Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Danish Psychiatrist Dismissed Twice for Putting Patients in Danger Over Psych Drugs

The management of the psychiatric hospitals in Region Zealand will begin to review of patient care due to overexposure of anti-psychotic medication administered to patients. So more psychiatrist will look at one of their own, so the people of Denmark can expect no change.
The FSA for Patient Safety has concluded that patients on the closed section of Slagelse Hospital have been treated with drugs in quantities and combinations that have exposed them to "unnecessary and in some cases serious danger."
The treatment has been initiated by the same psychiatrist, Dr. Lars Sondergaard, who three years ago was dismissed from the Psychiatric Center Glostrup and temporarily deprived of the right to work as a psychiatrist because of covering over-medication of patients. Dr. Lars Sondergaard is now dismissed as a psychiatrist, and his licenses is revoked.

This psychiatrist was reprimanded before and was under strict supervision by other psychiatrists. The head psychiatrist is at Region Zealand apparently still has the full confidence of the hospital. Dr. Lars Sondergaard was treating patients with antipsychotic medications in doses up to five times higher than the maximum in the guidelines. He was in essence killing his patients. In some months is 70 percent of the patients treated with multiple anti-psychotics, while the goal was to only treat 25 percent of the patients.

This is how psychiatry works. If you can call it working.

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