Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Killing of a Santa Cruz 8 year Old Girl by a Suicidal 15 Year old Neighbor. A Pattern of Psychotropic drugs?

Santa Cruz, Ca. is a resort town near Monterey Ca. People and reporters are asking why a 15 year old would kill his 8 year old neighbor. Well some evidence directs to the killer contemplating suicide recently. Also, his bizarre behavior of indifference to the murder of a play friend while the entire town was looking for a sweet 8 year old girl lured by ice cream by the killer ("suspect" on video).
This is a hallmark of a youth on psychotropic drugs. Either Adrian Gonzales is a natural born killer, or a doctor or psychiatrist prescribed him anti-depressants or some psychotropic drugs. Now there are two families that are destroyed. We may never know if Adrian Gonzalez was using psychotropic drugs since he is a minor, and that may all be suppressed are not looked at.
If the “suspected” killer was on psych drugs or not it sure shows how lethal these drugs have become. Can you imagine an 8 year old getting beaten, sexually abused and strangled to death while playing near her mom’s house? Can you image what drives a teenager to kill? Psych drugs have a long history of killing. Unfortunately, there are too many who support psychiatry to change this scene.

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