Thursday, February 1, 2018

Doctor Ordered Radio Host Wife's Killing to Protect Illegal Drug Ring, prosecutors say

A New Jersey endocrinologist hired a member of a motorcycle gang to kill his wife more than five years ago after she threatened to expose an illegal prescription drug ring the doctor was running with the gang, prosecutors said Tuesday.
Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon Tyner announced murder charges against James Kauffman, 68, in the May 2012 death of his wife, April. Ferdinand Augello, 61, a member of the Pagan Outlaw Motorcycle Gang, was also charged with murder in April Kauffman's death was also charged with trying to have James Kauffman killed. James Kauffman has since committed suicide while in custody awaiting trial.
Six other members of the gang were charged in connection with the drug ring.
Prosecutors said that Kauffman gave free prescriptions to people sent by Augello and that Augello would receive $1,000 per script or a number of pills after the prescription were filled. Those that received them either used the drugs or sold them.

The prosecutor told reporters that April Kaufman, a local radio personality who hosted a weekly program in the Atlantic City market, had threatened to divorce her husband over the scheme, a few days later she was found dead in her bedroom from gunshot wounds.
The trigger man has been identified as Frank Mullholland who died of an overdose of drugs in 2013. Since 2012 James Kaufman has be free or awaiting trial. He couldn’t wait any longer and took his own life.

This is more of the same pharmaceutical and medical fraud of criminal banding together. Doctors, psychiatrists, drug games and pharmaceutical companies. Where there is money and addiction you will find pharmaceutical companies and their enables Medical doctors

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