Tuesday, January 16, 2018

New Mexico Shooter Used a Disguise to Enter School As he Planned Mass Murder

The 21-year-old gunman William Atchison, entered Aztec High School around 8:00 a.m and then killed two students before allegedly committing suicide inside a New Mexico high school. He disguised himself as a student to get inside, law enforcement officials said.
The act was a premeditated event. He posted on twitter the day of the killer “Work sucks, school sucks, life sucks I want out of this sh@$” He planned it all out to indiscriminately kill students at a school in his town. The FBI interviewed Atchison and his family previously as he informed other that he intended mass murder in 2016. The case was closed the case because the man did not have a gun and did not commit a crime.
Francisco Paco Fernandez entered the bathroom at the time Atchison was gearing up for murder. The police said via news reports that Atchison immediately fired his gun, fatally wounding the teen. The killer then walked out to the hallway and encountered Casey Jordan Marquez, and shot her with a .9mm glock with multiple magazines available. The two boys were in the wrong place at the wrong time as Atchison planned to kill anyone in his path.
Authorities said they also found a written message that included the time line of his planned killing and part of that message said “Work, packup, prep, walk, die.”
Who do you think plans such evil mass murder? In virtually every case of mass murder in the US and across the globe pharmaceutical psychotropic drugs are involved. He had legally purchased the gun in November 2017 and killed in December. As the killer committed suicide also a trade mark of antidepressants, but without a trial there may not be any further investigation. The FBI had a chance to prevent these murders from occurring by eliminating Atchison’s ability to purchase guns. There should have been a red flag as they investigated him a year earlier.
The truth is widely known that psychiatry and pharmaceutical psych drugs have a record of death. Where ever they infiltrate death is not behind, and the grim reaper walks hand in hand.

Monday, January 8, 2018

North Carolina Killer Kevin Janson Neal was Mentally ill for decades and on and off of “Psychiatric Drugs and Care”.

Kevin Janson Neal who killed four people including two children, and injured ten was mentally ill since a teen. He had been administered care, which means he was drugged. His sister informed NBC news "His mental condition continued to deteriorate….., he just continued to devolve and descend into conspiracy theories and hallucinations and delusions of grandeur," Sheridan Orr, was quoted in an interview in North Carolina.
Neal's mother informed the Associated Press that her son told her “Mom it's all over now” the day before the shooting rampage, and that he said "I have done everything I could do and I am fighting against everyone who lives in this area."
Orr said that the family had dealt with similar statements for 20 years, so barely reacted to the last one. "We got, 'I can't take it anymore’ a thousand times like when do you know if it's real?" she asked.
The killer also had a semi-automatic gun which he made himself. It was not legal for him to own a gun due to a stabbing incident on his record. He mailed ordered the gun in parts and assembled those parts at home.
Should there be laws to stop someone from getting DIY guns via the mail and self-assembly? Yes we think so. We also think psychiatry and pharmaceutical companies who provide care and drugs to patients like Kevin Neal should also be held accountable.
Which law do you think we get the attention, and which will not?