Monday, May 21, 2018

Texas School Killer Dimitrios Pagourtzis Certainly on Psych Drugs

17 year old Dimitrios Pagourtzis killed 10 people and left another 10 injured at Santa Fe High School near Houston. This guy shows all the signs of pharmaceutical drugs. He was questioned by police and has some vague reality of what he had done. He is also now on suicide watch, which is also a side effect of mental health drugs.
Psych drugs are always involved in theses campus and mall shootings. They play in integral part in killings. These kids who are victims’ of pharma drugs are not just the ones killed and injured but are the reason why teens kill teens. There are no confirmed reports of pharma drugs, but the entire scenario is a psych drugs seen.
Teens don’t kill everyone because of video games, they don’t kill because they get bullied. The catalyst to all of this are the psychiatric drugs that they are placed on. Look up all these incidents and you will see psych drugs.