Thursday, December 17, 2015

Martin Shkreli Pharma CEO Arrested on Securities Fraud

Martin Shkreli became infamous raising the price of a life-saving pill by 4,000 percent, has been recently arrested on charges of security fraud, according to news reports. Last year he raised the price of Daraprim which is a drug used to treat toxoplasmosis. It is an issue for newborns newborns and HIV patients and the price went from $1,130 to $63,000.
Shkreli is a symbol of Wall Street greed, but also of Big Pharma fraud. He was arrested on securities fraud, but he is an example of the pricing fraud and the penchant for Big Pharma to evade taxes by being bought by smaller overseas pharmaceutical companies. Big Pharma companies make drugs that don’t work at all, or they have side effects of suicide or mania (campus and mall mass murders). Big Pharma is ripe with fraud. We have posted where pharmaceutical companies are being fined for marketing drugs for uses they have not been approved for.

Critics have labeled Shkreli a "putz," a "psychopath" and "Big Pharma's Biggest A--." The Chicago Tribune reported that Congress called him out on it. Hillary Clinton tore into Shkreli. Bernie Sanders rejected a donation from America's most unpopular businessman. Even Donald Trump called Shkreli a "spoiled brat."

The Tribune further reported Shkreli did not do his reputation any favors by calling a journalist a "moron," quoting defiant rap lyrics on Twitter and defending the price-hike as a "great business decision." "Our shareholders expect us to make as much as money as possible," he said during a health industry summit earlier this month, dressed nonchalantly in a hooded sweatshirt and sneakers. "That's the ugly, dirty truth." He also promised to lower the price of Daraprim but reportedly never did.

The price of Daraprim has not gone down. The end result of all this is that pharmaceutical companies can not be trusted. They are full of creeps, criminals, and unapologetic killers. They produce drugs that will kill you. Politicians only speak out against these issues when they are running for office or if a gun was used while a young adult blasts his school mates on campus. Many of these pharmaceutical companies are advised by psychiatrist drug pushers. The entire pharmaceutical industry just stinks with fraud, crime, and it is directly connected to death.

As the saying goes the certainties in life are birth, death and taxes. Another certainty is pharma death and fraud.

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