Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Adderall Pharma’s Dream Drug: Its ADHD for Youths and Speed and Energy for the Middle Aged.

Looks like America can’t cope with life without BigPharma. Got to have those drugs. Diet and exercise must be too much work. Adderall, That psycho stimulant, typically prescribed to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)is also being prescribed and used by middle aged Americans 20 to 39 by the tune of 14 million a month. According to Sandy Hingston a Philadelphia magazine editor. Middle aged adults are getting prescriptions to boost their energy and sharpness on the job. Sharpness? Adderall acts the same as speed for adults, so we guess those energy drinks are not cutting it for some and they need drugs to work? What is wrong with this picture and Country?

Sandy Hingston gave “mothers little helper” a try for herself, and said it was hell on wheels for house cleaning.

There you have it, it is a sad day in the US where you need a drug to clean the house and mow the lawn. The same laziness a teenager uses “I don’t have the energy” We don’t have to worry about foreign antagonist attacking America. We are killing ourselves and BigPharma has no problem obliging.

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