Monday, September 11, 2017

This Qualifies as Science by Psychiatry

Do you ever wonder why the mentally ill are never healed? Do you ever wonder why the young are given drugs and after those psych drugs don't work they are given different ones? What about that you just a bunch of chemicals, and other chemicals will fix you? Do you really believe that?

This is the Alberta Canada exit exam. Lunatics in charge or lunacy

Thursday, August 24, 2017

What’s the Scoop with Goop? Is Pharma behind it?

Goop is a website firm run by Gwyeth Paltrow and it is being exposed by Truth in Advertising firm for false advertising of their all natural health healing vitamins and products. Truth in Advertising is attempting to get DA’s in Santa Cruz and Santa Clara to sue Goop.
There is a video of an interview of Gwyeth Paltrow and she seems to not know anything about the products she sells. The late night interviewer asks her several questions and she can’t really answer to the effects of her products at all. Ok, so she is a bad CEO.
Our concern is Truth in Advertising is an instrument for pharmaceutical companies to go after all natural organic remedy companies. They say there is no science behind Goop wellness claims. Well there is no science behind psychotropic drugs claims either. Pharmaceutical companies make claims that a depressed person’s problem are a sum of a chemical imbalance. According to pharma we are all a bunch of chemicals and their chemicals correct that imbalance. Really, well I have some earthing product that will stop your insomnia. Earthing is a Goop claim that walking barefoot keeps you closer to earth and it can improve you sleep habits.
Listen we and most informed humans would much rather go barefoot then take a drug. Yes, so Goop needs to back up its claims, and maybe make a disclaimer on their website. Paltrow needs to bone up on her products. But her firms looks to mainly sell vitamin combinations. Yes, they are expensive, but they are just vitamins. Not harmful
But the real falsehood in advertising is the wild claims of Pharmaceutical companies showing happy people after they take their complete nonsense drugs. We are not a bunch of chemicals who need pharma chemicals to be happy. The truth is pharma is based on fraud, complete fraud. There is no science behind ADHD. There is no science behind SSRI drugs or lack of serotonin in the body which is the cause of depression. There is no science at all to back up psychiatry and pharmaceuticals claims period. A placebo has a better effect on a person than an antidepressant.
So why is Truth in Advertising going after Goop? Because they must be backed by pharmaceutical firms. Goop is just a high profile attack against a celebrity sponsored all natural organic solution to being tired or depressed. Goop wants to detox your body. Pharma wants to make you a toxic nightmare and make you dependent on them from cradle to grave for the remainder of your life ingesting poisonous drugs. That’s the scoop

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Suspected Serial Killer Cosmo DiNardo was Previously Hospitalized for Mental illness

A number of witnesses have come forward with details about the suspect Dinardo. They have said he has spoken about weird things like killing people and having people killed. “Everybody you talk to about this guy, you hear he’s mentally unstable.” Quoted an investigator

He was arrested recently in possession of a gun with a mental illness history. He also attempted to sell a vehicle of a missing person. News reports indicate he is smart, but if you sell a vehicle of the missing person, well that doesn’t come across as an intelligent move. This suspected horrible beast may have killed at least four young men and boys. Details of the investigation will come later. Our interest is his mental illness. This means he saw a psychiatrist and he was placed on psychotropic drugs. Psychiatry’s only interest and only solution is to put people on drugs. Their entire solution to mental illness is that everyone they see has a chemical imbalance, so new chemicals or drugs make everyone “normal”. This is their bird brain scheme. Cosmo Dinardo was not put right on his psych drugs now was he?

We think people may finally get it that psych drugs don’t work much like people prefer organic and natural foods. Information was not known about processed foods, but the interest most has is for natural solutions. Once people realize that adding chemicals to people is not natural and is not organic then they will reject this hair brain theory and rush to natural solutions to mental illness. One natural solution which we don’t refer to often is Scientology. It is something to look into. We will look into it more here.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Striking Rise in Suicide Among Middle School Students.

New studies have indicated that the suicide rate has doubled from 2007-2014 with students 10-14. This makes suicide by middle schooler’s greater than car crashes. According to researchers this rise is due to fear of terrorism, economic uncertainty, and pressure academically at school, as well as, bullying. Now we are sure they never looked at the mass proliferation of anti-depressants, and they never investigated how many students committed suicide and how many were on psychotropic drugs.
There has always been economic uncertainty, World Wars and a Vietnam War, as well as, bullying in school and academic pressure. The world has not changed much the past fifty years. What has changed is the mass distribution and prescriptions of psych drugs.
These researchers have doubled down on the issue of social media as a large factor in suicides. These researchers say that 10-14 year olds and younger have not developed the coping skills. Well children in the 50’s, 60’, 70’s and 80’s somehow had coping skills. What has changed?
Psych drugs has changed the landscape. Psych drugs kill, and they don’t cure anyone of depression. They cause depression to continue, and they cause suicides. End psychiatry, and medical doctors from distributing these drugs like candy and you will see a massive drop in suicides.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Atlanta Mother has been Arrested in the Stabbing Deaths of Her Four Children and their Father

Isabel Martinez, 33, is charged by the Gwinnett County Sheriff with six counts of aggravated assault and five counts each of murder and malice murder. According to news reports.
According to an unidentified relative who said the family returned from a holiday. The mother Isabel Martinez was acting bizarre and experiencing hallucinations. She was very depressed over the death of her father.

These reactions are all symptoms’ of psychotropic drugs and the drugs side effects. This is devastating and similar to Andrea Yates who drowned all of her children in Texas. Yates was on antidepressants and multiple psych drugs including Haldol.

One has to be in a fully insane state to kill four of your children. There is almost a certainty that a doctor or psychiatrist will go free even though he or she most likely put her on psych drugs. It is a total travesty for this family and all of humanity to be connected in anyway to a psychiatrist or drug pushing physician.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Youtuber Stevie Ryan Commits Suicide headline Reads

It should read Stevie Ryan was influence by psychotropic drugs. A celebrity in her own right who was only 33 committed suicide. She was most recently quoted on a podcast about depression in a discussion regarding her grandfather who died recently.
She is quoted as saying: “I’m just worried that this is going to send me into a deeper depression,” Additionally, Ryan and co-host Kristen Carney also discussed suicide.
We don’t know the full details of the podcast, but this is reminiscent of psychotropic drugs. She indicated in the podcast of her depression. So was she on a psych drugs which triggered her to take her own life. Unfortunately, that is a side effect of psych drugs. Psych drugs take the young one by one and the pharmaceutical companies get away with all of it as do the subscribing doctors and psychiatrist.
We will write about it, but will anybody do something about this lunacy?

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Trolls Movie and “Sunshine in your Pocket” is a Metaphor for Pharma Drugs

The Trolls movie plot is about small creatures who live in the perpetual state of happiness. They dance and sing and enjoy life. Other larger troll type creatures called Bergen’s are unhappy grey creatures. These Bergen’s discover that eating a Troll will make them happy. It is just like consuming an anti-depressant will make you happy if you’re a pill pushing doctor, psych, or pharmaceutical executive. So in the film these depressed Bergen’s trap the Trolls in cages just like psychiatry likes to trap people in the false sense of security of their nothing drugs. Years later the Trolls escape.
In the film a Bergen chef lures the Trolls with cowbells just like pharma lures the unsuspecting with advertising with the goal in the movie to be devoured, which is the same goal of psychiatry and the pharma frauds. Pharma’s goal is a life-time on their drugs. You can’t live without pharma right? Wrong. Eventually in the film the Trolls convince the Prince Bergen and others that it is not necessary to eat Trolls to be happy.
The irony is that the falsehood of eating Trolls or taking anti-depressants is the instrument or means to happiness. The movie ends with that your happiness is within you. It doesn’t come from another source. You have and possess sunshine in your pocket.
This is the reality of life. Life is difficult and challenging for all, but everyone has the personal ability to create their own happiness. You can drag yourself down with life’s challenges, or you can set you own course and look at difficulties as a speed bump.
The Troll movie was made by Dreamworks and distributed by 20th Century Fox. Disney’s Inside Out had somewhat of a similar lesson for kids and young adults. Hollywood maybe starting to wake up, and they are providing real lessons to real challenges.