Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Climate Change and Mental Health? Really?

The UN report recently forwarded says we have 20 years or life as we know it is over.
Nick Obradovich is a research scientist at the MIT Media Lab. He co-author “catastrophic” ,Which is a study in mental health to climate change. Now Mr. Obradovich has a degree in economics and environmental studies at the University of Santa Clara, he has a Masters and PHD in Political Science at UCSD. He is a research fellow at MIT and doing a post-doctorate at Harvard. It appears he has spent his entire life at school and studying. We will give him his due.
His new paper says human behavior and moods will be impacted adversely by climate change as all the world gets hotter by up to 2 degree Celsius. We have not read his full paper, but we wonder about the timing of the publication as the UN just warned the world of impending doom if we don’t all give up our cars. Part of Obradovich’s studies was in Sub-Sahara Africa where heat is a daily issue. Going up 2 degrees daily we are sure is very common. Are all African’s on anti-depressants due to the heat? We think not and are thankful that they are not totally exposed to psychotropic drugs like the Western world. We would also like to know if Obradovich was funded in any way by pharmaceutical firms? They love to fund academia to come up with results that they want.
This study looked at data from US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, which had 2 million people self-assess their state of mental well-being from 2002 to 2012.
The research notes an increase of “problems with emotions” during 30-day periods that had temperatures averaging over 86 degrees Fahrenheit. This affected people with low income and women most likely. Their determination was that there was a 0.5 increase in mental health difficulties for people in a month that averaged over 86 degrees Fahrenheit when compared to a month with an average between 77 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit.
Other studies have found a connection between suicide rates and temperature.
Ok, lets say this and other heat studies are correct that people get moody with too much sun. I think similar studies show people get moody when it is too cold and dreary. This study simply provides data for climate change adherents to further their cause even though cold temperatures will certainly cause moodiness. I feel dreary on a dreary day. That is common knowledge and it is also backed by science.
People can buy electric cars and mowers, high efficiency appliances, install solar, walk to work. These things are available in western culture. It is the enforcement by a government that may have the greatest impact on ones mood. If the government forces you to cut down on your showers and kitchen water use like California is doing now. 55 gallons max per person by 2022 and 50 by 2030. They may also force you to put a meter on your car and charge you if you go over their limit on mileage.
Recycling is good, efficiency in electronics is great, but will the government force or fine you into doing so? That we think will change your mood on climate change.

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