Friday, April 1, 2016

Depressed and Drugged Italian Nurse Murders 13 Patients

An Italian nurse murdered 13 patients, according to authorities in Piombino. Officials recently confirmed Fausta Bonino, 44, was arrested and charged in the deaths of at least 13 people. She had given patients the drug Eparina. The patients were between the ages of 61-88 who were in intensive care, but the patients were not terminally ill.

The nurse Fausta Bonino murdered the patients according to authorities. She administered ten times the usual dosage of Eparina drug. It cause massive internal bleeding in the patients in the State run hospital in Tuscany.

The authorities don’t have a motive. The authorities has indicated Bonino was previously treated for depression. They didn’t indicate what type of drugs the nurse was taking, but the Italians unlike the American’s and British are connecting the dots that psychotropic drugs kill. A depressed nurse on antidepressants killed 13 or more. These drugs turn people into monsters!

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