Sunday, October 19, 2008

My sons story by Glenna Todovich

Letter From Aaron's Mother - Glenna L. Todovich.
January 24, 2005

Aaron began on antidepressants at age 15 under the "care" of a pediatric psychiatrist. It's been so long ago, I can't remember the first SSRI he received. Over the course of ten (10) years and approximately
four (4) different psychiatrists, none of whom had the time to "TALK" to my son,
they would only see him for about ten (10) minutes and hand him anotherprescription.
Here is a list of antidepressants that I KNOW Aaron was on at one timeor another from age fifteen (15) until his death at the age of twenty-five (25).
There are also some meds I didn't know the name of, I just know that he carried
a backpack at one point, full of medications....HOW SAD IS THAT! The List:Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, Wellbutrin, Celexa, Luvox,Buspar,Serzone, Remeron (I think). He was also diagnosed with OCD at some point and put on RITALIN.The last one he was on EFFEXOR, the supposed "miracle" drug put him inthe hospital for two (2) weeks with:

Liver Dysfunction Aplastic Anemia Enlarged heart. My son was quite an intelligent young man, he graduated from YouthPerforming Arts School, a musician, he played piano, guitar, and saxophone. He attended Bellarmine College (now University) and graduated in 2000 with a BA degree; all the while working two part-time jobs and playing music. Over the years I saw his demeanor go on a roller coaster
ride depending on the Doctor's antidepressant of choice. Aaron told me finally that these medicines were destroying his brain (how strangely accurate was this). During about the last three (3) years of his life, he suffered several episodes where he would get totally off the meds and he even admitted himself to the psych ward of a local hospital at one point, he was there for a week (being treated with what else, more SSRI's). He went through an episode of "anorexia" quit eating and lost 60 lbs in two(2) months. The final straw was the Effexor episode, when he came out of the hospital and told me he was not going to take another anti-depressant.

Aaron had been off EFFEXOR for about six (6) months, but he complained that
he could no longer "think", carry on a conversation or enjoy himself with his friends.
He suffered paranoia episodes and he used to hold his head and plead,
please make the voices STOP.
He was obsessed with thoughts of suicide and on more than one occasion, he tried to off himself – HE TOLD ME. I tried to help him. I would talk to him every night on the phone, I didn't know what to do, where to go.
Then on Saturday November 7, 2003, we had lunch together and he had a strange FLAT, sad appearance on his face. He hugged me and I told him I loved him so much. On Sunday November 8, 2003, he tried to call me on my cell phone, I never got the call. My son disappeared. I searched for him for one (1) week. I prayed, I begged GOD to let me find him.
On Sunday, November 14, 2003 – I did find him. He had pulled his car into
a garage at some rental property we own and had gone to SLEEP.
He finally found his peace.

By Glenna L. Todovich Proud, Loving Mother of Aaron David Todovich