence?
The following is primarily from mainly from Fox-Sports news report. A suicide note left by professional golfer Erica Blasberg in 2010 blames no one, expresses deep personal unhappiness and describes a mixture of drugs kicking in before ending with the words, ''love and kisses, eternity, Erica.''
''I'm sad and don't want to be doing this right now,'' the 25-year-old wrote in the letter that was read to a jury on Wednesday. ''Sorry for all the people I've hurt doing this, but please understand how miserable and sad I am, and that I feel no way of escaping it.''
The note provided a dramatic opening to a civil wrongful death, medical malpractice and breach of fiduciary duty trial against Blasberg's then-physician, occasional golfing buddy and personal friend, Dr. Thomas Hess.
Blasberg's parents accuse Hess of having had an inappropriate relationship with her and failing to provide proper medical care before she died. Their lawsuit, filed in 2011 in Clark County District Court, seeks unspecified monetary damages.
Hess, now 46, denies having a romantic relationship with Blasberg. He pleaded guilty in late 2010 to a misdemeanor obstruction charge for removing the suicide note and medications after discovering Blasberg's body, and was sentenced to one year of probation and 40 hours of community service.
Blasberg's parents' attorney, Nick Crosby, told the jury Wednesday that circumstantial evidence and series of seemingly secretive acts surrounding their communication point to Hess' responsibility in the death.
''This is a case about a doctor who let his personal interest get in the way of his professional responsibility,'' Crosby said, ''and my clients' daughter died as a result.''
Two days before she died, Blasberg and Hess played golf at the exclusive Southern Highlands Golf Club outside Las Vegas, where both had free memberships, Crosby said. They then watched a televised hockey game at a lounge at a resort hotel in Henderson, where they were seen touching hands and with Hess' hand on Blasberg's leg.
The married Hess bought a prepaid cellular telephone the next day, which he used only to call Blasberg, and Crosby said evidence would show that Hess left an obviously drunk Blasberg at her home the night before she died.
''He left her in a compromised state,'' Crosby said. ''He was torn between leaving Erica and getting in trouble with his wife.''
Crosby said phone records show that Blasberg tried to call Hess about 3:30 a.m. the following morning -- a Sunday, Mother's Day -- and that Hess tried to call Blasberg eight times that morning and nine times that afternoon before going to her home in Henderson and finding her body.Blasberg was in bed with a dust mask over her mouth and a plastic bag over her head, secured by rubber bands.
The Clark County coroner determined that she committed suicide by asphyxiation, with a toxic combination of medications in her system.
Crosby told the jury that Hess' then-wife texted Hess that she was ''sad, scared and disappointed'' to learn of Blasberg's death and that she suspected from his distress the night before that Hess had been ending a relationship with someone.
But defense attorney Kim Irene Mandelbaum told the jury that there was no evidence that Hess killed Blasberg or that the two had a romantic relationship.
Blasberg had been seeing a psychiatrist for depression, but Hess didn't know that, the defense attorney said.
Hess ''stupidly removed the suicide note and a blister pack of Mexican medications, Xanax,'' Mandelbaum said.
Hess has maintained he was trying to spare Blasberg's family from anguish.
Blasberg's note -- read in court on Wednesday by Mandelbaum -- referred once to ''many people who will know who they are when this is read,'' and twice referred to stockpiling over several months the drugs she was taking.
''I blame no one for the drugs I am taking this evening,'' it says.
None of the medications had been prescribed by Hess, Mandelbaum said.
''I know her parents want to blame Dr. Hess,'' the defense attorney said. ''But there's no one to blame. Certainly, not Dr. Hess.''
''He was in the wrong place at the wrong time.''
Blasberg was from Corona, California, where she was coached by her father and became a junior golf standout.
She was an All-American in 2003 and 2004 at the University of Arizona and turned professional in June 2004. Her best year was 2008, when she earned a career-best tie for eighth at the SBS Open in Hawaii and more than $113,000 in winnings, the LPGA said.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Woman is accused of killing 3 daughters and Attempted to kill Her Mother with a Knife. Elliot Rogers Killed three with a knife.

A woman is accused of killing her three girls at their West Carson California home last month and could face the death penalty. The daughters were only 2 ½, 16 months and 2 months old. What could drive a mother to do such a thing? Detectives were looking into her medical history. It has been alleged that she was suffering from postpartum depression. She was identified as Carol Coronado age 30. When the police arrived they indicated the woman was “zoned out” on the bed and covered in blood. This horrific crime has all the hallmarks of psychotropic drug use. Again it is not about the gun. This case has not reached national news because a gun was not involved. But almost certainly psychotropic drugs were involved.

The Isla Vista UCSB California killings last month by accused Elliot Rodger was not just a gun crime. He stabbed his three roommates to death before he went on his shooting rampage and shot three others. Yet this crime grabs more attention because of the use of a gun. Now in New Jersey and California legislators are moving bills to address guns because of the Isla Vista shooting. But nothing is being done to address the catalyst of these killings which in our and many others opinion is the use and over prescription of psychotropic drugs. Elliot Roger was seeing psychiatrists and psychologists.

We are not going to hold our breath to find out if the New Jersey and California law will address anti-depressants and psychotropic drugs. The government and media only have interest in guns. Yet these crimes occur with knives. Wake up and see the results of pharmaceutical drugs.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Santa Barbara Shooting Suspect Seeing Therapists and extremely likely on psychotropic drugs

The suspect Elliot Rodger identified by his father according to news reports is responsible for the deaths of six people in a mass shooting near the UC Santa Barbara. News reports indicated he posted a pre-meditated video that Elliot Rodger called "retribution". Seven people including the suspect were killed and another seven people were injured in the shooting.
Rodger was being treated by multiple therapists. The parents also reported concern about his behavior and the police even interviewed him according to the family attorney and news reports. Attorney Schifman informed reporters that Elliot Rodger was diagnosed as being a high functioning patient with Asperger syndrome and had trouble making friends.

Asperger is what psychiatrists called a functioning form of autism. Persons with this syndrome are said to have impaired social interactions, limited repetitive patterns of behavior, and can be clumsy as their motor milestones may be delayed. That is what psychiatry says if you trust them. The medications that are related to, or used in the treatment of Asperger Syndrome are Risperdal and Zyprexa.

So what we have here is another “mass murder” according to the police and a possible suspect who most likely was seeing a psychiatrist and extremely likely using psychotropic drugs. A=A=A.

When will there be uproar over these drugs?

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Does ADHD Exist? A Doctors Research Outlined in his Book Indicates ADHD Does Not Exist

This is an article by Dr. Richard Saul

Dr Saul is a Behavioral Neurologist practicing in the Chicago area. His book, ADHD Does Not Exist, is published by HarperCollins.

Over the course of my career, I have found more than 20 conditions that can lead to symptoms of ADHD, each of which requires its own approach to treatment. Raising a generation of children—and now adults—who can't live without stimulants is no solution.
Recently In the New York Times reported that between 2008 and 2012 the number of adults taking medications for ADHD has increased by 53%, and that in the case of young American adults, it has nearly doubled. While this is a staggering statistic, and points to younger generations becoming frequently reliant on stimulants, frankly, I’m not too surprised. Over the course of my 50-year-long career in behavioral neurology and treating patients with ADHD, it has been in the past decade that I have seen these diagnoses truly skyrocket. Every day my colleagues and I see more and more people coming in claiming they have trouble paying attention at school and at work, and diagnosing themselves with “ADHD.”

If someone finds it difficult to pay attention or feels somewhat hyperactive, “Attention-deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder” has those symptoms right there in its name. It’s an easy, catch-all phrase, which saves time for doctors to boot. But can we really lump all these people together? What if there are other things causing people to feel distracted? I don’t deny that we, as a population, are more distracted today than we ever were before. And I don’t deny that some of these patients who are distracted and impulsive need help. But what I do deny is the generally accepted definition of ADHD, which is long overdue for an update. In short, I’ve come to believe based on decades of treating patients that ADHD — as currently defined by the DSM and as it exists in the public imagination — does not exist.
Allow me to explain what I mean.
Ever since 1937, when Dr. Charles Bradley discovered that children who displayed symptoms of attention-deficit hyperactivity responded well to Benzedrine, a stimulant, we have been thinking about this “disorder” in almost the same way. Soon after Bradley’s discovery the medical community began labeling children exhibiting these symptoms as having “minimal brain dysfunction,” or MBD, and treating them with the stimulants Ritalin and Cylert. In the intervening years, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM, changed the label numerous times, from “hyperkinetic reaction of childhood” (it wasn’t until 1980 that the DSM-III introduced a classification for adults with the condition), to the current label ADHD. But regardless of the label, we have been giving patients different variants of stimulant medication to cover up the symptoms. You’d think that after decades of advancements in neuroscience, we would shift our thinking.
Today, the fifth edition of the DSM only requires one to fulfill five of eighteen possible symptoms to qualify for an ADHD diagnosis. If you haven’t seen the list yet, look it up. It will probably bother you. How many of us can claim we have difficulty with organization, or a tendency to lose things; that we are frequently forgetful, distracted, or fail to pay close attention to details? Under this subjective criteria, the entire U.S. population could potentially qualify. We’ve all had these moments, and in moderate amounts, it’s a normal part of the human condition.
However, there are some instances in which attention symptoms are severe enough that patients truly need help. Over the course of my career, I have found more than 20 conditions that can lead to symptoms of ADHD, each of which requires its own approach to treatment. Among these are sleep disorders, undiagnosed vision and hearing problems, substance abuse (marijuana and alcohol in particular), iron deficiency, allergies (especially airborne and gluten intolerance), bipolar and major depressive disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and even learning disabilities like dyslexia, to name a few. Anyone with these issues will fit the ADHD criteria outlined by the DSM, but stimulants are not the way to treat them.
“What’s so bad about stimulants?” you might be wondering. They seem to help a lot of people, don’t they? The aforementioned article in the Times mentions that the “drugs can temper hallmark symptoms like severe inattention and hyperactivity but also carry risks like sleep deprivation, appetite suppression and, more rarely, addiction and hallucinations.” But this is only part of the picture.
Firstly, addiction to stimulant medication is not rare; it is common. The drugs’ addictive qualities are obvious. We only need to observe the many patients who are forced to periodically increase their dosage if they want to concentrate. This is because the body stops producing the appropriate levels of neurotransmitters that ADHD meds replace — a trademark of addictive substances. I worry that a generation of Americans won’t be able to concentrate without this medication; big pharma is understandably not as concerned.
Secondly, there are many side-effects to ADHD medication that most people are not aware of: increased anxiety, irritable or depressed mood, severe weight loss due to appetite suppression, and even potential for suicide. But there are consequences that are even less well-known. For example, many patients who are on stimulants report having erectile dysfunction when they are on the medication.
Thirdly, stimulants work for many people in the short-term, but in cases where there is an underlying condition causing them to feel distracted, the drugs serve as Band-Aids at best, masking and sometimes exacerbating the source of the problem.
In my view, there are two types of people who are diagnosed with ADHD: those who exhibit a normal level of distraction and impulsiveness, and those who have another condition or disorder that requires individual treatment.
For my patients who are the former, I recommend that they eat right, exercise more often, get eight hours of quality sleep a night, minimize caffeine intake in the afternoon, monitor their cellphone use while they’re working, and most importantly, do something they’re passionate about. As with many children who act out because they are not being challenged enough in the classroom, adults who have work or class subjects that are not personally fulfilling, or who don’t engage in a meaningful hobby, will understandably become bored, depressed, and distracted. Similarly, today’s standards are pressuring children and adults to perform better and longer at school and at work. I too often see patients who hope to excel on four hours of sleep a night with help from stimulants, but this is a dangerous, unhealthy and unsustainable way of living long-term.
For my second group of patients, who have severe attention issues, I make them undergo a full evaluation to find the source of the problem. Usually, once the original condition is found and treated, the ADHD symptoms go away.
It’s time to rethink our understanding of this condition, offer more thorough diagnostic work, and help people get the right treatment for attention deficit and hyperactivity.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A British Teacher who was Stabbed to Death in Front of Her Pupils was due to Retire later this Year

From BBC News-Ann Maguire, 61, died from multiple stab wounds suffered in the attack at Corpus Christi Catholic College in Leeds on Monday.
Head teacher Steve Mort said Mrs. Maguire had been the "mother of the school" and "the calm in the storm" for 40 years. Other quotes by news agencies: "She'd touched the hearts of three generations of pupils. She was an inspiration, not only to the pupils but to the staff of the school."
A 15-year-old boy remains in custody at a police station in the city.
End BBC report
Guns are banned in the UK, so the means of attack there are mainly knives. There is no report of antidepressants or psychotropic drugs currently, but the pattern is the same as commonly occurs in the US. According to news reports the teacher Ann Maguire was very well liked by students and staff at the school.
So what triggers a 15 year old boy to take knife and stab his teacher? Where does all the rage and courage come from to do such a thing? The media will likely say it was a video game or some nonsense. The pattern is evident that antidepressants and psychotropic drugs produce this type of rage and mania (its part of the side effects) to do this.
Its not the gun, video game, bullying, which a dumb government or media likes to blame. It’s the drugs!!! Pure and simple.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Suicidal Mother Stabs infant son to death in Livermore, Ca.

The media and your Senator Can’t Blame the Gun, so nobody will be their target

It gives us no joy to report another suicidal person killing another. In this case her own 7 month old son. The San Jose Mercury News reports that the mother Ashley Renee Newton was believed to be suffering from depression stabbed her 7 month old son to death in a remote part of Camp Arroyo inside Del Valle Regional Park Saturday April 26, 2014, authorities said. End San Jose News Report.
The 24-year-old woman has since been arrested on suspicion of murder. This is another person believed to be depressed using a knife to kill her child after unsuccessfully trying to kill herself. It is very likely she was using some form of antidepressant, and under the care of a doctor or psychiatrist. Neither of which will ever take responsibility for the end result of their prescription and or “care”. Their practice is subscribe and don’t care. The pharmaceutical firm will never have to take responsibility of the failure of their drug. A seven month old dead at the hands of her mother and a mother destined for a life in prison. Strangely this is a normal day in America.
Nothing will be done about unless you the consumer stands up to your doctor and pharmaceutical firm.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sixteen Year Old Fatally Stabs Fellow Student In Connecticut High School. Again You can’t Blame the Gun, Was the Boy on Antidepressants? Or Psychotropic Drugs?

The media and Government love to attack the gun as the main reason why there are so many campus killings. They never look into psychiatric drugs as the catalyst for why children kill children. The alleged killer is now under psychiatric evaluation, which tells us he was almost certainly seeing a psychiatrist before this attack. Psychiatrist only prescribes drugs as that is their only solution for anything. Listen think twice three times before you give into the "idea" that antidepressants and psychotropic drugs are an answer to you or your child's problems. Also the gun is not the problem, and we are not gun advocates. We just look at the obvious.

The following is a reprint of a New York Times Article April 26th 2014 by By MICHAEL SCHWIRTZ

The young man who the authorities say fatally stabbed a classmate in the hallway of a Connecticut high school on Friday is being held in a medical facility under psychiatric evaluation, his lawyer said on Saturday.
The lawyer, Richard Meehan, said his client, who is 16, could be held there for up to 15 days. After that, he said, he will probably be charged as an adult. Friends of the suspect have identified him as Chris Plaskon.
The authorities and witnesses described the attack on Friday at the Jonathan Law High School as vicious. The victim, Maren Sanchez, 16, a popular honors student and athlete, suffered stab wounds and cuts to her face, neck and chest.
The suspect has initially been charged as a juvenile, but Connecticut law allows minors to be tried as adults for murder and other serious crimes, Mr. Meehan said.
Mr. Meehan said the young man’s family was distraught.

“They’re devastated not only for him but they’re devastated for Maren Sanchez’s family as well,” he said. “This is every parent’s worse nightmare.”
The killing occurred around 7:15 a.m., just as the school day was about to begin. Students crammed the halls of the school, some giddily anticipating donning gowns and tuxedos later that day for the junior prom.
A scream cut the air, and there was momentary confusion as students were hustled into classrooms and told to stay. In one of the halls beneath a stairwell, Ms Sanchez, a member of the drama club known for her singing voice, lay dying.
Chief Keith Mello of the Milford Police Department said that officials had not determined a motive for the crime, but that investigators were looking into reports that the victim had declined an invitation to the prom from the suspect, whose name the authorities did not release because he is a minor. The prom, which had been scheduled for Friday night, was postponed.
Edward Kovac, a cousin who has been acting as a spokesman for Ms. Sanchez’s family, said on Friday said Maren was “a bright light full of hopes and dreams with her future at her fingertips.”
“Maren should be celebrating at her prom this evening with her friends and classmates,” he said. “Instead, we are mourning her death and we are trying as a community to understand the senseless loss of life.”

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Student with Knives Stabs 19 in PA., And Again you can not Blame the gun. Psychotropic Drugs are the Root Cause of these Incidents.

We write these blogs and demonstrate continually that antidepressants and psychotropic drugs are the underlying cause of these campus, mall type slayings. Just last week Ivan Lopez killed three innocent people at Ft. Hood Texas. He was undergoing “treatment”, which means he was on psychotropic drugs. In this most recent Ft. Hood killing the media has targeted guns, and base security. Nidal Malik Hasan killed 13 in 2009, and the “powers that be” government, and media blamed terrorism. Yet Nidal Hasan was also using psychotropic drugs. This past January in St. Louis Mo. 34 year old Sean Johnson walked into Stevens Institute and shot and killed the financial director. Sean Johnson was reportedly on psychiatric drugs. In another stabbing in Washington State in Oct. 2011, a 15 year old girl stabbed another classmate 25 times, and injured yet another coming to her rescue. Court documents state the attacker was on medication and seeing a psychiatrist because she was suffering from depression.
It is currently unknown to us if this male Murrysville Pa student was on psychiatrist drugs, but the pattern is self evident. The media can’t run to the gun excuse, but they will like talk about campus security. The news media will not report on the psychotropic drug part of the story as they get so much advertising revenue and their executive boards influence what is broadcast. Pharmaceutical companies make billions on antidepressants, and they use that influence to keep the money flowing, and students popping their pills. Also the government doesn’t really care about these incidents as they are local and here today gone tomorrow. The pharmaceutical connection also reaches to the legislatures and congress in campaign donations. Additionally, a drugged down society is better controlled. Unfortuately, the FDA is run by ex-pharmaceutical executives, and lobbied by them, psychiatry, and doctors who could care less about patients and more about cash in their pocket.

The only way this stops is you. You can contact your congressperson or local legislator and tell them to force the Attorney General to investigate the FDA. The FDA is indifferent to the side effects of psychotropic drugs that they approve. The FDA has never to our knowledge revoked a psychiatric drug due to its murderous side effects. The easiest way to control this madness is for you to not agree and to not allow your child or yourself to be medicated. There are so many other alternatives to children killing children while on meds. How many Sandy Hooks, Columbines, Ft. Hoods, and Virginia Techs do you need to see? How may of these will wake you up to the knowledge that pharma kills? Does it have to happen to you? When is enough enough? When is the gun excuse not the cause? When will a psychiatrist or doctor have to take responsibility for their prescriptions? When will it end? You must decide before pharmaceutical companies’ drug everyone, and physically and spiritually kill you.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

2014 Fort Hood shooter (Ivan Lopez) was under Treatment for Mental Health Issues and he was using Anti-depressants and other Psychotropic Drugs

News reports and investigators indicated an American Iraq veteran Ivan Lopez had mental health issues and he shot three people yesterday April 2nd, and then he shot himself. There are also over fourteen wounded, and some critical. He was being treated for depression and anxiety, and was also undergoing an evaluation for post traumatic stress disorder.
The president made a comment about the killings "We are going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened," Obama said. "We're heartbroken that something like this might have happened again."
I can tell you exactly why this happened. He was most certainly on psychotropic drugs which have side effects that induce someone to shoot others and commit suicide. The persons responsible for this act and all similar acts like this are BigPharma and the psychiatrists who push these drugs as a “cure”. It is a fallacy and it is the furthest form the truth
If you recall the 2009 Ft Hood shooter was Nidal Malik Hasan who was a psychiatrist at the base and he was also medicating himself with psychotropic drugs. There was no mention of these drugs in his trial It was all about domestic terrorism.
The news media, military and government Will Not mention drugs being the cause of this shooting, as they will talk about arming soldiers on bases. The White House will not look to get to the bottom of this as psychotropic drugs are part of ObamaCare, and this administration is interested in its legacy, and not the cause of Ft. Hood Shootings, Naval Yard Shootings, or school campus shootings.
You see these incidents are gun related and that is what the media and administration is interested in. They are not interested in the cause of these killings (psychiatry and Pharma). Pharma is a cash cow for the media and an instrument of ObamaCare. It will be all about guns and arming soldiers on bases. The real cause will be covered up or simply not talked about or investigated. The rues continues.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What an Awful Drug Pushing Country the US has Become

In the past decade Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has nearly doubled. One in five American boys receives a diagnosis by age 17. More than 7 out of 10 of those who are diagnosed are prescribed drugs. The little known fact to parents is that ADHD is an opinion. There isn’t any scientific data that backs up this diagnosis. So your kid doesn't do well in math or English, get a tutor but not a drug. Come on parents!!
The Wall Street Journal recently reported on a new book, "The ADHD Explosion" by Stephen Hinshaw and Richard Scheffler, it looks at this extraordinary increase. What's the explanation? Some rise in environmental toxins? Worse parenting?

What the article goes onto state based on the book is that they tracked State new education policies with the increase in ADHD diagnosis. There has been a push to get better test scores across the US. This is also an evaluation of teachers. Yet you can’t terminate a teacher if students get bad test scores.
What Dr. Hinshaw and Scheffler found is that there is a direct correlation with these new States demand for higher test scores and ADHD diagnosis. They also found this increase in ADHD diagnosis was more apparent for poor children in public schools. The author’s research shows as schools are motivated to get better scores they suggest medication or excluded those students test scores who they suggested were ADHD candidates.
What this means to us is that if the school needs a better accreditation or a teacher wants a bonus then your child needs a drug. So it is as always up to parents to know and address this as we are talking about your child. Parents are allowing teachers and educators to steer them to drug their kids. Parents are not doing the research to protect their child from drug pushers and self interested educators. Also, teachers are not teaching. If a student is having a more difficult time on courses they are suggesting a drug instead of more review, tutoring, and after school programs. Ultimately it is up to the parents to decide.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

More Adults Than Ever on ADHD Drugs, and Xanax as a street Drug. BigPharma’s New Market Designer Drugs?

There are valid concerns that children are over medicated in the US, but now a report shows a 50% increase in adult use of ADHD drugs from 2008-2012. Women especially have shown an increase in use mostly within the ages of 26 to 34. Why would so many women in this age group need ADHD drugs? A theory is that they are using them for weight maintenance.

An explanation maybe that ADHD stimulants may give patients the feeling of being full and, at the same time, drive up their metabolic rate which burns more calories. We guess as so many of the X and Y generations have been drugged as teenagers that it is easy for them to continue taking them. Adults 26 to 34 should be the most active age group in society. There are many alternatives to using a drug, but this generation wants short cuts and not a more wholesome lifestyle.

Speaking of unwholesome lifestyles, Justin Beiber was found to have Xanax in his DUI toxicology report. Not sure why these reports get leaked so much, but why would he need Xanax? We are not sure if they were prescribed to him as an anti-depressant, or he gets them because one of the side effects is that it arouses you. The most common side effects of Xanax according to website is feeling sad or empty, lack of appetite, lack of interest or pleasure, sleepy or tired. Well this doesn't sound like this stops depression to us. These horrible side effects of this drug gets even worse please read about the full side effects of this drug as it is too long to print here. The full side effects are awful, and very depressing. But a possible side effect for X and Y gen is that it can make people feel sexy. So do young adults (using loosely) like Justin Beiber feel this rare side effect? Or do they need this narcotic pleasure?

Either way young adults seem to be using these pharmaceutical drugs as a designer drug for alternative uses. Are doctors so loose in prescribing them? Looks like doctors don’t even interview patients and just write a prescription just for the money and kickbacks.

It is a sad conclusion to the future of America when young adults look to Pharma as a resource for meeting the opposite sex or maybe the same sex. Big Pharma doesn't discriminate they only kill.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Computer Generated Fake Academia Papers

The new normal in academia is fake papers and research. We bring this up on our blog, since Universities across the nation are funded with grants by Pharmaceutical companies to do research and test the drugs before FDA approval.

Three MIT graduate students flushed it out recently as they found more and more academic papers are essentially gobbledegook (filler words) which is actually written by computer programs.
Several news reports indicate that the students wrote a simple computer program that turned out filler words and presented it as an academic paper. They took ownership of the papers as MIT graduate students and sent it to a science conference and this blah blah paper was accepted. Yet the plot thickens as this program was created in 2005 by , Jeremy Stribling, Dan Aguayo and Maxwell Krohn. They made it available to scientists and these scientist have used this bla bla nonsense as part of their paper and research since 2005!!! This has gone on in the US, France and Germany to name a few.

As usual it all comes down to money. Reuters news indicates Academics are under intense pressure to publish, conferences and journals want to turn their papers into profits, and universities want them published. "This ought to be a shock to people," Krohn said. "There's this whole academic underground where everyone seems to benefit, but they are wasting time and money and adding nothing to science. The institutions are being ripped off, because they pay publishers huge subscriptions for this stuff."

Foxnews news article indicated that professors are paid more based on the words, so a fifty page papers pays more than a fifteen, so they fill it up with blah, blah.

Is this just the tip of the exposed iceberg? When Universities get grants in the hundreds of thousands and millions over time, do these Universities also produce the results the grantor wants? Do they skew their results in order to ensure the pharmaceutical company gets the results they are paying for? We will do more research to find out more on this, but are Universities all about money? Looks at how much Universities make on NCAA sports especially College football. In the US it has shown historically it is all about the money.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Risperdal Drug Lawsuits

The antipsychotic drug Risperdal has been primarily prescribed to people with schizophrenia or bipolar disorders. It was not initially prescribed for children, but doctors and pharmaceutical firms, and their representatives don’t care about that inconvenience. Pushing pharma drugs for unapproved uses has been the norm for firms like GSK, and Abbott Labs. Johnson & Johnson is the manufacturer of Risperdal and they admit that it can cause breasts in young men and boys (gynecomastia). News Reports and law suits indicate that Risperdal increases the hormone prolactin. This hormone normally stimulates breast production and milk production for females. Risperdal Male breast growth is so prevalent that J&J acknowledged that 80+% of bipolar and schizophrenia patients experience an increase in prolactin, while upwards of 50% of autistic patients show the increase of prolactin. Why was this not brought up in their studies before this drug was approved? Why would the FDA approved a drug with this type of result where upwards of 80% of patients show an increase of prolactin. What does such an increase do to females as well?

There are several law firms taking on J&J in class action lawsuits. These lawsuits may also include the generic version of Risperdal which is Risperidone. We are not sure why a doctor would consider this drug with this information, but parents should be informed about the physical side effects of this drug, and the harm a child can have mentally after learning they are producing breasts. A psychiatrist would simply prescribe another drug or counter the effects of this. Right!

Law firms you can consult who are addressing this matter can be easily found by an internet search of Risperdal class action lawsuits.

Friday, January 31, 2014

A String of Shootings Across the US. Were Psychotropic Drugs Involved?

Even U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder made an announcement regarding this issue. He was quoted that the rate of mass shootings is increasing across the United States. What he did not say was that there is an alarming number of youths being medicated on psychotropic drugs. He appears to be too busy defending the administration and not protecting the US public from BigPharma and psychotropic drugs.

The last few weeks there has seen an increasing amount of gun violence, which we connect to psychotropic drugs use. We don’t know currently if these shooters were on psychotropic drugs. Yet there has been a historic correlation. We do see young people are under attack from each other and psychotropic drugs are the catalyst.

Two innocent victims were killed in a Colombia Maryland Mall and the third was the shooters suicide. The police indicated he was unhappy with life. Last Friday a student was shot at South Carolina State University. No suspect found as of this writing. Just a week ago at Purdue University student kill another Police said Cody Cousins, 23, an engineering student, killed Andrew Boldt, 21, of West Bend, Wisconsin. Cousins was charged with murder. This past Monday, a student was shot and critically injured at Widener University outside of Philadelphia. Police were looking for a suspect.

In December Karl Pierson showed up at Arapahoe High in Centennial, Colo
Pierson was looking for the librarian but shot and killed Claire Esther Davis, 17, who just happened to be sitting nearby. He killed himself as a security officer closed in on him, police said. Late last year a 12 year old boy opened fired on a crowd of middle school students near Roswell New Mexico.

These are all gun violence events, but never in US history has there been so much killing violence at schools and Universities. We will continue to follow these stories to find the psychotropic drug connection. If it is found in toxicology reports or the court system then we can know the trust about the catalyst for these murderous events.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Saint Dymphna :The Power of Prayer to the Patron Saint of Depression and Mental Illness

*Reprint from Tabernacle and Purgatory, published by Benedictine Convent Sisters, Clyde, Mo., May, 1946. We found this on the following website:

The church recognizes the use of blessed oil for use by all Christians. (See roman Ritual, p. 393, no.3) We can use the oil, as well as other blessed objects (such as holy water), "as extensions and radiations of the sacraments" (Roman Ritual, p.387).

As noted by one priest, "Some are healed instantly, some progressively, some spiritually, some physically, and some mentally. Some are healed in all three areas. You may be healed of something other than what you ask for. Whatever Almighty God's Will is for you."

St. Dymphna was born in the 7th century, when Ireland was almost universally Catholic. Yet, strange to say, her father, a petty king of Oriel, was still a pagan. Her mother, a descendant of a noble family, was, on the other hand, a devout Christian., who was remarkable both for her piety and her great beauty. Dymphna was, like her mother, a paragon of beauty, and a most sweet and winning child, the "jewel" of her home. Every affection and attention was lavished upon her from birth. Heaven, too, favored the child with special graces. Dymphna was early placed under the care and tutelage of a pious Christian woman, who prepared her for baptism, which was conferred by the saintly priest Father Gerebran. The latter seems to have been a member of the household, and later taught little Dymphna her letters along with the truths of religion. Dymphna was a bright and eager pupil, and advanced rapidly in wisdom and grace. When still very young, Dymphna, like so many other nobel Irish maidens before and after her, being filled with fervor and love for Jesus Christ, chose Him for her Divine Spouse and consecrated her virginity to Him and to His Blessed Mother by a vow of chastity.
It was not long, however, until an unexpected cloud overshadowed the happy childhood of the beautiful girl. She lost her good mother by death. Many were the secret tears she shed over this bereavement, but at the same time she found great comfort in the Divine Faith which, though she was still of a tender age, already had taken deep root.
Dymphna's father, too, greatly mourned his deceased wife and for a long time continued prostrate with grief. At length he was persuaded by his counselors to seek solace in a second marriage. So he commissioned certain ones of his court to seek out for him a lady who would be like his first spouse in beauty and character. After visiting many countries in vain, the messengers returned saying that they could find none so charming and amiable as his own lovely daughter, Dymphna. Giving ear to their base suggestion, the king conceived the evil design of marrying Dymphna. With persuasive and flattering words he manifested his purpose to her. Dymphna, as may be expected, was greatly horrified at the suggestion, and asked for a period of forty days to consider the proposal. She immediately betook herself to Father Gerebran, who advised her to flee from her native country, and since the danger was imminent, he urged her to make no delay.
With all speed, therefore, she set out for the continent, accompanied by Father Gerebran, the court jester and his wife. After a favorable passage, they arrived on the coast near the present city of Antwerp. Having stopped for a short rest, they resumed their journey and came to a little village named Gheel. Here they were hospitably received and began to make plans for establishing their future abode at this place.
The king, in the meantime, having discovered Dymphna's flight, was fearfully angry, and immediately set out with his followers in search of the fugitives. After some time, they were traced to Belgium and their place of refuge was located. At first, Dymphna's father tried to persuade her to return with him, but Father Gerebran sternly rebuked him for his wicked intentions, whereupon he gave orders that Father Gerebran should be put to death. Without delay, his wicked retainers laid violent hands upon the priest and struck him on the neck with a sword. With one blow of the steel, the head was severed from the shoulders and another glorious martyr went to join the illustrious heroes of Christ's kingdom.
Further attempts on the part of Dymphna's father to induce her to return with him proved fruitless. With undaunted courage she spurned his enticing promises and scorned his cruel threats. Infuriated by her resistance, the father drew a dagger from his belt and he himself struck off the head of his child. Recommending her soul to the mercy of God, the holy virgin fell prostrate at the feet of her insanely raving father. Thus the glorious crown of martyrdom was accorded to St. Dymphna in the fifteenth year of her age, on the fifteenth day of May, between 620 and 640. The day of her death has been assigned as her feastday.
The records of Dymphna's life and death say that the bodies of the two martyred saints lay on the ground for quite some time after their death, until the inhabitants of Gheel removed them to a cave, which was the customary manner of interment in that part of the world at the time of the martyrdoms. But after several years had elapsed, the villagers, recalling their holy deaths, decided to give the bodies a more suitable burial. When the workmen removed the heap of black earth at the cave's entrance, great was their astonishment to find two most beautiful tombs, whiter than snow, which were carved from stone, as if by angel hands. When the coffin of St. Dymphna was opened there was found lying on her breast a red tile bearing the inscription:
"Here lies the holy virgin and martyr, Dymphna."
The remains of the saint were placed in a small church. Later necessity obliged the erection of the magnificent "Church of St. Dymphna," which now stands on the site where the bodies were first buried. St. Dymphna's relics repose there in a beautiful golden reliquary.
Miracles and cures began to occur in continually increasing numbers. Gradually St. Dymphna's fame as patroness of victims of nervous diseases and mental disorders was spread from country to country. More and more mentally afflicted persons were brought to the shrine by relatives and friends, many coming in pilgrimages from far-distant places. Novenas wer made, and St. Dymphna's relic was applied to the patients. The remarkable cures reported caused confidence in the saint to grow daily. At first the patients were lodged in a small annex built onto the church. Then gradually it came about that the patients were place in the homes of the families living in Gheel. From this beginning Gheel developed into a town world-famed for its care of the insane and mentally afflicted. An institution, called the "Infirmary of St. Elizabeth," which was conducted by the Sisters of St. Augustine was later built for the hospital care of the patients. Most of the latter, after some time spent in the institution, are placed in one or other of the families of Gheel, where they lead a comparatively normal life. Every home in Gheel is proud to welcome to its inmost family circle such patients as are ready to return to the environment of family life. Generations of experience have given to the people of Gheel an intimate and tender skill in dealing with their charges, and their remarkable spirit of charity and Christlike love for these afflicted members of society gives to our modern-day world, so prone to put its whole reliance on science and to forge the principles of true Christian charity, a lesson the practice of which would do much to restore certain types of mentally afflicted individuals to an almost normal outlook on life.
Renowned psychiatrists are in full agreement with this statement, and testify that a surprisingly large number of patients could leave mental institutions if they could be assured of a sympathetic reception in the world, such as the people of Gheel take pride in showing. In fact, psychiatrists state that institutions can help certain cases only to a given extent, and when that point is reached, they must have help from persons outside the institution if the progress made in the institution is to have fruition. Gheel is the living confirmation of this statement and an exemplar of the Gospel teachings on charity.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

ADHD is a life-long condition? Sounds Like Cradle to Grave With Pharma

Several recent news releases indicated people who had ADHD diagnosed in childhood will probably have it into their adult years according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control 2013 study. Really? How on earth did humans survive the Dark ages, Roman Empire, even Jurassic Period. How can the human race go on without the help of BigPharma? Sounds like 11% of US children 3 to 17 (for now) can’t make it without that antidepressant if you believe this CDC study. A News report quotes here: “We tend to think that ADHD is a lifetime condition,” said psychiatrist J. J. Sandra Kooij of the Netherlands. “You don’t outgrow it.” ADHD adults married to spouses who share organizational duties tend to cope well, as do those who find careers that avoid the hurdles imposed by desk jobs, Kooij said. End Quote.

Really Doctor? Ask any psychiatrist to show you a test that proves ADHD. There isn’t a test period. ADHD is an opinion from a psychiatrist. In truth it is an opinion that generates cash flow and looks like life long cash to the psych. “There is no blood or other biological test to ascertain the presence or absence of a mental illness, as there is for most bodily diseases. If such a test were developed…then the condition would cease to be a mental illness and would be classified, instead, as a symptom of a bodily disease.” —Dr. Thomas Szasz, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, New York University Medical School, Syracuse

Even if you believe this nonsense that one can have ADHD for life, then think about it in this manner. What does it say about psychiatry that you can only cope with this “disease” on a drug? Why can’t they heal you like a doctor heals a broken arm, or something more serious? Where is the study or system that psychiatry can show you a path to eliminate your illness? Where are the psychiatrists with a proven track record in eliminating mental illness? There are none. They only sedate you with a drug, hence the big BigPharma connection. Psychiatry’s genesis stems from lobotomies, straight jackets, electric shock to massive drugging. Who would trust a psychiatrist with this kind of track record? Only the government would.