Sunday, December 30, 2007

Resolution 2008-Internally Green

You may think this title may be regarding an organic diet. It is much broader than that. There have been a number of recent murders linking antidepressants use in US and abroad in 2007. Many recall the mass murder at Virginia Tech where Cho Seung Hsi killed 32 fellow students and faculty in April. Media reports indicate he was using antidepressants. There is the Mall Shooter, Steve Hawkins who killed 8 and wounded 5 just before Christmas. It was reported by a number of news organizations that he was suicidal before the mass murder and he had been prescribed antidepressants. In November there was a rare school massacre in Finland where Pekka-Eric Auvinen was reportly on an SSRI seroxat More and more vivid evidence of the potential danger of these antidepressants as a cause of suicides, and mass murder. These incidents certainly terrorize the nation and the world, but the attention is on international terrorism and not pharmaceutical drug influenced terror. Is it not terror or just a teenager gone bad? Don't you think more scrutiny should be pointed at these drugs? Our political leaders are concentrated on world and state issues that will get votes, and the nation's attention passes quickly after a mall or school killing. I believe the most overlooked domestic and global issue of 2007 has been the link of mass murder, suicides, and antidepressants. The pharmaceutical ads always show a happy demeanor and smile of their (actor) users, but the victims parents of child suicide and murder victims are certainly not smiling. This is the time of year for personal change. I think we all should resolve to look closely at this link in 2008, and highlight the scrutiny of these drugs effects. There are many natural alternatives to antidepressants so one can resolve to be "internally green". You can find more information on this subject at and additional links via my site.