Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Medical Board of California Covers for Kaiser Permanente Child Molester Psychiatrist Stephen Melcher

CBS 13-Initially the Medical Board of California told CBS13(Sacramento Ca. T.V.) that police did not tell them about a local doctor who was arrested for molesting a boy. Now the medical board has admitted that police did tell them. Dan Wood, Medical Board of California spokesperson.”This was my mistake” “I can’t be any clearer than that.” The admission comes one day after he told CBS13 that it was the Sacramento police fault for not telling the medical board about arresting Kaiser Psychiatrist Dr. Stephen Melcher on charges of molesting a little boy. “The police department was conducting their own investigation and it’s up to them to tell us,” said Wood. It’s how he explained that the reason why the medical board didn’t revoke the psychiatrist’s medical license, allowing him to continue to practice for three months. “Obviously we can’t act on something that we don’t know about,” Wood said previously. However CBS13 uncovered that Sacramento police did tell the medical board days after Melcher’s December arrest. “Once we received notification of his arrest we began the investigation,” said Wood. It took Melcher’s sudden resignation in March for the doctor to stop practicing. So what took the medical board so long to act? “You know, again, each case is individual,” said Wood. “It takes time.” He says state law barred him from talking about the medical board’s investigation but was able to say that the threat to the public can determine the suspension of a license. “In some cases when we can prove that there’s a threat to public health we’ll go for what’s called an interim suspension order,” said Wood. As for the threat of Melcher to the public, Wood didn’t have a clear answer. “I have no knowledge of this, I don’t have that information,” said Wood. The medical board didn’t take action to revoke Melcher’s license until just a few days ago(May 2012), nearly a half year from his arrest. So is the California Medical Board protecting your family, No. Is the FDA, No they protect Bigpharma. Are Psychiatrist nuts, yes. Decades of evidence mounts.

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