Thursday, December 17, 2015

Martin Shkreli Pharma CEO Arrested on Securities Fraud

Martin Shkreli became infamous raising the price of a life-saving pill by 4,000 percent, has been recently arrested on charges of security fraud, according to news reports. Last year he raised the price of Daraprim which is a drug used to treat toxoplasmosis. It is an issue for newborns newborns and HIV patients and the price went from $1,130 to $63,000.
Shkreli is a symbol of Wall Street greed, but also of Big Pharma fraud. He was arrested on securities fraud, but he is an example of the pricing fraud and the penchant for Big Pharma to evade taxes by being bought by smaller overseas pharmaceutical companies. Big Pharma companies make drugs that don’t work at all, or they have side effects of suicide or mania (campus and mall mass murders). Big Pharma is ripe with fraud. We have posted where pharmaceutical companies are being fined for marketing drugs for uses they have not been approved for.

Critics have labeled Shkreli a "putz," a "psychopath" and "Big Pharma's Biggest A--." The Chicago Tribune reported that Congress called him out on it. Hillary Clinton tore into Shkreli. Bernie Sanders rejected a donation from America's most unpopular businessman. Even Donald Trump called Shkreli a "spoiled brat."

The Tribune further reported Shkreli did not do his reputation any favors by calling a journalist a "moron," quoting defiant rap lyrics on Twitter and defending the price-hike as a "great business decision." "Our shareholders expect us to make as much as money as possible," he said during a health industry summit earlier this month, dressed nonchalantly in a hooded sweatshirt and sneakers. "That's the ugly, dirty truth." He also promised to lower the price of Daraprim but reportedly never did.

The price of Daraprim has not gone down. The end result of all this is that pharmaceutical companies can not be trusted. They are full of creeps, criminals, and unapologetic killers. They produce drugs that will kill you. Politicians only speak out against these issues when they are running for office or if a gun was used while a young adult blasts his school mates on campus. Many of these pharmaceutical companies are advised by psychiatrist drug pushers. The entire pharmaceutical industry just stinks with fraud, crime, and it is directly connected to death.

As the saying goes the certainties in life are birth, death and taxes. Another certainty is pharma death and fraud.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dylann Roof the Racist Killer was on Psychotropic Drugs

Dylann Roof, who was the shooter who killed indiscriminately at a black church in Charleston, was found to be on Suboxone. People who knew him said he purchased Xanax off of the street. Both Suboxone and Xanax are mind altering drugs.

Dylann Roof has done the same thing as so many of the campus killers who go out of their mind while on psych drugs and kill anyone or any person they don’t like. Sure Dyann Rood targeted innocent black church goers who accepted him at face value. Psych drugs do not discriminate. Psych drugs alter the mind and all you have to do is add a knife or a gun and you have a mass murderer.

Thanks psychiatry and Big Pharma you caused racial hatred and incited hatred between races as part of your destruction. Psych drugs kill and they do not heal anyone.

Monday, November 2, 2015

A Texas Mother is Accused of Force Feeding Child Ant Poison

Paw Eh, 31, was arrested and charged this past Saturday with attempted capital murder after she allegedly forced her child to eat ant poison according to Dallas News Reports. She also tried to do the same to her 7 year old and 12 year old children as well according to an arrest warrant affidavit cited by the Dallas Morning News.
The 7-year-old boy said that Eh told her children that she planned to kill them and then kill herself, according to court records.
“My mom wants to kill us with poison powder that kills ants and stuff,” the 7-year-old told police, court records show. The 4 year old is in stable condition.
The local CBS news station reported “Some people say the mother is not 100 percent,” a neighbor, Thang Awi, told CBS DFW.
Another neighbor, Sharl Nie, told the station that she would sometimes go with Eh to the doctor to help translate information from English to Eh’s native Burmese language.
“All she talked about was she couldn’t sleep at night,” Nie said, “or she was thinking about suicide.”
“She’s been sick for a long time,” Nie added. “I don’t know about medicines, but she was taking some from the doctor.”
Child Protective Services spokeswoman Marleigh Meisner told the Dallas Morning News that Eh does not appear to have a prior history with the department.
Eh is being held in Dallas County Jail. Her bail has been set at $500,000.

This is clearly psychotropic drug use or anti-depressants prescribed by her doctor. This is clear evidence of the harm that psych drugs commit upon families. Will the doctor who prescribed these drugs be indicted? Likely not. Can you see that psychiatry doesn’t work? This is all psychiatry does is push drugs that kill people. If she saw a psychiatrist why she is not cured. If a doctor prescribed these drugs to assist her condition then why did she tried to kill her family and then plan to kill herself. The why is because psychiatry and psych drugs don’t work. Psychiatry has no solutions for mental illness. Yet the government and people pay them and these are the results.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Drunk Driving or Psych Drug Influence? Oklahoma Women Adacia Chambers Kills Four and Injured 17 Driving thru a Crowd

An attorney representing a 25-year-old woman Adacia Chambers says his client had "no real response whatsoever" when he told her that four people including a 2 year old were killed after she crash her car into an Oklahoma parade last week. Her attorney Tony Coleman was on the NBC “Today” show and indicated his client had been hospitalized for mental illness two years ago. The attorney believes his client was not drunk but that she is mentally ill. Her “no response” indicates to us that she was on psych drugs. This campus type killing is similar to using a gun to kill but in this case she used a car. In campus killings which are all too often common the similarities is that psych drugs are involved.
We don’t expect President Obama to trumpet an investigation into psych drugs. This killing also didn’t involve a gun so there will be no grandstanding against guns.
The Stillwater Oklahoma Police Capt. Kyle Gibbs said authorities believe Chambers was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Authorities indicate they don’t see mental illness as an issue with Adacia Chambers. We will have to wait for the toxicology report to see what drugs or if alcohol was in her system. Historically, prosecution and police authorities don’t publish toxicology reports, but they will inform the public if alcohol was involved. She currently is being held on four counts of second degree murder. The attorney is adamant that no alcohol was involved. News reports quote her attorney Tony Coleman saying "During that entire interview (1 hour), I was not satisfied at all that I was communicating with a competent individual," Coleman said. He followed up and indicated she was at work before the crash, doesn’t recall anything, and she was confused as to why she was being removed from her car. News reports further indicated her father said she is not an alcoholic.
This preliminary evidence points to psych drugs. If psych drugs are found to be involved then I can foresee a lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company and doctor or psychiatrist.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Police Indicate 9 Killed 10 Injured in Premeditated Mass Murder at Umpqua Community College in Oregon.

This is the outcome of Psychotropic Drug Use.

Some Investigations indicate the shooter appears to have had a conversation with others online about his intentions. The slain gunman is alleged to be 20 years old and planned this recently. Witnesses say he targeted Christians to kill and shot non-Christians or those that did not answer in the leg.
Much has already been made of the use of a gun. It is true you can kill so many people with a knife, but the precursor to this insane behavior is psychotropic drugs. What is further insane is to interview psychiatrists via the news media and government agencies about what causes a 20 year old to kill indiscriminately. Psychiatrists and mental health professionals are supposedly treating these future killers. These mental health professionals have no idea what they are doing. One news interview had a professional say well if you spoke to three mental health professionals then you would get three different opinions. It is the same when a criminal goes to court one defense psychiatrist will say the person is insane while the prosecution will say he is sane.

Of all the sciences available in Universities, Psychiatry is a shame of no clue. Psychotropic drugs cause these campus killings and they use a gun. The feeder line to psychotropic drugs is a doctor or psychiatrist with the manufacturing done by Eli Lilly, Pfizer and there cousins.

President Obama talks about gun control before the injured arrive at the hospital, but he never ever addresses the catalyst to mass campus killings. Gun control needs to be applied in the larger inner cities. Prescription drug control needs to be implemented by Congress. If the President wishes to do something then get the FBI and Justice Department to look into Pharmaceutical Companies and the mass proliferation of psych drugs. These killing didn’t take place in the 60’s and 70’s. They started in the 80’s with psych drugs.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Movie and TV Show Limitless and Modern Societies Embracement of Cure All Drugs

Many bloggers and across the internet say the 2011 movie limitless starring Bradley Cooper is based on the drug Adderall. But really the limitless drug is fictional. The Bradley Cooper character takes a new drug which allows him to learn fast, recall everything he's ever read and solve complex problems and essentially became an investment banker. It may also be based on the effects of taking Provigil. Yet Provigil is used to stay awake, and some people apparently need to take this drug daily. Now don’t go thinking that if you take Adderall or Provigil that you will do better at work on in one’s studies. It is more likely that a person will commit suicide or commit mass murder, or just stay awake. These durgs like Ritalin are essentially like the recreational drug speed. The drug for an adult will make them stay up longer, but is supposed to calm young children. That is right doctors and psychiatrist are giving your children speed. This brings up another problem as to how are college students getting Adderall or Provigil as it is a prescription drug. It looks like the FDA is not trolling the internet as it appears very easy to get these prescriptions online. Additionally, a doctor prescribes the drug and that prescription is sold on the internet or via networks.

It is becoming increasingly evident that people think drugs are the way to happiness or success. Yet these people and students buy organic foods, and cosmetics and constantly looking at ingredients, but if doctor or friend says take this drug it will make you smarter then they often will take that advice. It has also become evident and pushed that drugs are ones solution to their problems. These drugs don’t solve problems they most often cause long term problems, additionally they have very harmful side effects.

There are natural and organic ways to stay awake. Studying is the best solution at work and in school. It is never a drug. Even if you hear on the internet people saying I take Adderall or Provigil every day and it works great. This is crap. If you need to take Adderall, Ritalin or Provigil daily you have a huge problem on your own. Really, if you need a drug to stay awake then you need a change in environment. Drugs are not a solution to learning, progressing in life or for mental illness. Psych drugs kill. That is their mission as they don't cure anything. Ask the smartest people in your class and see how many of them need a psych drug to get A's.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Female Viagra is Just a Failed Anti-Depressant and Provides No Known Sexual Effects

Flibanserin produced by Sprout Pharmaceuticals is known as the Female Viagra and is marketed as Addyi. It was recently approved by the FDA and since then Sprout sold this failed fraud product to Valient for $1 Billion. So they are cashing in on their failed drug that they reintroduced to the FDA numerous times and the FDA and Valient took the bait. The best thing that Sprout did was to sell the hype.

This is a normal procedure for pharmaceutical drugs to push a failed drug onto someone else, or that it works on some other ailment. It is just an anti-depressant that didn’t work. Don't get us wrong as all anti-depressants don't work. Even "we approve everything" FDA said it failed. It is now pushed as a female Viagra, but it doesn’t act like Viagra at all. Addyi needs to be taken daily for weeks with no known or certain effects. It is suppose to give a women more desire, but it doesn’t. There is no science behind this drug that is why maybe the FDA had trouble approving it. Yet the FDA approves anything at all. This drug is a failure and is just a marketing gimmick that Sprout pulled off on Valient Pharma. We do like a pharmaceutical company getting taken for a ride though as there is some poetic justice here.

Additionally, Professor Lauren Streicher has been pushing this as giving a women normal sexual desire, and pushing the drug that it works. There is nothing known about the imbalance of neural transmitters as a known science regarding sexual desire. It has been pushed that women have been repressed regarding science and their sexuality. It has been lobbied as sex discrimination if this drug was not approved. The product doesn’t work, shows no promise of working and has just been marketed to people as a female Viagra.
This is one of the biggest farces of 2015. It is likely to sell millions but it is all fraud, fake and really a joke on users. It is all marketing and media hype. One might just say lots of sugar and cisco oil is good for you. That is this fraud in a nutshell.

Just take Spanish Fly as it is cheaper needs no prescription and some say it works.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Tennessee Theatre Killer Vincente Montano, 29 Diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia

This recent attempted murder of his family is one of a long line of Theater, Malls and Campus killing areas in 2015. A person who is diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic will be given psychotropic drugs. The kind of drugs that are prescribed to treat schizophrenia is a long long list. Some of these are Seroquel, Abilify, Zyprexa, Risperdal, Latuda, Invega and many many more. Too many more.

Many have seen these drugs commercials where people are smiling, laughing, enjoying friends in the outdoors. As if these drugs take a person who is paranoid schizophrenic into happiness. Where is the truth in advertising?

Well Vincente Montano was homeless, and wearing dingy cloths according to witnesses. He was not the happy TV commercial or magazine image that is portrayed by these drug pushers. He was reported missing by his family just two days before. Additionally, he had been committed four times to mental health “professionals”

So do you really think psychiatry works? Do you really think psychiatry is the answer? If this was an act of terror by outside forces then a full analysis and criminal investigations would be taken to address it. But if it is a mental health issue then the media and the government will not confront the drug makers or psychiatry "doctors". No, there is too much money in psych drugs to do that.

If you thinking of putting your child or loved one on psych drugs, then think of all the theaters, malls and campuses where these killings and attempted murders take place.
There are other real solutions to psych drugs. Read more find out more. There are natural remedies, non-drug remedies. Dianetics and Scientology are real methods that address issues of depression and problems in people’s lives. These are practical non drug methods to improve a person’s situation in life.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Killing of a Santa Cruz 8 year Old Girl by a Suicidal 15 Year old Neighbor. A Pattern of Psychotropic drugs?

Santa Cruz, Ca. is a resort town near Monterey Ca. People and reporters are asking why a 15 year old would kill his 8 year old neighbor. Well some evidence directs to the killer contemplating suicide recently. Also, his bizarre behavior of indifference to the murder of a play friend while the entire town was looking for a sweet 8 year old girl lured by ice cream by the killer ("suspect" on video).
This is a hallmark of a youth on psychotropic drugs. Either Adrian Gonzales is a natural born killer, or a doctor or psychiatrist prescribed him anti-depressants or some psychotropic drugs. Now there are two families that are destroyed. We may never know if Adrian Gonzalez was using psychotropic drugs since he is a minor, and that may all be suppressed are not looked at.
If the “suspected” killer was on psych drugs or not it sure shows how lethal these drugs have become. Can you imagine an 8 year old getting beaten, sexually abused and strangled to death while playing near her mom’s house? Can you image what drives a teenager to kill? Psych drugs have a long history of killing. Unfortunately, there are too many who support psychiatry to change this scene.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Another High Profile Police Case: Sandra Bland Arrested and on Psychotropic Drugs

This is another case involving police and a victim dying shortly thereafter. It has been disclose via some news sources that Sandra Bland was suffering from depression and PTSD. This indicates she was on some kind of psychotropic drug, but what drug we don’t know from initial reports.

Sandra Bland was arrested in Texas and was initially stopped over a minor traffic violation. There was a video taken via the police dash cam and another third party video. The video shows officer and Sandra Bland got into an argument about the traffic stop and it exculpated into an arrest. Three days later Ms. Bland asked to make a phone call from her jail cell. Two hours after that, a jail worker discovered her dead in her cell.

The coroner ruled her cause of death as a suicide by asphyxiation, yet her family insists she would never kill herself. Further investigation will ensue but we do know that psychotropic drugs have a side effect of suicide. A person will also demonstrate erratic behavior. The officer was only going to give her a warning and not even site her for the traffic violation. It appears in the video that pharma drugs may have play a role in her behavior. The side effects look to have played out in her apparent suicide. Statistics show that over 400,000 people attempt suicide in the US alone. That is almost 1% of the population.

Other recent similar high profile cases where psychotropic drugs were involved are the death of Tony Terrell Robinson Jr. In Wisconsin, and Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez in Tennessee. All involving police and some involving protest between police and victims.

Is there a connection between psychotropic drug use and suicide and erratic behavior? We see the signs in recent cases, as well as, all the campus and workplace violence shootings the last few decades.

It is not hard to connect the dots. It is not politics it is psych drugs distributed by pharmaceutical companies.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Chattanooga Shooter Depressed According to Family

Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, The gunman's family issued a statement expressing their condolences and saying he suffered from depression.

United States and authorities abroad in Jordan are looking into his other motivations in connections to terrorism. Abdulazeez shot and killed five Armed forces personnel who worked at a recruiting center in a strip mall. He then drove to a Navy operations support center about 7 miles away and stage another attack. He was killed by law enforcement at that location.

If his family said he was depressed then that indicates psychotropic drugs most likely were involved. Anti-depressant side effects demonstrate this type of killing behavior as they are connected to virtually all the education campus’s and mall shootings across the US and worldwide. Authorities will most likely tag this as a terror related act.
His recent behavior doesn’t demonstrate that he was a devote Muslim as he was arrested for a DUI and other drugs were suspected.

Will this be the first time that criminal authorities connect the dots with psychotropic drugs? We hope so, but we are not holding our breath. There is more money in war then in solutions. Anti-depressants are not and will never be a solution to depression.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Anti-Depressants Linked to Cases of Birth Defects

A new study published in the British Medical Journal implicate Paxil, Prozac, Fluoxetine were linked to birth defects when a pregnant women used the drugs. Zoloft was not link to birth defects, but it is linked to suicide just like Paxil and Prozac are.
This was an extensive study 27000 women who had children from 1997 until 2009. The study was done by the CDC. What is also striking is that these “expert” drug pushers said that women should not stop taking anti-depressants despite the risk of birth defects. Do all these experts only think about money? It is patently clear anti-depressants don’t work and never have and now that create birth defects.
Here is a quote from ABC news "When you look at sertraline, it’s one of the most commonly used antidepressants," said Cooper. He said the findings that the Zoloft was not associated with any birth defects should be "reassuring" for expectant women. Really Dr. Cooper what about that Zoloft has a high risk of a person committing suicide. Is that reassuring too?
The more common birth defects associated with anti-depressants include heart defects, issues with the abdominal wall, anus and malformation of the skull and brain. So the risk of having your child with malformation of the skull and brain outweighs the need for an anti-depressant? The article went further to say Eli Lilly which makes Prozac and GSK which makes Paxil went onto defending themselves.
Hopefully, more and more women will get the idea that taking drugs during pregnancy is a big risk. When doctors say the risk is low beware that the risk is extremely high. The also come after the State of California passed a draconian law that parents can’t opted out of shots based on personal preference.
The police state is taking shape where people are being forced to take medications. Take a look at the movie THX 1138 by George Lucas, a police state planet or drugs.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Anti-depressant used during menopause 'raises risk of broken bones'

This is a recent article from the Daily Mail
Women who take common anti-depressants to counter the impact of menopause may have a 76 per cent higher risk of broken bones, scientists warn.
The risk appears to last for several years after women take the drugs, leading to calls for doctors to reduce the period for which they are prescribed.
For many women, the onset of the menopause triggers mood changes and depression, and each year thousands are prescribed a type of anti-depressant called SSRIs - selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, the best known of which is Prozac.
The drugs are also sometimes prescribed to help women cope with other effects of the menopause, such as irritable bowel syndrome, hot flushes and night sweats.
But new research suggests a side effect of the drugs may be a weakening of the bones.
SSRIs are among the most commonly prescribed drugs in Britain. Some 30 million prescriptions for them were given out in England last year, at a cost of £74 million (NZ$170 million).
There are no figures for how many are given to menopausal women, but it is thought that some doctors prefer to prescribe anti-depressants rather than hormone replacement therapy, fearing HRT can increase the risk of heart problems.
But the balance is beginning to swing back in favour of HRT, with new NHS guidelines expected to tell doctors to stop excluding certain women from access to the drugs.
Researchers from Northeastern University in Boston analysed data from 370,000 American menopausal women over 12 years. Of these, 137,000 took SSRIs, including fluoxetine, which is known as Prozac, as well as hydrobromide, oxalate, fluvoxamine, paroxetine and sertraline.
The researchers compared this group with 236,000 women who took indigestion medications over the same period.
Among those who took the SSRIs, the rate of fractures was 76 per cent higher one year after starting treatment, 73 per cent higher after two years and 67 per cent higher after five years.
The researchers stressed that their study was purely based on statistics, so they could draw no definitive conclusions about cause and effect. But previous research has suggested that anti-depressants may alter the way bones grow, making them thinner and weaker.
The authors, led by injury prevention expert Professor Matthew Miller, wrote in Injury Prevention, part of the British Medical Journal group: "SSRIs appear to increase fracture risk among middle-aged women without psychiatric disorders, an effect sustained over time, suggesting that shorter duration of treatment may decrease this.
"Future efforts should examine whether this association pertains at lower doses."
The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence is expected to publish guidelines later this year telling NHS doctors to stop denying HRT to menopausal women who have high blood pressure.
Specialists have long complained that many are being unfairly denied HRT and left to deal with the effects of the menopause unaided.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

James Boulware Dallas Armor Van Shooter Was Declared Sane by Psychiatrists

New reports indicated that James Boulware's family said in a statement that they were "in shock and glad nobody else was hurt."
"We tried to get him mental help numerous times, but the system failed him, because he was declared 'sane.' He was very delusional. It was very obvious," the statement said. "We hope that people with mental illness will receive the care they need to avoid situations like this in the future." End quote

Boulware had weapons and explosives and accused Dallas Police of causing him to lose custody of his son. It appears from Boulware’s parents that he had been under psychiatric evaluation, and almost certainly on psychotropic drugs. They simply go hand in hand. Once again psychiatry didn’t help this man and nor did psychotropic drugs.
All the news reports have been and will be about the guns, violence and an armored vehicle. There are no real investigative reporters anymore getting to the source. They are not interested in solving the issues that affect people.

The psychiatrist(s) who treated James Boulware should be interviewed and investigated. But psychiatry runs from accountability. They are never accountable and will always blame others for lack of funding, or we didn’t get enough drugs to the patient. He went off his meds.
Never will you hear a psychiatrist say I have a cure for mental illness or my actions caused the patient to commit suicide or to kill others. Psychiatry is a fraud science, fumbling blindly and making no attempt to account for their wrongdoings. How many people have you killed Dr. Death?

They are really the Nazi’s of the modern era. Global destruction everywhere they tread. If someone says you or a loved one should see a psychiatrist. Run as fast as you can. They will bill you and absolutely positively accomplish nothing for you. Ask Boulware’s parents.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Wisconsin Officer Exonerated and a Teen is Deceased, but is Pfizer Exonerated?

According to the Wisconsin Dane County DA a March 6 shooting of Tony Terrell Robinson Jr. was "lawful."
NBCnews reported that some of the evidence was recently released from the scene of the shooting, including dashcam videos taken from police cruisers. The Dane County district attorney said that Robinson, 19, had Xanax, mushrooms and marijuana in his system. Witnesses described him as acting erratically while on drugs that evening. End News Report.
Xanax is a product of Pfizer, and some of the side effects are irritability, trouble concentrating, fear or nervousness, inability to sit still, mood or mental changes. Rare side effects are actions that are out of control, feeling jittery. Hmm, according to the police report this young teen was acting erratic and out of control, and punched the officer. It seems like this young man was feeling the effects of Xanax and hallucinogenic mushrooms as well as marijuana. But will Pfizer be exonerated well certainly. The protesters are concentrating on the police incident and not that the teen was as the mercy of Pfizer’s drugs.
We should all protest Pfizer’s headquarters and hold them to account. Their Xanax drug was an element in the cause of this police incident and the death of this teen.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wisconsin Bridge Killer Sergio Valencia del Toro was Depressed According to News Report

Sergio Valencia del Toro, 27, of Menasha, Wis., suffered from major depression and was very irrational, his former fiance said to multiple news reports. He shot four people and then himself on a bridge in a small city in Wisconsin.
The USA Today reported that the police said Valencia del Toro biked to the Trestle Trail with two handguns and began shooting unprovoked and at close range near the pavilion on the bridge. The victims were as young as 11 to 33 years old.
Valencia del Toro died Sunday at the same hospital. It is not verified if del Toro was on psychotropic drugs or anti-depressants, but this is a hallmark of those drugs. Depressed people see a doctor or psychiatrist and then are prescribed a psychotropic drug. Psychotropic drugs and anti-depressants don’t work and they never have. They simply lead to a person acting out mania in this fashion. If they have access to guns like del Toro did then they indiscriminately kill like the evidence shows he did.
The pharmaceutical company, doctor or psychiatrist who most likely prescribed the drugs are responsible for this outcome, but they will never be held to account and the pharmaceutical company will continue to make billions. This is the world today.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Baltimore Police Arrested?

According to the Associated Press which reported WBAL records one officer was hospitalized in April 2012 following concerns about his mental health. The officer’s police and personal guns were confiscated by Sheriffs authorities. This information sounds like pharmaceutical drugs were involved in this officers life. This information doesn’t affect the case in Baltimore, but once a person is in a hospital because of a mental state they are almost always prescribed psychotropic drugs.

Further news reports indicate from the Washington Post say recently police visited the officers home as his girlfriend and mother of his child called police because of statements the officer said to her which alarmed her.

These are indications of the effects of the officer’s mental state. This is typical of psychotropic drug use. Police would not take guns away from an officer unless they felt the officer would harm them self or others. Psychotropic drugs are so prolific in today’s society and within the local, State and Federal government that psychotropic drug most likely would have been prescribed to an officer with these incidents.

All these Baltimore officers are innocent until proven guilty, and no way were the psychotropic drugs the cause of this incident with Freddie Gray’s life. Additionally, the officer was not alone in the arrest, so the officer’s mental state must have been cleared for him to go back to work after hospitalization. It just shows that the massive overuse of psychotropic drugs in today’s society. So if the officer’s guns were confiscated in 2012 and if the officer was prescribed psych drugs thereafter then if the psych drugs worked then why just recently did police have to come to the officers home to protect his girlfriend and child? We don’t know and will likely not know for sure if psych drugs were in this officers life, but the track record and proliferation of the drugs show that they are in the military, police, schools, universities and throughout the US and World Government, but nobody gets cured by psych drugs.

Monday, April 20, 2015

School Killings and Attempted Killings are not about the Gun and not only in the US

In Barcelona Spain on Monday April 20, 2015 a 13 year-old Spanish boy was armed with a crossbow and a machete and killed a substitute teacher and wounded four people at his school in Barcelona according to police. The boy is the suspect and will not be charged criminally as he is under 14. He is now in custody and going through a psychiatric exam.
In Spain, according to news reports children under age 14 are not held legally responsible for crimes and cannot be jailed or placed in juvenile detention centers, but they can be sent to mental health facilities.

Fox News reported that said another student indicated he knew the suspect and said he was a loner and he was bullied. Witnesses say he was saying “incoherent things”. There were also two wounded students and a teacher.

This looks to us like a psychotropic drug incident, but that is not known at the moment. But what is know is that there isn’t a gun involved. The US media and Government always use the gun excuse and the reason for these school killings. They can’t use that in this case? There will be more to learn of this, but it is a school killing not in the US and no gun involved.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Andres Lubitz Premeditation Mass Murder aided by Psychiatrist and Bigpharma

The prosecutor says that Andreas Lubitz researched cockpit door security and suicide methods in days before crashing doomed Germanwings jet, prosecutors say. He has searched information on how to lock a cockpit. It was also reported that he was not just on medical pills but also received injections prescribed from a psychiatrist and or a medical facility. It is possible he came off his meds to pass a urine test.
The police found antidepressants (SSRI’s) during a search of his apartment recently. German newspaper Welt reported that he had been treated by several neurologists and psychiatrists.
The FAA will currently not allow U.S. pilots to fly commercial or private airplanes if they are currently taking antidepressant medications. It looks like the FAA knows there are dangerous, but the media and psychiatry seems to think they are just fine and normal. Lubitz has been seeking psychiatric help for 18 months yet the airline still allowed him to fly? Is that because he was the co-pilot?
The media and government will likely not mention that psychotropic drugs were the cause of Andreas Lubitz desire to commit mass murder. The psychiatric facility will go on doing business as usually with likely no repercussions.

Image is a religious organization or a right wing politician prescribed the drugs, or aided Lubitz in some way? The questioning and demand for criminal retribution would be endless. The media would be down their throats.

But it is not a story or a criminal act, or a history of violence if psychiatry or BigPharma is involved. It simply a coincidence, and it is just business as usual

Thursday, March 26, 2015

GermanWings Flight 9525Pilot Andreas Lubitz Committed Aircraft Assisted Mass Murder Suicide and Killed 150 Passengers? And Anti-depressants Psychotropic Drugs are Involved

It is not the first time this has happened as Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah of MH370 may be a suspected of purposely downing that plane

Carsten Spohr, CEO of Lufthansa, which owns Germanwings, said, “We have to accept that the plane was crashed on purpose.” He added, “It seems to be true that the co-pilot denied the pilot access to the cockpit.” Although there are no indications Andreas Lubitz had mental health issues Lufthansa indicated.. Yet a friend said Andreas Lubitz was battling depression since 2009. Investigators said his breath was normal and was not of somebody who was struggling. He never said a single word.. Nothing-end quote. That is the sign of a cold blooded killer of 150 innocent men women and children, descending in a Jet thousands of feet per second and he didn’t make a sound, nothing? We suspect psychotropic drugs and a psychiatrist or doctor subscribe him psychotropic drugs. It has all the hallmarks or psych drugs, and there effect on a person to commit mass murder.

There was a study by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) which indicates flying is safe, but there have been suicides by pilot. News Australia reports of a 10 year study ending in 2012, just eight of 2,758 fatal aviation accidents in the US were caused by pilot suicide, a rate of 0.3 per cent. The report found that all eight suicides were men, with four of them testing positive for alcohol and two for antidepressants.

“Aircraft-assisted suicides are tragic, intentional events that are hard to predict and difficult to prevent,’’ the FAA’s report found, adding that such suicides “are most likely underreported and under recognized.’’ further reports: In at least one case, a major international airline allowed a pilot who had expressed suicidal thoughts to continue flying. He flew nearly three more years, without incident, before he resigned in 1982 with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety and depression.
The missing Malaysian plane with Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah is still under investigation. Police are investigating both pilots and a flight simulator Captain Shah had in his home. Some experts feel that suicide on MH370 is the most likely cause as pilots are more likely to able to disable transponder and communication equipment.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Family Says Voice heard by Baby Lily's Rescuers Came from her Mother's Love

Baby Lily is the survivor of a car crash about 50 miles from Salt Lake City. The first responder's who found the SUV overturned on March 7 have since met with the Groesbeck family, telling them about the mysterious voice they all heard crying for help inside the car, spurring them to a rapid and astounding rescue. "The voice said help us please help us".

ABC News via Desert News quotes "What it should show all of us is an acknowledgement of how much Jenny loved her little girl," the woman's brother, Garrett Groesbeck, "I don't think there can be any stronger example of loving someone so much, even after (death). The fact that we have these men not just one person but all these men that had the same experience really hit home with us."

Link to ABCnews Video

We bring this up on our blog to demonstrate that there is spirit in every human. Not an imaginary spirit but a real living spirit that lives within the body and lives on after death of the body. Most religions around the world recognise the spirit. Three religions recognize past lives on earth (Budists, Hindu's and Scientologist's). Most major religions treat the spirit as the living entity which is you, and not your body.

Psychiatry and pharmaceutical companies attempt to treat the body with drugs. They are treating the wrong entity. Your body is not suffering with issue of depression, or even the made up ailments like ADHD. Your spirit issues manifest itself on the body. This is why psychiatry and pharmaceutical companies will always be wrong. They are treating the wrong entity, and treating the effects of the spirit on the body. They are wrong and will always be wrong. They are grabbing at straws or grabbing for money. This is why nobody will get better from psychiatry or the use of pharmaceutical drugs. Their entire premise is wrong.

The spirit of Baby Lily mother was calling out for help for her child, after her body no longer functioned. The spirit is the one that needs the help long term. Sure the body needs repair from sunburns, broken limbs and joints, but the spirit needs to be treated for mental illness. The only technology that we have found that addresses the ailments of the spirit is Dianetic's and Scientology. They have have the only real technology to address mental illness.

So Spiritual religions have been correct all along and Lily's mother proves that on video.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Iris Chang Author of Rape of Nanking, Death at the hands of Psychiatry and Pharmaceutical Drugs

Iris Chang was an author of several books including the “Rape of Nanking” and “The Chinese in America”. She was also researching for a future book on the Bataan Death March. She had a instance of depression in Louisville Kentucky, while doing research. She was taken to Norton Psychiatric Hospital. In due course they diagnosed her with reactive psychosis. A definition of brief reactive psychosis is a psychotic episode that last hours or a week due to stress. Further psychosis is defined a as state where a person can’t recognize reality or communicate. The psychiatric hospital did what they only know how to do is provide massive dosages of medication. According to reports this may have been the first time that she had taken anti psychotic medication. She apparently was at the hospital (if you can call it a hospital) for three days under medication. This was in August of 2004, and by November she took her own life in Northern California. According to reports she had been taking Depakote and Risperdal at the time of her death.

This tragedy was over ten years ago, but we bring it up because it shows the continued deadly effects of psychiatry and psychotropic drugs. Psychiatry’s only solution is drugs, drugs and oh we can give them more drugs to combat the side effects. This is a pseudo science that does not care about you. If you sedate someone you don’t have to deal with them, and better still you can bill them.

If you think for one second that psychiatry and the pharmaceutical companies care about the effects of these drugs on people, or the outcome to society then you are grossly mistaken. Their history tells their tale.

It is very unfortunate that the BigPharma psychiatry monster took Iris Chang’s life, but what is more unfortunate is they do it all the time. They are never held to account and they have not been paraded before Congress or vilified in the media. We don’t know the number of people deceased due to psychiatry or pharmaceutical drugs, but we can safely say it is more than the number of soldiers that died in Iraq. Iraq received plenty or press and after the fact oversight.

If this doesn't end soon it will end badly.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Eddie Ray Routh, Suspect In Chris Kyle Chad Littlefield Murders, Was Diagnosed PTSD

Eddie Ray Routh of the Marine Corp Reserve is on trial for the murder of Chris Kyle the “American Sniper” and is diagnosed PTSD. Routh has been charged with one count of capital murder and two counts of murder in the shooting deaths of Kyle, author of the best-selling book "American Sniper," and his friend Chad Littlefield at a shooting range in Glen Rose, Texas.
Upon his arrest for the crime Routh told authorities he was a Marine veteran who was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Police took him to Green Oaks Hospital for psychiatric care and he was on suicide watch. The hospital would not release his records because of privacy laws. The court will likely not disclose his pharmaceutical drug use though. Previously Routh was involved in burglary regarding pill bottles. It is extremely likely Routh was prescribed PTSD drugs due to his erractic behavior and that is how the Military deals with PTSD patients.
The Army Surgeon General's office is backed away from its long-standing endorsement of prescribing psychotropic drugs for PTSD. They have a number of regional medical commanders against using tranquilizers such as Xanax and Valium to treat PTSD.

News reports have reported a recent Army memo. The memo indicates that the Army Medical Command has taken a new look at PTSD drugs known as benzodiazepines. These drugs such as Xanax and Valium, could intensify rather than reduce combat stress symptoms and lead to addiction. So the Army is now backing away from Xanax and Valium in their treatment of PTSD.

We are not sure if Eddy Ray Routh was prescribed Xanax or Valium, but it is likely he was using some pharma drug as a ‘treatment”. His defense indicates that they will be defending Routh on temporary insanity. We think they should say the pharma drugs did it. The track record of pharma surely demonstrates that.

Monday, February 9, 2015

America and the World is Still Not Talking About Psychotropic Drugs and Violence

About two years ago The Orlando Sentinel, along with WOFL-TV, held a forum to look at the Sandy Hook Massacre.
The attendees were government representatives and law enforcement. The Sheriff indicated at this particular forum that the majority of crimes his deputies prosecuted involve handguns and that the problem is due to criminals and the mentally ill’s access to these guns. The connection between mental illness and guns was barely addressed at this public forum in Orlando and it is rarely addressed across America. This is puzzling as the Sandy Hook mass murderer was clearly mentally ill and on psychotropic drugs. The same with the Colombine killers and a multitude of similar campus shootings. It seems to be evident that today’s jails in America are the largest mental health facilities.
Talking heads on television and politicians across American always talk about gun ownership as being the problem. What is never addressed is the clear connection between psychotropic drugs and gun violence. The issue of mental illness is addressed if a killer has a history of mental illness. The fact that this killer has seen a psychiatrist or has been on psychotropic drugs or some anti-depressants is never raised. Why isn’t the psychiatrist or doctor who prescribed the drugs not slammed? Why arn't pharmaceutical firms on trial? There is a clear connection that psych drugs are the catalyst for violence, guns or other weapons. That is the discussion we should be talking about.
If jails have become the largest mental health facilities in America then why are jails and prisons such a revolving door. Why arn’t the violators cured? Anyone who has lived over two decades can see that convicts commit crimes and remain criminals in prison and if they are released they continue to commit crimes out of prison and then they end up doing more time. If prisons are full of mental health professionals then why do ex-cons still commit crimes? Should we not be looking at the “mental health professionals”? Doesn't anyone see their programs and their science doesn’t work?
Why continue to fund them at the state and county and Federal levels? Psych drugs are not the answer they are the cause!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Mother Cuts Throat of Her Children all under 2 Years in Olympia Washington. Were psychiatric Drugs to Blame?

CNN and local news agencies reports:. The Washington state mother Christina Booth, 28 has been charged with attempted murder after authorities say she cut her children's throats in an attempt to keep them quiet. The children were 2 years old and 6 month old twins. That is right she cut the throat of two 6 month old babies.
Olympia, Washington police saw the twins were on the couch crying uncontrollably and the 2 year old with lying in dry blood all over her upstairs. The children were taken to the hospital for surgery and are in stable condition according to authorities.
So what drives a mother to do such a thing? Psychotropic drugs! She was suffering from postpartum depression and she was on psychiatric drugs. Do you think the drugs worked? They certainly worked as an agent to kill.
The father Thomas Booth indicated that he and his wife were both intoxicated and his wife was slurring her words.
Local news further reported that the mother indicated she confessed that she knew if she killed the kids the house would be quiet for her husband Thomas. She told police that her husband never helped with the kids and she hit a breaking point, and she said they will be quiet now. The husband said his wife takes the kids out of his presence when they start to cry.
The husband has not been charged, but sounds like he added to the pressure to his wife and kids. The husband is an active duty soldiers and stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. This is the same base where Staff Sgt Robert Bales was stationed. Bales killed 16 Afghan civilians while drunk and on psychiatric drugs and is now sentenced to life in prison. The mother is in jail on $3million bail and the children are in protective services.

All because of psychotropic drugs?

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

San Francisco Police Who Killed Alex Neito in Self Defense Last Year, Site Victims Psychiatric History

SFGate reported: SF Police Police said the officers had been responding to reports of a man with a gun at Bernal Heights Park who was acting erratically and threatening passersby when they came across Nieto eating his dinner. Nieto had been carrying a Taser stun gun before his shift as a nightclub security guard. Authorities said Nieto brandished the weapon at the officers. The City College student was shot as many as 14 times, according to his autopsy report.

In the autopsy report, the medical examiner highlighted Nieto’s psychiatric “history of aggressive and bizarre behavior, auditory hallucinations and noncompliance to psychiatric medications.” In 2011, Nieto was placed on a psychiatric hold “for attempting to burn his parents’ house down.”
A few weeks before the shooting, a former friend had filed a restraining order against him saying Nieto had used his Taser on him four times in front of his wife and son.
His friends and family have repeatedly objected to the release of his mental health history, saying authorities were trying to taint his character and distract the public from the actual details of the shooting, which the department has been reluctant to share.
“Alex’s past mental well-being is irrelevant to the issue of whether the police are liable or criminally accountable for his homicide,” they wrote on the Justice for Alex Nieto website. “Any smear tactics cannot contradict or explain witness statements concerning this police shooting.” END SFGate report

Police Shootings have been in the media since Ferguson MO. and Staten Island NY. In this case as in other similar cases regarding simulated guns, and victims resisting arrest the end result is most likely fatal. The medical examiner is putting Alex Nieto’s psychiatric history in the forefront. In our view it is another example of psychiatry not working. His medical history indicated he has not been complying with his medication. We think the medication is the reason for his continued erratic behavior. His non-compliance with meds indicates he took meds and then didn’t take them at times. This also creates erratic behavior when a patient abruptly comes off their meds. There have been numerous cases where patients don’t take their psychotropic drugs and then either commit suicide or take others live with theirs. Psychiatry once again gets a pass as a patient places themselves in a fatal situation. The drugs and psychiatry once again show up and someone is deceased. These occurrence will not end until something is done about these drugs and psychiatry is taken to task for their responsibility for their actions.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Mentally Ill Man Runs Down Pedestrians in Dijon France

This is a similar story which occurred in Redondo Beach, Ca. in December 2014 that we recently reported about.

In Dijon France and man who has severe mental illness ran down 13 pedestrians in the city, He has a long history of severe mental illness and no links to terrorism according to the prosecutor.

The man, who is 40, has admitted his role in the attack, said prosecutor Marie-Christine Tarrare. She said he had been hospitalized 157 times for psychiatric problems since 2001, most recently this fall.
She said the man, the French-born son of North African immigrants, acted alone and had no religious motivations, but rather was upset at the treatment of Chechen children.

He shouted 'God is great' to give himself courage to act, and not out of religious belief, Tarrare said.The suspect was arrested. Eight people remain hospitalized.

Someone who has been hospitalized 157 times and seen a psychiatrist for years is certainly on psychotropic drugs. Clearly psychiatry is not curing people, or providing any improvements in their as this case shows. This is also similar to the Fort Hood Shooter, who was on psychotropic drugs. In the Fort Hood shooter case his motivation was terrorism, and to get out of serving abroad. In all three cases we site in this article all were on psychotropic drugs. Do you see a pattern?

It is not the gun, or the car it is the pharma-drugs!