Thursday, October 26, 2017

Over-prescription is killing US youths

A recent report from BBC news, which was found by the Congressional Committee tasked with finding out the cause of this epidemic. In the past two years the town of Kermit West Virginia with a population of 400 was delivered 9 million opiod pills. 33,000 died of opiod overdose in 2015, and 50% of those deaths were prescription opiods. It is so easy now to get these drugs since one just an money hungry doctor to make the prescription. Gone is the Hippocratic oath once coveted.

How are doctors so enticed to write prescriptions. Kickbacks, and junkets. In 2016 $8 billion was spent by drug companies to "teach" hospitals about their drugs with 630,000 doctors showing payment records from pharmaceutical companies. It is always follow the money. These are all pushed by pharmaceutical reps who get overpaid to over push. Or "teach" doctors and hospitals to use their drugs for purposes they were not meant for, or are rare. The number of deaths means nothing to pharma and its reps. Nobody is personally accountable for the deaths from pharma drugs. If the US took this seriously then they should prosecute the pharma reps, doctors, and pharmacists. The drug companies have so much money they can withstand millions in fraud and civil lawsuit payments. Go after the pushers (Doctors, psychiatrists, sales representatives, and criminal pharmacists).

North Korea makes most of its money reproducing fraudulent pharmaceutical drugs, which they use to suppressed their people and make nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons and pharmaceutical companies ultimately can destroy this planet and its inhabitants. The US Healthcare industry profits in death and destruction just like Kim Jong-Un.

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