Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Germany’s Worst Serial Killer May have murdered over 100. He was seeing a psychiatrist since the age of 11.

Niels Hoegels was convicted in 2015 for killing six patients as a nurse. He has said while in prison he stopped counting after he killed 50.
When Niels was 11 as his parents briefly split, which affected him. At the age of 11 he told his psychiatrist he developed fears and insecurities. Psychiatry was born in Germany and certainly he was placed on psych drugs at an early age.
The 40 year old Niels Hoegel intentially administered deadly injections of cardiac medications to stop the hearts of patients. He said he like being their savior by resuscitating them.
He said he became depressed (more psych drugs) and began drinking as well. In one weekend an associate noted there were 14 re-animations of five patients.
All of those patients ultimately died, but the hospital didn’t call the police. They only transferred him to another department. Not long after fearing that the net may be closing in on him at the Oldenburg Hospital. He applied for another job at a nearby hospital in nearby Delmenhorst in 2002 and within a week he killed another patient.
A week later, he killed his first patient there. He is suspected now in 130 separate cases. Why didn’t families complain and demand answers? Why didn’t hospital bosses investigate? Many will likely be fired and hospitals sued over time. Why isn’t his psychiatrist on trial? Apparently psychiatrist doesn’t go on trial. They don’t ever take responsibility for their actions. Nobody ever holds them to account. They and medical doctors go on subscribing drugs and killing people.

New charges will come up against Hoegels, but Germany and the west needs to talk a stern look at psychiatry, medical doctors and pharmacology as they perpetuate death.

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