Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Another High Profile Police Case: Sandra Bland Arrested and on Psychotropic Drugs

This is another case involving police and a victim dying shortly thereafter. It has been disclose via some news sources that Sandra Bland was suffering from depression and PTSD. This indicates she was on some kind of psychotropic drug, but what drug we don’t know from initial reports.

Sandra Bland was arrested in Texas and was initially stopped over a minor traffic violation. There was a video taken via the police dash cam and another third party video. The video shows officer and Sandra Bland got into an argument about the traffic stop and it exculpated into an arrest. Three days later Ms. Bland asked to make a phone call from her jail cell. Two hours after that, a jail worker discovered her dead in her cell.

The coroner ruled her cause of death as a suicide by asphyxiation, yet her family insists she would never kill herself. Further investigation will ensue but we do know that psychotropic drugs have a side effect of suicide. A person will also demonstrate erratic behavior. The officer was only going to give her a warning and not even site her for the traffic violation. It appears in the video that pharma drugs may have play a role in her behavior. The side effects look to have played out in her apparent suicide. Statistics show that over 400,000 people attempt suicide in the US alone. That is almost 1% of the population.

Other recent similar high profile cases where psychotropic drugs were involved are the death of Tony Terrell Robinson Jr. In Wisconsin, and Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez in Tennessee. All involving police and some involving protest between police and victims.

Is there a connection between psychotropic drug use and suicide and erratic behavior? We see the signs in recent cases, as well as, all the campus and workplace violence shootings the last few decades.

It is not hard to connect the dots. It is not politics it is psych drugs distributed by pharmaceutical companies.

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