Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Carson City IHOP Shooter Kills Four and Wounds Eight. He had Mental Issues and Most likely was taking Antidepressants

The IHOP gunman Eduardo Sencion was wielding an AK-47 opened fire at an IHOP restaurant on Tuesday Sept 6, 2011 in an outburst of violence that killed four people, wounded eight others and put Nevada's capital city on high alert.
He was on disability income of approximately $923/month according to the Las Vegas Sun. The Sun reported information on a bankruptcy filing; Sencion listed more than $42,000 in outstanding debts for a car, several credit cards and some medical expenses. At the time, Sencion reported having $200 spread over three bank accounts the $923 in disability income, mostly from Social Security.
In order to get disability payments from the government you have to have a physical or mental disability. He didn’t demonstrate a physical disability, but in order to get mental disability approval you have to see a psychiatrist. Psychiatry has only one solution and that is antidepressants. You see a psychiatrist and fifteen minutes later you will be prescribed a psychotropic drug. It is still unclear exactly what disability Sencion had, but based on the initial evidence, a psychiatrist once again failed to assist Sencion and the four innocent people and the eight wounded.
The antidepressants most likely did their job as the side effects are similar for all antidepressants (mania, aggressive behavior, suicide, hysteria, paranoid reaction, and hostility) and unfortunately many more.
Who will be held responsible for all the innocent loss of life here? The media and the government will not target psychiatry, or the pharmaceutical companies who produce these killer drugs. Senator Reid D-NV was quick to offer condolences, but like many of these similar incidents nobody pays the price for killing. The media doesn’t even investigate it any further than 24 hours. If it bleeds it leads until it bleeds no more.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chill E.B. Rapper Define Better youtube Video on BigPharma and Psychotropic Drugs

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