Friday, January 15, 2016

One Dead 5 Injured in Drug Trial

The Portuguese pharmaceutical company Bial carried out a drug trial in France over their pain medication. There were six volunteers one is dead and the others are injured. The lucky ones took a placebo.
Do you think your drug is safe?
If you pay attention then you may be aware many drugs companies have lawsuits against them for horrible side effects of their drugs. There are many dangers well before the European Health Ministry and the FDA approves drugs. A case in London on an experimental drugs in 2006 found six in intensive care with patients ballooning after taking a drug in a test case.
.A Reuters report indicated that a 2006 London trial led to the collapse of Germany's TeGenero, the company developing a medicine known as TGN1412. This drug has since gone back into tests for rheumatoid arthritis and is showing promise when given at a fraction of the original dose. In maybe at a pharmacy near you soon.
Is the drug your doctor prescribing to you safe? How many have died taking it in trials and after?
Is there a class action lawsuit against the drug company? It may save your life not to trust your doctor and certainly not to trust Pharma.

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