Monday, September 14, 2015

Movie and TV Show Limitless and Modern Societies Embracement of Cure All Drugs

Many bloggers and across the internet say the 2011 movie limitless starring Bradley Cooper is based on the drug Adderall. But really the limitless drug is fictional. The Bradley Cooper character takes a new drug which allows him to learn fast, recall everything he's ever read and solve complex problems and essentially became an investment banker. It may also be based on the effects of taking Provigil. Yet Provigil is used to stay awake, and some people apparently need to take this drug daily. Now don’t go thinking that if you take Adderall or Provigil that you will do better at work on in one’s studies. It is more likely that a person will commit suicide or commit mass murder, or just stay awake. These durgs like Ritalin are essentially like the recreational drug speed. The drug for an adult will make them stay up longer, but is supposed to calm young children. That is right doctors and psychiatrist are giving your children speed. This brings up another problem as to how are college students getting Adderall or Provigil as it is a prescription drug. It looks like the FDA is not trolling the internet as it appears very easy to get these prescriptions online. Additionally, a doctor prescribes the drug and that prescription is sold on the internet or via networks.

It is becoming increasingly evident that people think drugs are the way to happiness or success. Yet these people and students buy organic foods, and cosmetics and constantly looking at ingredients, but if doctor or friend says take this drug it will make you smarter then they often will take that advice. It has also become evident and pushed that drugs are ones solution to their problems. These drugs don’t solve problems they most often cause long term problems, additionally they have very harmful side effects.

There are natural and organic ways to stay awake. Studying is the best solution at work and in school. It is never a drug. Even if you hear on the internet people saying I take Adderall or Provigil every day and it works great. This is crap. If you need to take Adderall, Ritalin or Provigil daily you have a huge problem on your own. Really, if you need a drug to stay awake then you need a change in environment. Drugs are not a solution to learning, progressing in life or for mental illness. Psych drugs kill. That is their mission as they don't cure anything. Ask the smartest people in your class and see how many of them need a psych drug to get A's.

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