Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dumbest Study of the Month: Men Showing Signs of PostPartum Depression? Please!!!

This is all a plan to get men to take psychotropic drugs. It is obvious that a new baby will make a family worried, sleep deprived, irritable, and even overwhelmed. This is not a mental health issue. This is normal. Pharmaceutical companies and psychiatry has been successfully in diagnosing and including all normal life behaviors as a syndrome, or disorder. The entire plan has been to have all humans on one or more of their pills throughout their lifetime. If you see a psychiatrist then within fifteen minutes you will be prescribed a pharma drug. It is all about money. It has nothing to do with care or research, or knowledge. If you give into this non-sense then they win. Many of the side effects of their Mr. Hyde chemicals will kill you. They also have unknown long term side effects. Putting so many chemicals in your body over a life-time will most certainly cause unintended or intended consequences.

Unfortunately, Western medicine thinks life’s issues are solved with a pill. Nothing can be further from the truth. Life issues are solved with directly addressing the problem not adding a new instant cure drug.

This is the complete article By Shari Roan, of the Los Angeles Times

They might relish becoming parents, but they can also be unprepared for the infant in their lives. They're sleep-deprived, confused and irritable. They're the fathers.

Discussions of the connection between mental health and childbirth have long focused on women, but a sizeable portion of men experience prenatal and postpartum depression too, according to research released Tuesday.

The study published in the Journal of the American Medical Assn., found that 10.4% of men experienced serious depression at some point between his partner's first trimester and one year after childbirth, more than double the depression rate for men in general. American men were more likely to experience prenatal or postpartum depression compared with men in other countries, 14.1% in the U.S. compared with 8.2% internationally.

"It's viewed as a disorder of motherhood. It's not viewed by health professionals and the public as a problem in fathers," said James F. Paulson, the lead author of the study and an assistant professor of pediatrics at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk.

But depression in either parent can affect both the couple's relationship and the child's development, Paulson said, adding that further study is needed.

"There have been a few very good studies documenting negative child outcomes when fathers are depressed," he said. "That alone makes this a significant public health concern and something we need to pay more attention to."

Paulson analyzed the findings of 43 studies involving 28,004 participants. The men were from the United States, China, Ireland, Britain, Australia and several other developed nations.

The most vulnerable period for depression in men was three to six months postpartum, he found, with a quarter of the men who experienced depression afflicted during this time period.

An estimated 14% to 23% of women experience depression during pregnancy and 5% to 25% have postpartum depression, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Paternal depression has not been well documented historically, and many of the studies in the meta-analysis were conducted only in the last five to 10 years, Paulson said. The contemporary father may be more vulnerable to this malady than previous generations of fathers because of the increasing number of women in the workplace and the corresponding expectations that he shoulder more responsibilities at home.

"We are expecting dads to be more involved in parenting than we ever have before," said Will Courtenay, a psychotherapist and researcher on paternal depression in Berkeley who was not involved in the study. "Most dads are welcoming of that, but they don't have any models about what a dad is supposed to do. That creates uncertainty, and that uncertainty can lead to anxiety and depression."

Further, paternal depression symptoms are much less likely to be recognized than maternal depression, Paulson said. A woman may be sad, withdrawn and weepy while depressed; men may appear more irritable or angry and become detached from the family.

In women, the condition is often linked to biological and hormonal changes associated with pregnancy and birth. But hormones are not the sole cause of pregnancy-related depression even in women.

"This narrow focus really makes it difficult to understand depression in men," Paulson said. "We know, in fact, there are many factors, hormonal and other, related to depression in women."

The depression of either parent can include how one partner's depression affects the other and how intimacy, conflict management and division of responsibilities change after having a baby. In the meta-analysis, men had a higher risk of depression if their partner also had depression.

"If we see depression in one partner that should prompt us to screen for depression in the other partner," he said.

Marital dissatisfaction, financial stress and having a sick or colicky baby could increase the risk of depression in one or both partners, said Courtenay, who is conducting a study on new fathers in collaboration with the Center for Men at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Mass.

" Sleep deprivation likely plays one of the biggest roles for men and women," he said. "We know that if normal, healthy adults go without good sleep for just one month, they begin to show signs of clinical depression."

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Snapshot of the Malfunction Nature of Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology

There was a recent article in the New York Times Magazine in the April 2010 issue written by Daniel Carlat that tells a very revealing story regarding psychiatry and psychopharmacology. He appears to have an epiphany on psychiatry and psychotherapy. We would like to give him credit for realizing where psychiatry has been going, in addition, Daniel Carlat’s article is a precursor to his book “Unhinged: the Trouble With Psychiatry,” He explains how today’s psychiatry works, or in our view doesn’t.
Patients are evaluated based on the DSM-IV, psychiatry’s diagnostic manual which breaks down a patient’s disorder in several categories such as mood, anxiety, and several eating disorders, anxiety nightmares or flashbacks etc. Based on the patient’s answers to the questions a drug’s is then prescribed. This is based on Leon Eisenberg (a pioneer of psychopharmacology) as Carlat notes that in the beginning of the past century psychiatry was brainless, or mainly interested in psychoanalysis, while the second half of the 20th century psychiatry has been mindless or infatuated with pills. This has been the emphasis of the new generation of psychiatrists.
Carlat also notes what we suspected that insurance companies have pushed for medication visits, so the psychiatrist’s simply sees the patient for fifteen minutes to fill out a prescription. Longer hourly therapies are discouraged as it is less profitable for the insurance carrier. With this method the psychiatrist actually never knows his patient, and if any therapy is warranted then a lower ranking psychologist is referred. The end result is that the profession simply diagnoses disorders and medicates the patient.
He concludes in his article that psychopharmacology is doing damage to psychiatry, and we will add that it is damaging the patient. We encourage you to take a look at the article and potentially his book “Unhinged: the Trouble With Psychiatry,” which will be published in May 2010.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Police State has arrived and BigPharma will continue to Administer the Control Drugs

Ironically there was an online ad during Obama’s early campaign for president in 2008 that indicated his potential administration would save us from George Orwell’s 1984. Well this administration looks to be the puppet master of the police state. There are many events that are taking place right before your eyes, which everyone is allowing. One of George Lucas’s early films in 1971 was Thx 1138 which portrayed a future of population control with special drugs to suppress emotion, and sexual desire. The Obama Administrations Science Czar John Holdren has said that forced abortions and mass sterilizations are needed to save the planet from overpopulation. Pharmaceutical emotion suppressing drugs are on the market today as psychotropic antidepressants. They don’t make you happy they make you apathetic, depressed, suicidal, and anything but cured or relieved. BigPharma’s control drug has its genesis in the Nazi police state. Population control drugs, death camps, electric shock were all Nazi originations. We have all but the death camps in the West now. Presently, we have chemical straightjackets forced on children who can’t control themselves which are supposed to prevent the whole class from erupting into chaos. These children are considered to have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). These are all made up terms in order to drug control a child who has difficulty studying. Antidepressants are cross prescribed to curtail smoking, post natal depression, Bi-polar, ADHD and you can name it and your doctor or psychiatrist will push it.
Pharmaceutical companies use psychotropic’s to subdue the public, but they need legal protection by the government as the drugs are a complete failure and they have no science to back up their assertions. The exchange other than money for BigPharma to help control the masses requires a government shield. One cover for BigPharma’s mind altering drugs has been the FDA and now with the additional help from the Supreme Court. It is called pre-emption where by the FDA has approved a drugs use, so it absolves the pharmaceutical company from legal issues based on pre-approval by the FDA. The Supreme Court has already ruled that medical device makers are immune from state lawsuits if their device has previous FDA approval. Pharma is attempting to get the same pre-emption for their drugs. In addition, Congress has attempted several times to pass the Mothers Act, which will compel all pregnant women to see the psychiatric department of their hospital. A Psychiatrist’s only solution is to prescribe drugs, so every US child will be on a psychotropic drug from cradle to grave. It is broadly known that all psychotropic drugs don’t work, so the side effects cause the need for another drug which creates a lifetime patient. A perfect drug controlled police state in the making.
In the United Kingdom there is a proposal to place a chip in pets to track “dangerous animals” from the public. This can be the first test to placing chips in children, so they can be monitored and “protected” from abduction. It could also be used to track ex-cons, and then anyone. We are not their just yet, but technology has created such a scenario. Technology currently tracks your location and activity by cell phone, internet searches, GPS, virtually all your activity can be tracked. Companies know your habits by your credit card, and the products you buy by zebra code. Security cameras are in every major city and especially the United Kingdom today. There are also plans in place to monitor a person’s behavior in airports. Cameras will capture a person’s mood like anger and aggression, maybe even frustration, and security will remove that passenger from entering a plane. This is only the beginning of what the future holds.
There is a new Senate Bill 3081 called The “Enemy Belligerent Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010.” This new bill is intended to handle potential terrorist, but it has a very broad application. It will allow a suspect to be detained without Miranda rights which is the right to remain silent, and to request an attorney. It will allow for detention without criminal charges, and allows a citizen to be designated a suspect based on what the president considers appropriate. Well the president will not weigh in on every arrest, but he could when martial law is imposed, or pass those powers to Homeland Security. The Obama Administration just recently pressed the police in Chicago to use S.W.A.T Teams and snipers to oversea a Tea Party protest comprised of older law abiding Americans bereft of any crimes.

So you should be able to see that a police state is well on its way to becoming reality. It has arrived subtly and will likely continue to slowly become the norm. Eventually it will become law “for your protection”. Much like detaining mentally ill patients in the 1950’s by men in white coats. Personally liberties are being violated all of the time, and may vanish if most of the population remains asleep to what is going on with BigPharma’s cradle to grave drug efforts and the government’s intrusion. The least you can do is to say no to pharmaceutical drugs when offered. Stand up for you rights to be Pharma-drug free while you still can, and vote with a conscience.