Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Mentally Ill German Man Runs Over People in the Streets

Police say the man had the clear intention to kill foreigners in North Rhine-Westphalia state. He may have been targeting foreigners.
The attacks started shortly after midnight as people celebrated New Year’s out on the streets.
The 50-year-old unnamed driver first attempted to run over people several times in several different cities. Although many native Germans were in these cities the driver made comments to police upon his arrest that he was targeting Middle Eastern Foreigners. He slammed his Mercedes into a crowd, injuring four and one seriously.
He then drove toward Essen, officials say. There he twice attempted to run people down, injuring one person, before being arrested by police.indications he had been treated for A spokesperson indicated the man has mental illness treatment in the past.
Mental health treatment means psychotropic drugs. Again you can see psychiatric pharma drugs kill on every continent.

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