Friday, July 1, 2016

The Brains Amydgala and Psychotropic Drugs

The body has an alarm circuit for fear in the brain and it is an almond-shaped mass of nuclei deep in the brain’s temporal lobe. The amygdala controls autonomic responses associated with fear, arousal, and emotional stimulation and has been linked to neuropsychiatric disorders anxiety disorder and social phobias. Science says the amydgala mechanism is to decode emotions such as fear, and they say even extinction. We can decode that as imminent death. According to doctors fear is a psychological response to some danger. This could be real danger like a car swerving in your lane on the highway, or a dog growing at you a few feet away. Fear can also be perceived fear like fear of flying, or just looking over the edge of a tall building and thinking you can fall.
According to Psychiatry and BigPharma the data on fear and anxiety show dense serotonin input to the amygdala. The psych’s studied this via brain imaging and people who were shown images of fear or anxiety showed outflow from the amygdala to the hypothalamus. This resulted in sweaty palms and increased heart rate, and a person autonomic response to fear and anxiety.

Thus psychotropic drugs were born, since BigPharma considers emotional memories as party of anxiety disorder and fear or phobias. Like a fear of public speaking, or anxiety at a dinner party.

Psychiatry’s response is to chemically strew with your brain to make it think things are not happening. If you think about this closely. If psychiatry feels emotional memories are involved in a person fear, anxiety and depression. Then reason that the solution is to drug the brain into thinking the fear, anxiety and depression doesn’t exit. Just Drug it!

Does that take away a person’s fear, anxiousness or depression? Absolutely not. They think treaty depression is like using a pain killer. Pain killers like aspirin trick the brain that the pain is not there. This is done until the body heals itself from the injury. A pain killer just numbs the pain temporarily.

So what psychiatry and Pharma are doing and making hordes of money over it is telling your brain to pretend depression doesn’t exit. They don’t solve the problem at all. A person may have to take an anti-depressant forever, since psychiatry has no solution for you.

There are alternatives to psychiatry and taking drugs that don’t do anything. One of them is Diabetics, which addresses the emotional memories and fears, so they don’t continue to control a person’s well being. Also please see our website for other natural alternatives psych drugs that do nothing for you.

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