Thursday, August 24, 2017

What’s the Scoop with Goop? Is Pharma behind it?

Goop is a website firm run by Gwyeth Paltrow and it is being exposed by Truth in Advertising firm for false advertising of their all natural health healing vitamins and products. Truth in Advertising is attempting to get DA’s in Santa Cruz and Santa Clara to sue Goop.
There is a video of an interview of Gwyeth Paltrow and she seems to not know anything about the products she sells. The late night interviewer asks her several questions and she can’t really answer to the effects of her products at all. Ok, so she is a bad CEO.
Our concern is Truth in Advertising is an instrument for pharmaceutical companies to go after all natural organic remedy companies. They say there is no science behind Goop wellness claims. Well there is no science behind psychotropic drugs claims either. Pharmaceutical companies make claims that a depressed person’s problem are a sum of a chemical imbalance. According to pharma we are all a bunch of chemicals and their chemicals correct that imbalance. Really, well I have some earthing product that will stop your insomnia. Earthing is a Goop claim that walking barefoot keeps you closer to earth and it can improve you sleep habits.
Listen we and most informed humans would much rather go barefoot then take a drug. Yes, so Goop needs to back up its claims, and maybe make a disclaimer on their website. Paltrow needs to bone up on her products. But her firms looks to mainly sell vitamin combinations. Yes, they are expensive, but they are just vitamins. Not harmful
But the real falsehood in advertising is the wild claims of Pharmaceutical companies showing happy people after they take their complete nonsense drugs. We are not a bunch of chemicals who need pharma chemicals to be happy. The truth is pharma is based on fraud, complete fraud. There is no science behind ADHD. There is no science behind SSRI drugs or lack of serotonin in the body which is the cause of depression. There is no science at all to back up psychiatry and pharmaceuticals claims period. A placebo has a better effect on a person than an antidepressant.
So why is Truth in Advertising going after Goop? Because they must be backed by pharmaceutical firms. Goop is just a high profile attack against a celebrity sponsored all natural organic solution to being tired or depressed. Goop wants to detox your body. Pharma wants to make you a toxic nightmare and make you dependent on them from cradle to grave for the remainder of your life ingesting poisonous drugs. That’s the scoop

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