Thursday, March 26, 2015

GermanWings Flight 9525Pilot Andreas Lubitz Committed Aircraft Assisted Mass Murder Suicide and Killed 150 Passengers? And Anti-depressants Psychotropic Drugs are Involved

It is not the first time this has happened as Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah of MH370 may be a suspected of purposely downing that plane

Carsten Spohr, CEO of Lufthansa, which owns Germanwings, said, “We have to accept that the plane was crashed on purpose.” He added, “It seems to be true that the co-pilot denied the pilot access to the cockpit.” Although there are no indications Andreas Lubitz had mental health issues Lufthansa indicated.. Yet a friend said Andreas Lubitz was battling depression since 2009. Investigators said his breath was normal and was not of somebody who was struggling. He never said a single word.. Nothing-end quote. That is the sign of a cold blooded killer of 150 innocent men women and children, descending in a Jet thousands of feet per second and he didn’t make a sound, nothing? We suspect psychotropic drugs and a psychiatrist or doctor subscribe him psychotropic drugs. It has all the hallmarks or psych drugs, and there effect on a person to commit mass murder.

There was a study by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) which indicates flying is safe, but there have been suicides by pilot. News Australia reports of a 10 year study ending in 2012, just eight of 2,758 fatal aviation accidents in the US were caused by pilot suicide, a rate of 0.3 per cent. The report found that all eight suicides were men, with four of them testing positive for alcohol and two for antidepressants.

“Aircraft-assisted suicides are tragic, intentional events that are hard to predict and difficult to prevent,’’ the FAA’s report found, adding that such suicides “are most likely underreported and under recognized.’’ further reports: In at least one case, a major international airline allowed a pilot who had expressed suicidal thoughts to continue flying. He flew nearly three more years, without incident, before he resigned in 1982 with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety and depression.
The missing Malaysian plane with Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah is still under investigation. Police are investigating both pilots and a flight simulator Captain Shah had in his home. Some experts feel that suicide on MH370 is the most likely cause as pilots are more likely to able to disable transponder and communication equipment.

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