Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wisconsin Bridge Killer Sergio Valencia del Toro was Depressed According to News Report

Sergio Valencia del Toro, 27, of Menasha, Wis., suffered from major depression and was very irrational, his former fiance said to multiple news reports. He shot four people and then himself on a bridge in a small city in Wisconsin.
The USA Today reported that the police said Valencia del Toro biked to the Trestle Trail with two handguns and began shooting unprovoked and at close range near the pavilion on the bridge. The victims were as young as 11 to 33 years old.
Valencia del Toro died Sunday at the same hospital. It is not verified if del Toro was on psychotropic drugs or anti-depressants, but this is a hallmark of those drugs. Depressed people see a doctor or psychiatrist and then are prescribed a psychotropic drug. Psychotropic drugs and anti-depressants don’t work and they never have. They simply lead to a person acting out mania in this fashion. If they have access to guns like del Toro did then they indiscriminately kill like the evidence shows he did.
The pharmaceutical company, doctor or psychiatrist who most likely prescribed the drugs are responsible for this outcome, but they will never be held to account and the pharmaceutical company will continue to make billions. This is the world today.

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