Thursday, February 15, 2018

Nickolas Cruz on Psychiatric Medication in Mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School Broward County Florida

People who knew him said he was “off’ “smiled oddly”, and classmates said “he was most likely to be the schools mass shooter”. Family friends said he was taking meds. He had been diagnosed as autistic, and gave his mother trouble. His "foster parents" took him to treatment as he disliked medication. This all means he was on psychotropic drugs, which ones we don't know and will never be told. The US medical profession sole solution for autism and trouble teens is drugs. Pharmaceutical firms are in bed with medical doctors, and they are owned by psychiatry.
There will be a lot said about the AR-15 gun he used and the fact he used a gun. Little will be said that the drugs were the chemical precursor to kill. The Las Vegas shooter Paddock was also on psych drugs. Virginia Tech shooter was on psych drugs. You can trace all mass shooting in the US to psychiatric drugs.
Your government will do nothing about psychiatric drugs. Hopefully a family member who just lost a teenager will sued the living “sh&* out of the pharmaceutical company for wrongful death, and blatant murder.
They only think pharmaceutical companies are afraid of is monetary losses. They don’t fear the US government, and the media is an advertising ally.

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