Saturday, April 9, 2016

Texas University Teenager Was Stalked and Killed by a Psychotropic Drug Using Teen

Haruka Weiser was found dead on the campus of the University of Texas in Austin on April 5, 2016. Meechaiel Criner who is 17 years old is in custody in connection with her death. News reports indicate that surveillance video shows Haruka Weiser leaving the campus library and looking at her phone. Criner who is over 6 feet tall stalked her and it appears he pulled out what may have been a knife and threatened Haruka. She was found dead two days later that Sunday night and was reported missing on Monday.

According to Meechaiel Criner’s grandmother he was a kind person. News reports indicate he and his siblings were abandoned by their mother and the grandmother was raising them. Criner has been missing since August according to the grandmother. He was also in an out of foster homes, and he was receiving psychiatric help and medication.

Haruka Weiser should have been more careful and more concerned with her surroundings that what was on her phone. Most young adults and college students commute walk together at night to avoid such incidents. This was a terrible end to a young women’s life.

What is all too common is the effect of psychotropic drugs and how that is connected to crime and death. Criner was receiving help from a psychiatrist. If this is the help psychiatry delivers than it should be outlawed. Psychotropic drugs and psychiatry killed Haruka Weiser that Sunday night. Psychotropic drugs and the failed psychiatric science studied in Universities derailed a young man Meechaeil Criner. If someone took more care and attention and had a positive working path for young people like Meechaeil then this would have not been the result.

The pure innocent is Haruka Weiser, the criminals are pharma and psychiatric and medical doctor drug pushers with a criminal and victim Meechaeil Criner.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Depressed and Drugged Italian Nurse Murders 13 Patients

An Italian nurse murdered 13 patients, according to authorities in Piombino. Officials recently confirmed Fausta Bonino, 44, was arrested and charged in the deaths of at least 13 people. She had given patients the drug Eparina. The patients were between the ages of 61-88 who were in intensive care, but the patients were not terminally ill.

The nurse Fausta Bonino murdered the patients according to authorities. She administered ten times the usual dosage of Eparina drug. It cause massive internal bleeding in the patients in the State run hospital in Tuscany.

The authorities don’t have a motive. The authorities has indicated Bonino was previously treated for depression. They didn’t indicate what type of drugs the nurse was taking, but the Italians unlike the American’s and British are connecting the dots that psychotropic drugs kill. A depressed nurse on antidepressants killed 13 or more. These drugs turn people into monsters!