Thursday, April 15, 2010

Why would a 7 year old Foster Child Commit Suicide by Hanging? The Number One Culprit Today is BigPharma and Psychiatry

Senator Rhonda Storms is forwarding a Florida Senate Bill 2718 through the legislator that can prevent similar unfortunate deaths. From CBSnews Edicio Martinez-The apparent suicide of 7-year old Gabriel Myers, who was taking several psychiatric medications, has led to the introduction of a bill in the Florida legislature. It would assure that powerful mental health drugs dispensed to Florida foster care children would be more closely monitored. It is now moving through the Florida legislature.
The proposal is largely based on the findings of a task force formed after Gabriel locked himself in a bathroom and hung himself with a shower cord last April. Gabriel at the time of his death was on Seroquel "Quetapine Fumerate" made by Astra Zenaca which is too commonly prescribed by psychiatrists to treat bipolar disorder. Seroquel and other psychiatric drugs have been linked by federal regulators for their potentially dangerous side effects, including suicide, but the side effects and risks have not been communicated to foster parents. There has been an enormous amount of foster kid’s overprescribed psychotropic drugs particularly in Florida, but also across the US. The measure would require an independent review before psychotropic drugs can be administered to children under ten. Senator Storms is pushing for more “talk therapy”, because of the over prescription of antidepressants by psychiatry.
Senator Storms has also asked the Florida Board of Medicine and the Agency for
Health Care Administration to investigate the Broward County psychiatrists who prescribed the drugs to little Gabriel. The Miami Herald reports that one doctor has been red flagged by the Board of Medicine, but no disciplinary action thus far.

It is all about the money. Psychiatrist’s see a patient in less than fifteen minutes and prescribed a drug with fatal side effects. They simply have no care for the patient. This unnecessary death shows the heartless and disaffected indifference for young children caught in the system. Without a parent to defend them they are left to disinterested doctors to just prescribe a drug that they know doesn’t work. When will it end? It will only end when mother and fathers wake up and smell what is brewing.

Friday, April 2, 2010

FAA is Planning to Approve Antidepressant Popping Pilots and their Lethal Side Effects

We have always wondered what government agency would be most likely to put a person in harms way. If you join the military then you volunteer to be placed in the line of fire when under enemy attack. The antidepressant use can also kill you on the base just like it did at Ft. Hood several months ago. The IRS will use fear instead of death, and they can certainly incarcerate you which can be a slow death. The FDA has been approving psychotropic drugs, heart medications, birth control pills et al, which have horrendous track records and mortal consequences. Some of those drugs have been taken off the market, but most like antidepressants are still available even though it is widely known that they are not effective. Now we have the latest US government agency the FAA, which will now allow pilots to medicate and fly.
Some of the side effects of these allowable medication drugs (Prozac, Zoloft, Celexa, Lexapro) are suicide, mania, agitation, dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, tremors, muscle aches, diarrhea, fast heartbeat, fever chills, fainting, bizarre behavior, aggressiveness, joint or wrist aches and pain, ringing in the ears, confusion, decreased concentration, decreased coordination, exaggerated feeling of well being, irritability, hostility, memory loss, vomiting, mood changes, unusual weakness, vision changes, hallucinations, and worsening of depression. Why would anyone fly in a tin can at 35,000 feet when the driver may have one or more of these side effects? It seems clear the FAA is looking at only one head in the head count. Based on these side effects you could have a maniac flying the plane! You should get thrown off the plane for bizarre behavior, but now you get to be the captain.
According to news reports the FAA will seek to evaluate the pilots on antidepressants while the pilot is grounded for approximately six months and ongoing through their careers. They also imply pilots could be using antidepressants now without disclosing that information. If so those pilots will be barred from flying, and would undergo a longer evaluation.
Foxnews quotes FAA administrator Randy Babbit "We know more today about the science of the medications being given and we know a lot more about depression itself," Babbitt said. "The policy is changing I mean our number one priority is safety, and the public certainly has the right to know that everybody in the cockpit is healthy, both mentally and physically." End quote. If they truly knew more about these medications they would know they do not work at all, and that the side effects are lethal.
Foxnews also reports Babbitt saying the new rule is aimed, in part, at removing the stigma of mental illness, much as the FAA began to deal with drug abuse and alcoholism in the cockpit with the establishment 40 years ago of its Human Intervention and Motivation Study, end quote. Does the FAA have more concern about the stigma of mental illness or passenger safety? It appears to us that this is a social experiment, so mentally ill pilots retain their jobs regardless of the consequences. We can’t discriminate, so we need to allow depressed pilots to fly with lethal medications. It is not about safety, but political correctness.
It is now up to passengers to express their concerns with this experiment, and for Airlines to form their own rules regarding potentially lethal medicated pilots. I believe the mass majority will want a healthy pilot free of mind altering drugs or medication. Antidepressants clearly alter the mind.