Saturday, May 2, 2015

Baltimore Police Arrested?

According to the Associated Press which reported WBAL records one officer was hospitalized in April 2012 following concerns about his mental health. The officer’s police and personal guns were confiscated by Sheriffs authorities. This information sounds like pharmaceutical drugs were involved in this officers life. This information doesn’t affect the case in Baltimore, but once a person is in a hospital because of a mental state they are almost always prescribed psychotropic drugs.

Further news reports indicate from the Washington Post say recently police visited the officers home as his girlfriend and mother of his child called police because of statements the officer said to her which alarmed her.

These are indications of the effects of the officer’s mental state. This is typical of psychotropic drug use. Police would not take guns away from an officer unless they felt the officer would harm them self or others. Psychotropic drugs are so prolific in today’s society and within the local, State and Federal government that psychotropic drug most likely would have been prescribed to an officer with these incidents.

All these Baltimore officers are innocent until proven guilty, and no way were the psychotropic drugs the cause of this incident with Freddie Gray’s life. Additionally, the officer was not alone in the arrest, so the officer’s mental state must have been cleared for him to go back to work after hospitalization. It just shows that the massive overuse of psychotropic drugs in today’s society. So if the officer’s guns were confiscated in 2012 and if the officer was prescribed psych drugs thereafter then if the psych drugs worked then why just recently did police have to come to the officers home to protect his girlfriend and child? We don’t know and will likely not know for sure if psych drugs were in this officers life, but the track record and proliferation of the drugs show that they are in the military, police, schools, universities and throughout the US and World Government, but nobody gets cured by psych drugs.

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