Friday, July 12, 2013

Quincy Mass. Woman is Acquitted of Murder By Reason of Insanity, Nobody is held Responsible

Norfolk Superior Court records and media reports indicate Li Rong Zhang didn’t willfully kill her 8 year old son by lighting a barbeque inside her apartment and sealing the doors and windows. We guess that if you know that smoke inhalation will kill you it is not enough to convict you of premeditated murder. The reason is you have a psychiatrist who can attest that you were insane. Looks like in the State of Mass. mass knowledge of how to commit suicide doesn’t make you sane.
Invariably this woman must have been in the care of a psychiatrist and also prescribed antidepressants or something stronger. The psychiatrist is off the hook and is not responsible if their patient attempt to kill themselves or others. Psychiatry is the cloak of non-responsibility. Psychiatry’s instrument of death is their drugs that are manufactured by BigPharma.
She is free of criminal negligence because numerous “medical experts” testified that Li Rong Zhang lacked criminal responsibility at the time of the crime and she exhibited psychotic depression with paranoid delusions and was suicidal.
The end result is an innocent 8 year old boy is dead, and psychiatry and Bigpharma are never even scrutinized. No fine, no loss of license, no responsibility, just business as usual.
Maybe psychiatry and BigPharma can have a new marketing slogan. Look at the happy faces in our antidepressant ads, but don’t look at the deadly results. Your Government doesn’t.

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