Monday, November 6, 2017

These are the US High Death Toll Areas where Guns and Pharmaceutical Drugs End Lives

Las Vegas killer Stephen Paddock and Texas Shooter Devin Patrick Kelley both were on Pharmaceutical Medications

Stephen Paddock killed 59 people and about 527 were injured at a country music festival in Las Vegas in October. It is being called the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. Stephen Paddock was prescribed diazepam known by its brand name Valium. Valium is used to treat anxiety, muscle spasms and seizures. It is an anti-anxiety drug that has links to aggressive behavior.

Sunday November 5th 2017 Devin Patrick Kelley killed indiscriminately 26 people at a church service in Sutherland Springs Texas. According to Fox News former classmates indicated Devin Kelley was heavily medicated and a loner. Middle school classmates complained about his parents and his medications during school. They indicated that his parents placed him on heavy doses of psych medications.

Two mass murderers both on psych drugs. Devin Patrick Kelley had most likely seen a psychiatrist. Yes, they both used guns and killed with the sole intention to kill while on psychotropic drugs. This has been a continual pattern seen all across the world and especially the United States. Do you recall the German Wings pilot Andreas Lubitz was on psych drugs and he crash a plane in the French Alps killing 150.

Psych drugs kill and kill and kill. Very few make the obvious connection. Are governments and the media covering it up for pharma and psychiatrists?

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Psychiatry and Pharmaceutical Companies Targeting Grandma

This is a report from CNN of all networks. This is a surprise since broadcast firms rely so much on pharmaceutical advertising that they almost never report on their crimes.
This report does involves Nuedexta, which is approved for patients with uncontrollable laughing or crying which is known as pseudobulbar affect, or PBA. It is a condition that only affects 1% of the population. The drug had been initially targeted for people with multiple sclerosis and ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease.
CNN in their report indicated a California psychiatrist Romeo Isidro had received hundreds of thousands of dollars in promotional payments from Avanir the maker of Neudexta. Apparently 50% of Nuedexta’s sales have gone to dementia patients and patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Sales have since jumped 400% and made $300 million in 2016.
According to the pharma company Avanir, they say 40% of people with dementia are afflicted with PBA, but this has been disputed by many experts. The actual test that produced the 40% afflicted rate was funded by the drug producer Avanir. We smell a rat do you?
The rat has a keeper and that keeper has no gate. It is the FDA. Nuedexta is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat anyone with PBA. This entitles Avanir to include those with neurological conditions like dementia. Yet most responsible geriatric physicians say PBA affects less than 5% of all patients with dementia.

In CNN’s report a Los Angeles nursing home last year, regulators found that more than a quarter of its residents 46 of 162 had been placed on Nuedexta, noting that a facility psychiatrist had given a talk about the drug to employees. This psychiatrist was a paid speaker fee from Avanir. End CNN’s report

Do you see the direct correlation between drug companies and psychiatrists? It’s all about money and nothing about patient care. Pharma funds a front research group to get the result they want. The FDA is run by psychiatrists, so they approve those research reports, and people die.

If you’re elder parents or grandparents are in a long term care facility. You need to stand up to their caregiver. Your parent stood up for you on the playground. Fight the insanity by getting involved in your elderly parents last years.