Monday, February 1, 2016

Can Pharma Kill At the Top of the World?

CNN and many news agencies reported in late January that Police arrested a suspect in a shooting that left four people dead in a small town in northern Saskatchewan, Canadian authorities said. This is in northern Canada in a remote region of the country. This has all the hallmarks of a pharmaceutical drug induced killing incident. But there is no evidence currently that the shooter had any prescription drugs in his system.

Police said two brothers were shot dead in a home before the 17 year old gunman headed to the La Loche Community School. Police responded to a call of shots fired at the school. The shooting last Friday is a major tragedy for any community of under 3000. It is an an aboriginal area. The Dene are an aboriginal group who inhabit the northern parts of Canada.

There was a gun used so many will blame this on guns in Canada. This area is so remote with 2600 people that having a gun in the wilderness is not uncommon. We hope that the filtration of volatile anti-depressants has not reached here. If we find that a psychotropic drugs was instrumental in this crime then we will report it here.

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