Monday, February 2, 2015

Mother Cuts Throat of Her Children all under 2 Years in Olympia Washington. Were psychiatric Drugs to Blame?

CNN and local news agencies reports:. The Washington state mother Christina Booth, 28 has been charged with attempted murder after authorities say she cut her children's throats in an attempt to keep them quiet. The children were 2 years old and 6 month old twins. That is right she cut the throat of two 6 month old babies.
Olympia, Washington police saw the twins were on the couch crying uncontrollably and the 2 year old with lying in dry blood all over her upstairs. The children were taken to the hospital for surgery and are in stable condition according to authorities.
So what drives a mother to do such a thing? Psychotropic drugs! She was suffering from postpartum depression and she was on psychiatric drugs. Do you think the drugs worked? They certainly worked as an agent to kill.
The father Thomas Booth indicated that he and his wife were both intoxicated and his wife was slurring her words.
Local news further reported that the mother indicated she confessed that she knew if she killed the kids the house would be quiet for her husband Thomas. She told police that her husband never helped with the kids and she hit a breaking point, and she said they will be quiet now. The husband said his wife takes the kids out of his presence when they start to cry.
The husband has not been charged, but sounds like he added to the pressure to his wife and kids. The husband is an active duty soldiers and stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. This is the same base where Staff Sgt Robert Bales was stationed. Bales killed 16 Afghan civilians while drunk and on psychiatric drugs and is now sentenced to life in prison. The mother is in jail on $3million bail and the children are in protective services.

All because of psychotropic drugs?

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