Monday, October 22, 2018

Antipsychotic Drugs Will Not Avert Delirium Or Dementia Sugar Pill Will Work Better

A recent study major study found that anti-psychotic drugs such as haloperidol branded as Haldol are no more effective than a placebo for treating delirium or dementia. This is a similar study where anti-psychotics are no better than a placebo to avert depression.

Powerful drugs that have been used for decades to treat delirium are ineffective for that purpose are useless according to the New England Journal of Medicine. Many doctors in higher end medical facilities prescribe these drugs in intensive care units and emergency rooms across the nation. Millions worldwide are getting these drugs to combat delirium and they have zero effectiveness. This is why we call this Pharma Fraud. Insurance firms and patients are paying top dollar for products that do not work and have never worked.

Patients with delirium are often confused and incoherent and sometimes can suffer hallucinations. This can lead to long term issues. condition can lead to long-term cognitive problems, including a form of dementia.

We hope patients and insurance companies will sue these firms for fraud. Finally a study which is not stirred for pharma, but for the real truth.

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