Friday, June 1, 2012

Seattle Café Killer’s Brother Says Ian Lee Stawicki was Mentally ill

Seattle Police say a single gunman shot and killed five people before shooting himself on Wednesday May 30, 2012. The Seattle Times reported that the suspect’s family indicated they were not surprised Ian Lee Stawicki did what he did as he suffered mental illness. The suspect Stawicki shot four people at a cafe, and wounded another. According to various news reports He is also suspected of shooting a woman while trying to get away and presumably steal her car. Police have identified him as 40 year old Ian Lee Stawicki.. Now we know when someone is considered mentally ill they have seen a psychiatrist or have been in a psychiatrists care. A psychiatrist sole solution is to medicate their patient with psychotropic drugs. We don’t know for certain if Ian Stawicki was on anti-depressants, but if he had any interaction with a psych then an anti-depressant was prescribed. We may know more if the police release a toxicology report. This is a tragic vicious murderous act on innocent victims. People enjoying a coffee with friends and being indiscriminately killed, or running errands and running into a mad man most likely on pharmaceutical drugs with a gun and willing to kill you for your vehicle to flee. What the media will report about is the gun and how he got a gun or multiple guns most likely. We all would like to know how a mentally disturbed person gets access to fire arms. What you will not hear about from the government and media is that if psychotrops were prescribed there is some responsibility by the Pharmaceutical Company that their drugs cause mania, and aggressive behavior. With virtually all of these mass shootings in schools, and communities psychotropic drugs are involved. There is a direct connection between these massively prescribed drugs and mass murder. It is chronicled extensively. Why do you think pharmaceutical companies and the psychiatrist and doctors that prescribed these drugs are never held to account? Is there a cover-up by the media and governments? If local, state and the federal government are really looking at your safety then why don’t they investigate the connection with psychotropic drugs and mass murder that takes place almost monthly. Do they care? Does there have to be a public outcry? The victim’s families are crying as their loved one was senselessly murdered.

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