Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dylann Roof the Racist Killer was on Psychotropic Drugs

Dylann Roof, who was the shooter who killed indiscriminately at a black church in Charleston, was found to be on Suboxone. People who knew him said he purchased Xanax off of the street. Both Suboxone and Xanax are mind altering drugs.

Dylann Roof has done the same thing as so many of the campus killers who go out of their mind while on psych drugs and kill anyone or any person they don’t like. Sure Dyann Rood targeted innocent black church goers who accepted him at face value. Psych drugs do not discriminate. Psych drugs alter the mind and all you have to do is add a knife or a gun and you have a mass murderer.

Thanks psychiatry and Big Pharma you caused racial hatred and incited hatred between races as part of your destruction. Psych drugs kill and they do not heal anyone.

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