Thursday, September 1, 2016

How Psychiatry Diagnoses Bi-polar and how this diagnosis always gets one on drugs for life.

Bi-polar is sometimes called manic depression, bipolar disorder causes extreme shifts in mood. According to psych’s it may make someone feel splendid for weeks and then topple into depression. According to these same psychiatrists without treatment, a person with bipolar disorder may have intense episodes of depression, and also symptoms of sadness, anxiety, loss of energy, hopelessness, and trouble concentrating.

So What Causes Bipolar Disorder, According to Psychiatry?

Psychiatry indicates the exact biological mechanisms are unknown. They say "it's probably genetic? This is what they say. We are not making this up, or it is vulnerability with whatever happens in one's life.
Psychiatry’s pays for research. They pay universities to do tests with the “expected” conclusion what psychiatry wants the results to be. If the university gets the wrong result then that university will not get these grants in the future. See the scheme? So psychiatry suggests bipolar disorder is 60 percent hereditary. So blame your mother. The other factors that they say likely contributes is an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. This gives psychiatry and pharma license to give you drugs to “correct” this imbalance. So these are the two areas they say causes bi-polar disorder. Both causes or so called causes are grasping at straws. The answer is they don’t know. Lets look at the first cause which they say that bi-polar is 60% genetic. This in the psych world means your mother or father was bi-polar and passed it on like passing on the genes for the way you look, or skin color or height. Bi-polar is in your genes according to them. I mean really! This is what psych’s come up with. The unique thing for them is that it allows them to diagnose you and then drug you for the rest of your life. If your born with bi-polar according to them then we drug you into wellness. Well not wellness, but the just bill your insurance, which increases your costs. Or if you are the 40% then you have a chemical imbalance, so they just drug you into chemical balance. Are you buying any of this? It is all billable to pharma from psychiatry to the drug company to your insurance company to you.
To psychiatry and the pharmaceutical companies you are just chemicals they can play with. They don’t have to have a clue as to why someone is bi-polar. They just can make it up. Oh, it must be from your mother. They go to all this training and education and all they come up with is chemicals that just make you more depressed. And if the drugs don’t work then they electrocute you into wellness. That is correct ECT is Electrocution Therapy. This treatment, done while you are “asleep” under general anesthesia, can rapidly improve mood symptoms of bipolar disorder according to them and WebMD. If you believe that? It shocks the brain. They say it is safe. But do you want your child to be shocked into wellness. Do you honestly believe that sending 450 volts or .9 amps into an adolescent will cure them? Sounds like ISIS works in your psych-hospital.

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