Thursday, December 1, 2016

It is not About the Gun, Intelligence, or Video Games. It is about the Effects of Psychotropic Drugs

A High School Utah Student stabbed five students this past November. The unnamed assailant also stabbed himself. This took place in Orem Utah at Mountain View High School. The suspect is in custody. There is no current evidence of depression or psych drugs, but it is sure to come out soon. The suspect was a straight A 16 teen year old boy student and he used a knife and not a gun. The catalyst to kill is and always has shown to be pharmaceutical psychotropic drugs. Police reports indicated he left a suicide note and home and planned to experience what it was like to kill. This type of statement has often been used by other psychotropic teen drug users. Pharma doesn’t put that on the black box warning.

The politicians, media and school administrators will always talk about gun violence, violent and aggressive video games as the reason for campus killings. They never ever mention psychotropic drugs, simply because they are in on the dumbing down of America and the world populace.
The suspect was a new student in a town with 90k residence about fifty miles from Salt Lake City. Police are investigating why the student attacked at 8 am in PE class. He targeted the neck in most of his attacks. In our opinion the police need to go no further than to take a blood test, or check the medicine cabinet.

Pharma and psychiatry kills. That is their mission, and they get results

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