Friday, March 20, 2009

Harvard Psychiatrist thinks his senior is God

Harvard professor Joseph Biederman an apparently deranged Psychiatrist, among other coacademics are part of a lawsuit in New Jersey for failing to report consulting fees. He allegedly failed to fully report approximately $1.6 million in fees from a number of drugmakers from 2000 and 2007. The litigation in the Superior Court of New Jersey involves three drugmakers AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly and Johnson and Johnson's who are being sued in connection with risks associated with their antipsychotic medications.

"Full Professor" Beiderman's deposition contained a bizarre exchange. (From Informed Consent newsrelease)On page 47 of the deposition , Biederman is quizzed about his professional ranking at Harvard. He notes that his resume is used for academic promotions.

Lawyer: "What does that mean?"

Biederman: "To move in the ranks from one rank, for example, at Harvard, there is instructor, from instructor you move to assistant professor, from assistant professor you move to associate professor, from associate professsor you move to full professor."

Lawyer: "Full professor?"

Biederman: "Hm...mmm."

Lawyer: "What rank are you?"

Biederman: "Full professor."

Lawyer: "What's after that?"

Biederman: "God"

Lawyer: "Did you say God?"

Biederman: "Yeah."

It appears full professors of psychiatry at Harvard are next to God? According to Joseph Biederman he gets his orders from God and God is in agreement of drugging children with psychotropics? Hmm, What ever happened to we are made pure in God image? Then why would a child need a drug? We think "Full Professor" Joseph Biederman is more like "Son of Sam" and he is talking to the devil.

Friday, March 13, 2009

German Teen Prescribed Antidepressants Kills Fifteen in a Drug Rage

The Associated Press confirms that Tim Kretschmer, 17 killed 16 people in Germany last week. In a story published across the Internet. Police investigator Siegfried Mahler states on the record that the shooter (Tim Kretschmer) "underwent several treatment sessions for depression at a psychiatric clinic" and was "prescribed a session of outpatient therapy, which he never began." Once again Antidepressants are at the base of a school shooting.

Thus, the shooter was on psychiatric medications and then quit using them. This created a classic antidepressant withdrawal crisis which is exactly what leads to extreme acts of violence against self or others. As has reported in a previous story, virtually every school shooter that has taken place in the last two decades was carried out by those who either take psychiatric medications or are attempting to quit them. The deaths of the people killed in these school shootings rests solely on the shoulders of psychiatry, and the drug pushers of BigPharma.

"If we had known this in advance, we would have called him a prototype of a rampager," said Erwin Hetger, the chief of police in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, the southwestern German state where the crimes took place.

The fact of the matter is that psychotropic drugs create a prototype for mass murder. This is clearly evident from past cases where Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold of Columbine High School killed 12, Cho Seung-Hui of Virginia Tech University killed 32 fellow students and faculty, Jeffrey Weise of Red lake Minnesota, and Pekka-Eric Auvinen of Finland both killed nine classmates.

Do you see a pattern here? While many in the media do not? The media will not report this since they are complicit in the crime of the murderous effects of these drugs, or they are benefiting in advertising revenue and sales. You will hear the guns are to blame, or parents, or video games. The truth is that antidepressants are the cause of these violent rampages, and suicide that occur worldwide. How many more of these incidents need to occur until people wake up to what is widely known about these deadly drugs. You can find more information on the effects of antidepressants at