Sunday, April 27, 2014

Suicidal Mother Stabs infant son to death in Livermore, Ca.

The media and your Senator Can’t Blame the Gun, so nobody will be their target

It gives us no joy to report another suicidal person killing another. In this case her own 7 month old son. The San Jose Mercury News reports that the mother Ashley Renee Newton was believed to be suffering from depression stabbed her 7 month old son to death in a remote part of Camp Arroyo inside Del Valle Regional Park Saturday April 26, 2014, authorities said. End San Jose News Report.
The 24-year-old woman has since been arrested on suspicion of murder. This is another person believed to be depressed using a knife to kill her child after unsuccessfully trying to kill herself. It is very likely she was using some form of antidepressant, and under the care of a doctor or psychiatrist. Neither of which will ever take responsibility for the end result of their prescription and or “care”. Their practice is subscribe and don’t care. The pharmaceutical firm will never have to take responsibility of the failure of their drug. A seven month old dead at the hands of her mother and a mother destined for a life in prison. Strangely this is a normal day in America.
Nothing will be done about unless you the consumer stands up to your doctor and pharmaceutical firm.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sixteen Year Old Fatally Stabs Fellow Student In Connecticut High School. Again You can’t Blame the Gun, Was the Boy on Antidepressants? Or Psychotropic Drugs?

The media and Government love to attack the gun as the main reason why there are so many campus killings. They never look into psychiatric drugs as the catalyst for why children kill children. The alleged killer is now under psychiatric evaluation, which tells us he was almost certainly seeing a psychiatrist before this attack. Psychiatrist only prescribes drugs as that is their only solution for anything. Listen think twice three times before you give into the "idea" that antidepressants and psychotropic drugs are an answer to you or your child's problems. Also the gun is not the problem, and we are not gun advocates. We just look at the obvious.

The following is a reprint of a New York Times Article April 26th 2014 by By MICHAEL SCHWIRTZ

The young man who the authorities say fatally stabbed a classmate in the hallway of a Connecticut high school on Friday is being held in a medical facility under psychiatric evaluation, his lawyer said on Saturday.
The lawyer, Richard Meehan, said his client, who is 16, could be held there for up to 15 days. After that, he said, he will probably be charged as an adult. Friends of the suspect have identified him as Chris Plaskon.
The authorities and witnesses described the attack on Friday at the Jonathan Law High School as vicious. The victim, Maren Sanchez, 16, a popular honors student and athlete, suffered stab wounds and cuts to her face, neck and chest.
The suspect has initially been charged as a juvenile, but Connecticut law allows minors to be tried as adults for murder and other serious crimes, Mr. Meehan said.
Mr. Meehan said the young man’s family was distraught.

“They’re devastated not only for him but they’re devastated for Maren Sanchez’s family as well,” he said. “This is every parent’s worse nightmare.”
The killing occurred around 7:15 a.m., just as the school day was about to begin. Students crammed the halls of the school, some giddily anticipating donning gowns and tuxedos later that day for the junior prom.
A scream cut the air, and there was momentary confusion as students were hustled into classrooms and told to stay. In one of the halls beneath a stairwell, Ms Sanchez, a member of the drama club known for her singing voice, lay dying.
Chief Keith Mello of the Milford Police Department said that officials had not determined a motive for the crime, but that investigators were looking into reports that the victim had declined an invitation to the prom from the suspect, whose name the authorities did not release because he is a minor. The prom, which had been scheduled for Friday night, was postponed.
Edward Kovac, a cousin who has been acting as a spokesman for Ms. Sanchez’s family, said on Friday said Maren was “a bright light full of hopes and dreams with her future at her fingertips.”
“Maren should be celebrating at her prom this evening with her friends and classmates,” he said. “Instead, we are mourning her death and we are trying as a community to understand the senseless loss of life.”

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Student with Knives Stabs 19 in PA., And Again you can not Blame the gun. Psychotropic Drugs are the Root Cause of these Incidents.

We write these blogs and demonstrate continually that antidepressants and psychotropic drugs are the underlying cause of these campus, mall type slayings. Just last week Ivan Lopez killed three innocent people at Ft. Hood Texas. He was undergoing “treatment”, which means he was on psychotropic drugs. In this most recent Ft. Hood killing the media has targeted guns, and base security. Nidal Malik Hasan killed 13 in 2009, and the “powers that be” government, and media blamed terrorism. Yet Nidal Hasan was also using psychotropic drugs. This past January in St. Louis Mo. 34 year old Sean Johnson walked into Stevens Institute and shot and killed the financial director. Sean Johnson was reportedly on psychiatric drugs. In another stabbing in Washington State in Oct. 2011, a 15 year old girl stabbed another classmate 25 times, and injured yet another coming to her rescue. Court documents state the attacker was on medication and seeing a psychiatrist because she was suffering from depression.
It is currently unknown to us if this male Murrysville Pa student was on psychiatrist drugs, but the pattern is self evident. The media can’t run to the gun excuse, but they will like talk about campus security. The news media will not report on the psychotropic drug part of the story as they get so much advertising revenue and their executive boards influence what is broadcast. Pharmaceutical companies make billions on antidepressants, and they use that influence to keep the money flowing, and students popping their pills. Also the government doesn’t really care about these incidents as they are local and here today gone tomorrow. The pharmaceutical connection also reaches to the legislatures and congress in campaign donations. Additionally, a drugged down society is better controlled. Unfortuately, the FDA is run by ex-pharmaceutical executives, and lobbied by them, psychiatry, and doctors who could care less about patients and more about cash in their pocket.

The only way this stops is you. You can contact your congressperson or local legislator and tell them to force the Attorney General to investigate the FDA. The FDA is indifferent to the side effects of psychotropic drugs that they approve. The FDA has never to our knowledge revoked a psychiatric drug due to its murderous side effects. The easiest way to control this madness is for you to not agree and to not allow your child or yourself to be medicated. There are so many other alternatives to children killing children while on meds. How many Sandy Hooks, Columbines, Ft. Hoods, and Virginia Techs do you need to see? How may of these will wake you up to the knowledge that pharma kills? Does it have to happen to you? When is enough enough? When is the gun excuse not the cause? When will a psychiatrist or doctor have to take responsibility for their prescriptions? When will it end? You must decide before pharmaceutical companies’ drug everyone, and physically and spiritually kill you.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

2014 Fort Hood shooter (Ivan Lopez) was under Treatment for Mental Health Issues and he was using Anti-depressants and other Psychotropic Drugs

News reports and investigators indicated an American Iraq veteran Ivan Lopez had mental health issues and he shot three people yesterday April 2nd, and then he shot himself. There are also over fourteen wounded, and some critical. He was being treated for depression and anxiety, and was also undergoing an evaluation for post traumatic stress disorder.
The president made a comment about the killings "We are going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened," Obama said. "We're heartbroken that something like this might have happened again."
I can tell you exactly why this happened. He was most certainly on psychotropic drugs which have side effects that induce someone to shoot others and commit suicide. The persons responsible for this act and all similar acts like this are BigPharma and the psychiatrists who push these drugs as a “cure”. It is a fallacy and it is the furthest form the truth
If you recall the 2009 Ft Hood shooter was Nidal Malik Hasan who was a psychiatrist at the base and he was also medicating himself with psychotropic drugs. There was no mention of these drugs in his trial It was all about domestic terrorism.
The news media, military and government Will Not mention drugs being the cause of this shooting, as they will talk about arming soldiers on bases. The White House will not look to get to the bottom of this as psychotropic drugs are part of ObamaCare, and this administration is interested in its legacy, and not the cause of Ft. Hood Shootings, Naval Yard Shootings, or school campus shootings.
You see these incidents are gun related and that is what the media and administration is interested in. They are not interested in the cause of these killings (psychiatry and Pharma). Pharma is a cash cow for the media and an instrument of ObamaCare. It will be all about guns and arming soldiers on bases. The real cause will be covered up or simply not talked about or investigated. The rues continues.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What an Awful Drug Pushing Country the US has Become

In the past decade Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has nearly doubled. One in five American boys receives a diagnosis by age 17. More than 7 out of 10 of those who are diagnosed are prescribed drugs. The little known fact to parents is that ADHD is an opinion. There isn’t any scientific data that backs up this diagnosis. So your kid doesn't do well in math or English, get a tutor but not a drug. Come on parents!!
The Wall Street Journal recently reported on a new book, "The ADHD Explosion" by Stephen Hinshaw and Richard Scheffler, it looks at this extraordinary increase. What's the explanation? Some rise in environmental toxins? Worse parenting?

What the article goes onto state based on the book is that they tracked State new education policies with the increase in ADHD diagnosis. There has been a push to get better test scores across the US. This is also an evaluation of teachers. Yet you can’t terminate a teacher if students get bad test scores.
What Dr. Hinshaw and Scheffler found is that there is a direct correlation with these new States demand for higher test scores and ADHD diagnosis. They also found this increase in ADHD diagnosis was more apparent for poor children in public schools. The author’s research shows as schools are motivated to get better scores they suggest medication or excluded those students test scores who they suggested were ADHD candidates.
What this means to us is that if the school needs a better accreditation or a teacher wants a bonus then your child needs a drug. So it is as always up to parents to know and address this as we are talking about your child. Parents are allowing teachers and educators to steer them to drug their kids. Parents are not doing the research to protect their child from drug pushers and self interested educators. Also, teachers are not teaching. If a student is having a more difficult time on courses they are suggesting a drug instead of more review, tutoring, and after school programs. Ultimately it is up to the parents to decide.