Sunday, July 8, 2018

Psychiatry’s Evil Hitlarian Experiments Approved by the Nanny State of New York

A new 2018 documentary Three Identical Strangers based on the 2007 memoir chronicles three identical twins separated after the death of their mentally ill mother. Viola Bernard was the original architect to scheme and persuade an adoption agency to relocate the triplets without informing them to their adoptive parents. She then had them secretly followed for progress. Her hitlarian hypothesis was to see how they would forge separate identities. , researchers secretly followed their progress. Bernard had already died, but the twins progress was followed up by New York University psychiatrist Peter Neubauer. Doctor evil Neubauer had other experiment of nurture versus nature. He separated twins deliberately as a social experiment.
This was a practive approve by the State of New York. The practice of separating twins at birth ended in the state of New York in 1980, a year after the Bernard study ended. Neubauer in an attempt to hide his Dr. Mengele type experiment reportedly had Yale University hide and seal the study until 2066. Efforts to have Yale release the records of numerous twins deliberate separation have failed. Perhaps the release of this movie will provide the impetus to open a case.
This is just more evidence of the evil that surrounds psychiatry. Separation of twins, electric shock treatment, lobotomies, strait jackets, and now psychotropic drugs.
This is psychiatry this is who they are.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Increased Suicide Rates

The second-leading cause of death in people age 10-34 is suicide claimed nearly 45,000 American’s alone in 2016. While other causes of death declined in the US, suicide has increased.
About a quarter of US suicide deaths have a direct connection to psychiatry. Since psychiatric drugs are mostly prescribed by MD’s, and there is a direct connection and correlation with anti-depressant psych drugs and suicide. So called experts say most suicide goes untreated, but the reality is depressed people are given psychiatric drugs and not long after then can commit suicide. It is part of the black box warming.
Suicide should not be an acceptable outcome for mental disorders, but it is because of the psych drugs that are prescribed. Not only are young adults committing suicide at an alarming rate, but older men and middle-age women are increasingly choosing to take their lives like Spade and Anthony Bourdain recently did. What these experts don’t tell you is that the ever increasing abundance of anti-depressants are directly connected to the number of increasing suicide rates in the US and worldwide.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands Sister Committed Suicide at the Hands of Psychiatry

It doesn’t matter your connections or your influence. Psychiatry and pharmaceutical drugs will find you and kill you.
News reports indicate that Ines Zorreguieta died of a suicide in her home country of Argentina. She had been suffering for some time with depression. So this young women was seeing a psychiatrist and taking anti-depressant medication, and the psychiatrist could not cure her, but the drugs inevitably killed. Psychiatry is clearly to blame
This is a perfect example of the disaster that is psychiatry. They can't cure or help anyone. People die in their care all of the time. Their science is no science but evil quackery that is so serious it will kill you. The one who commits suicide blames themselves, their family takes the blame, but psychiatry will never accept responsibility for continual deaths.
Ms. Zorreguieta must have had many opportunities to seek a real solution for her situation as her sister was the Queen of the Netherlands and her father was a member of the government in Argentina.
Psychiatry and pharmaceutical firms solutions do not work they never have and they never will. Take heed to the continual daily and weekly chronicle of the disaster that is pharmacology.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Kate Spade Suicide and Psychotropic Drugs

According to news reports Kate Spade hung herself with one of her own scarfs. She was found hanging from a doorknob in her Park Avenue Manhattan apartment. She was suffering from clinical depression, for which she was taking medication. Her designer brand was sold for $125 million to Neiman Marcus and later to Coach for $2.5 Billion.
Here is a successful women in business who lives on one of the most expensive streets in the US, and she struggled with depression. The further news is psychiatry can't cure depression, or anything. Psychiatry only treats mental illness with drugs and more drugs. They have zero track record in extending peoples lives. Psychiatry and pharmaceutical companies end lives. Mrs. Spade had more than enough funds to seek the best treatment, but we think her greatest mistake was to let psychiatry and pharmaceutical firms into her medicine cabinet. The end result of psychiatry is you either take your own life or get a gun and take other lives too.
Psychiatry and pharma drugs are the problem!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Texas School Killer Dimitrios Pagourtzis Certainly on Psych Drugs

17 year old Dimitrios Pagourtzis killed 10 people and left another 10 injured at Santa Fe High School near Houston. This guy shows all the signs of pharmaceutical drugs. He was questioned by police and has some vague reality of what he had done. He is also now on suicide watch, which is also a side effect of mental health drugs.
Psych drugs are always involved in theses campus and mall shootings. They play in integral part in killings. These kids who are victims’ of pharma drugs are not just the ones killed and injured but are the reason why teens kill teens. There are no confirmed reports of pharma drugs, but the entire scenario is a psych drugs seen.
Teens don’t kill everyone because of video games, they don’t kill because they get bullied. The catalyst to all of this are the psychiatric drugs that they are placed on. Look up all these incidents and you will see psych drugs.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Waffle House Murderer in Antioch Tennessee (Psych Drugs)

The Waffle House killer Travis Reinking who gun down four people April 22, 2018 has been a “mental case” in 2017. He was arrested for trespassing in a restricted area. He wanted to set up a meeting with President Trump last summer. He was charged with unlawful entry and his guns were taken away from him and given to his father.

His father has admitted he handed them back to his son. He made his attack on innocent people in the early morning of April 22nd while only wearing a coat.

This is yet again a case of psychiatric drugs being the catalyst for this cold blooded crime. Psychiatry never ever cures anyone. This is a cold hard fact. What they do is sell drugs for profit, and these drugs induce the mentally ill to kill. Unfortunately, the medical doctor who prescribed these drugs will not be held to account. Lots of people will talk about the gun but nothing will be utter about the real crime. Psychiatry, Pharmaceutical drugs are always involved in these mass shootings, always there with psychiatry. The killing combo is pharma psych drugs, and the medical doctor or psychiatrist.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Military Veteran Kills Three in Yountville, Ca. Is PTSD Science Wrong?

Police said a gunman – later identified as Albert Wong, 36, of Sacramento was kick out of a privately run PTSD program a week before he killed three woman at the facility. He entered the VA building at 10:30 am and held the three women hostages in a 8 hour standoff.
Authorities discovered the bodies of the three women Christine Loeber, 48, executive director of the program; Jennifer Golick, 42, a clinical director; and Jennifer Gonzales, 29, a clinical psychologist, and he then committed suicide.
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Veterans Home of California in the town of Yountville is the largest veterans’ home in the nation, according to the state Department of Veterans Affairs.
The typical drug used against PTSD are anti-depressants like Paxal, Zoloft and Prozac. All of these drugs show a trail of death. There entire promise is that they inhibit the inactivation of serotonin by blocking its absorption in the central nervous system; used as antidepressants and in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder and panic disorder.
This is all based on a person having a chemical imbalance. It is all “BullS%&T”.

So do you really believe you are a bunch of chemicals like a counter top cleaner? Some side effects include insomnia, weight gain, migraines, suicide, mania and mass suicide.
There is no science behind these medications. For over 50 years bird brain psychiatrists have pushed that serotonin needs to be blocked with these drugs because their serotonin is too high. There is no science that shows that high serotonin or low serotonin has anything to do with depression. It is all made up by cooks who have no idea how the brain works.

If you don’t think psychiatry is archaic kooky science then why is there still mental health issues when so many other advances have come to existence? Psychiatry has the wrong roots and it is not based on science or proof.