Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Prostitution, Sex, Suicide and Anti-depressants A formula for Disaster for the Oakland Police Department

Brendan O'Brien was an officer with the Oakland Police Department. He was found dead
on September 25, 2015 after his mother call police to check on him. He was found stretched out on the couch, his mouth open, and a gun in his hand. He had committed suicide. He had a tattoo with his own personal credo "Live Together Die Alone," according to the coroner's report. He also left a note telling details of his life with a teenage prostitute. The young women admitted the affair, but it appears she had been dating a number of police officers while under age in several departments in Alameda County.

Office O’Brien was also depressed, so it is extremely likely he was on psychotropic drugs.
According to CNN there were 28 officers total involved with the prostitute. Fourteen Oakland police officers, five Richmond police officers, several Alameda County Sherriff's deputies, a Livermore police officer and a Contra Costa County Sheriff's deputy. News reports indicate that Officer Brendan O’Brien call 911 in June of 2014 where they found his wife Irma Huerta Lopez dead from a gunshot wound. The death was initially deemed suspicious according to the coroner’s report. The family of Irma Lopez indicated it is unlikely she would have committed suicide. The gun was owned by Officer O’Brien who indicated he went out after an argument with Irma.

The bottom line is Officer O'Brien had a history of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder according to the coroner's investigative report, and committed suicide. There is an internal investigation in several Alameda County police departments over this sex with a teenager. What is clear to us is anti-depressants were once again involve with the potential death of Mrs. Lopez and suicide of Officer O’Brien.

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